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Coming off its strongest year since 2000, Wipro grew at 43% in 2004. The company has branched out from offerings such as software development, R&D, and applications maintenance to providing remote infrastructure management, financial services, and applications and product testing. All that while maintaining its position as the world’s largest third-party R&D provider. Wipro, which gets the majority of its revenue from the U.S., is pushing further in Europe and expects to make some acquisitions there this year. At home, the company’s back-office operation, Wipro BPO, got a jolt when Chief Executive Raman Roy quit in early June to start another business. The $150 million operation, mostly call-center work, will move into higher-end back-office jobs such as insurance processes in order to achieve greater profitability and to stem the high employee attrition to new foreign players.

Company Info

Revenues* $1.9 BILLION
Revenue Growth 39.2%
Return on Equity 27.9%
Total Return41.4%
Profits* $363 MILLION
All figures are for the most recent available 12 months.

* Latest available data for the 12-month period ended Dec. 31, Jan. 31, Feb. 29, Mar. 31, or Apr. 30. For companies that do not report quarterly, the most recent annual data were used.

Data provided by Standard & Poor's Compustat, BusinessWeek

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Company Snapshot

Wipro Limited, through its subsidiaries, provides IT services worldwide. It offers software solutions, IT consulting, business process outsourcing services, and research and development services in the areas of hardware and software design. The company operates in three segments: Global IT Services and Products, India and AsiaPac IT Services and Products, and Consumer Care and Lighting. The Global IT Services and Products segment provides IT services to customers in the Americas, Europe, and Japan. The India and AsiaPac IT Services and Products segment operates in the Indian IT market and offers IT products and services to the companies in India, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East region. Consumer Care and Lighting segment engages in the manufacture and sale of consumer care and lighting products. The consumer care products include soaps and toiletries, baby products, talcum powders, and hydrogenerated cooking oils. The lighting products include light bulbs, flourescent tubes, and luminaries. Wipro Limited was founded in 1945.The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

No. of Employees


Data provided by Capital IQ
Azim H.  Premji

Azim H. Premji


Azim H. Premji has been Wipro Ltd.'s Chairman of the Board and Managing Director since September 1968. Mr. Premji holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Currently, he is also a Director of Media Lab Asia.