The Info Tech 100

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BusinessWeek's rankings of the top performers in the industry

 The Overview

Parsing BW's Info Tech 100

Emerging-market cellular players, wireless phone and gear makers, and Web giants are the stars of this year's rankings

 Future Games

Tiny Games For A Giant Market

Playing on cell phones could bring in serious bucks for the industry

 Future Computers

The Next Cheap Thing

NComputing is reviving a '90s concept with a device that could give PC access to the masses

 Future Software

More To Life Than The Office

It's being updated furiously, but Microsoft's once-irreplaceable program now has some viable rivals

Graphic: Stacking Up The Office Alternatives

 Future Phones

Putting It All Together

Adding Wi-Fi could steady your connection, and video might even work

Graphic: Telco Gear Titans

 Future Web

Lots Of Loans, But No Banks

Finance co-ops have hit the Web, and they look like a good deal for borrowers and lenders

Graphic: Internet Winners

 Future Markets

A Race To Get People Talking

Latin America's cellular market is red-hot, and two players are jockeying for position

 The Info Tech 100

How The Mighty Have Fallen

Some of last year's strongest players didn't make the IT 100 list this time

Graphic: This Time Last Year

The Information Technology 100: Methodology

Scoreboard: The Info Tech 100 (.pdf)

Online Extra: The Info Tech 100 Interactive Scoreboard

Inside Nathan Myhrvold's Mysterious New Idea Machine

As his cash-rich firm snaps up thousands of patents, fears emerge that it will become a leader in litigation—not innovation

Graphic: Myhrvold's Business Plan

Bio: Nathan P. Myhrvold

Online Extra: Intellectual Ventures: Focus on Patents

Cofounded by a former Microsoft biggie, IV is a brainstorming session, invention breeding ground, and patent powerhouse rolled into one

Online Extra: Inside the Innovation Machine

Privately held and obsessively secret, Intellectual Ventures' operations have been a mystery to many in the tech world

Online Extra: Slide Show: Scary Smart

Meet the scientists and engineers who are IV's senior inventors

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The IT100 Scoreboard

Compare the tech industry's star performers on a variety of criteria -- then dig deeper into individual company profiles


Scary Smart

Intellectual Ventures' Nathan Myhrvold swaps ideas with some of the most brilliant and accomplished scientific minds around

Winners by Four Measures

The Biggest

Current Sales (Millions)
Hewlett-Packard $88,885.0
Verizon $79,676.0
Dell $56,738.0
Toshiba $56,555.3
AT&T $49,449.0
Telefónica $48,642.9
Nokia $43,903.2
Microsoft $42,639.0
Sprint Nextel $39,292.0
Motorola $38,695.0

The Fastest Growing

Revenue Growth
High Tech Computer 102%
Google 88
Hon Hai Precision Ind. 68
Hutchison Tele. Intl. 64
Komag 59
Apple Computer 56
TD Ameritrade Holdings 53
Cognizant Tech. Sols. 53
VimpelCom 52
Xyratex 51

The Most Profitable

Return on Equity 102.5%
dell 100.8
bt group 99.5
accenture 70.5
nextel partners 63.1
cosmote mobile 52.2
high tech computer 51.3
avaya 50.4
tata consultancy svcs. 49.4
novatek micro. 46.9

The Best Returns

Shareholder Return Through 5/31/2006
High Tech Computer 313.8%
LG TeleCom 232.9
VTech Holdings 212.7
Brightpoint 206.9
Amkor Technology 167.1
Millicom Int. Cellular 152.5
SanDisk 116.7
Softbank 108.9
E*Trade Finl. 96.5
Netflix 93.8