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MiTAC International

For years, Taiwanese electronics companies like Mitac International could do a nice business designing and manufacturing computers for big-name American companies. But with profit margins for PCs plunging, the Taiwanese need to find other alternatives. For Mitac, that means shifting the focus away from PCs and toward higher-margin products such as servers. Mitac is now a major supplier of servers to Sun Microsystems, for example. Mitac also is one of the world’s top producers of PDAs, selling those gadgets as well as smart phones under its own brand name, the Mio. It's hard to find fault with the results: Last year, sales were up 29%, to $1.9 billion, with earnings up 104%, to $68 million.

Company Info

Revenues* $1.8 BILLION
Revenue Growth 29.2%
Return on Equity 12.0%
Total Return141.0%
Profits* $64.2 MILLION
All figures are for the most recent available 12 months.

* Latest available data for the 12-month period ended Dec. 31, Jan. 31, Feb. 29, Mar. 31, or Apr. 30. For companies that do not report quarterly, the most recent annual data were used.

Data provided by Standard & Poor's Compustat, BusinessWeek

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Company Snapshot

MiTAC International Corp. engages in the design, manufacture, trade, maintenance, and leasing of computers and related software and hardware. The company operates in three divisions: Personal Computer Product, Server Product, and Mobile Communications Product divisions. Personal Computer Product division offers desktop computers and digital home products, such as liquid crystal displays, digital video disk, personal video recording, and chip sets. Server Product division provides workstations, servers, and storage equipment. Mobile Communications Product division offers handheld computers, such as products with wireless communications and multimedia capabilities; handheld global positioning system devices; smart phones; and wireless networking cards; as well as technical support and services. The company operates primarily in Taiwan, China, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Belgium. MiTAC International was established in 1982 and is based in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

No. of Employees


Data provided by Capital IQ
Matthew Miau

Matthew Miau


Matthew Miau serves as the Chairman of MiTAC International Corp and is responsible for overall planning and deployment of the MiTAC's business resources. Mr. Miau received a degree in Electric Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and an MBA from Santa Clara University.