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JUNE 22, 2005
A Shift to Growth and Large-Caps
Joseph Battipaglia of Ryan Beck & Co. sees a change in leadership in the market and expects tech to be the hot sector

JUNE 21, 2005
A Shift to Growth and Large-Caps
Joseph Battipaglia of Ryan Beck & Co. sees a change in leadership in the market and expects technology to be the hot sector

JUNE 20, 2005
IT Stocks with a Brighter Gleam
Even though 2005 hasn't been a stellar year for info tech, S&P's Scott Kessler still finds 18 strong buys

JUNE 15, 2005
A Lower S&P by Yearend?
Technical analyst Paul Cherney of Cherney Market Analysis sees it that way. Here he explains why, and where he thinks investors should look now

JUNE 10, 2005
Counting on a Little Momentum
S&P's Joseph Lisanti sees the market posting some modest gains by yearend, with Citigroup, Total, and Genentech among the leaders

JUNE 7, 2005
Large-Caps at Not-so-Big Prices
Farr, Miller & Washington's Taylor McGowan makes value his watchword. It's the reason, he says, why he likes Bank of America, GE, and Wells Fargo

JUNE 6, 2005
Standout Stocks in a Slipping Sector
Despite predictions that shoppers will tighten their purse strings, S&P's Thomas Graves still finds some consumer-discretionary favorites

JUNE 1, 2005
Finding Sweet Spots in Mid-Caps
Thyra Zerhusen of the ABN Amro MidCap Fund, one of BW's 2005 award winners, shares some of her time-proven investing strategies

MAY 31, 2005
Among Banks, Go for the Giants
S&P's Evan Momios likes the diversified business models of big institutions such as Bank of America, Citigroup, and US Bancorp

MAY 24, 2005
Big Hopes for Midcaps
Putnam Vista Fund's Kevin Divney thinks that growth stocks in this territory have some room to outperform in the near term

MAY 20, 2005
America's "Blanche DuBois Economy"
Author and economist William Wolman describes the U.S. as being too dependent on the kindness of China

MAY 18, 2005
Travel Broadens the Portfolio
Send some of your nest egg abroad, says Thornburg International Value Fund's Wendy Trevisani, who has an eye for bargains and solid dividends

MAY 16, 2005
Stock Picks from Apparel's Closet
S&P's Marie Driscoll says clothes makers and retailers have weakened recently, but she regards companies like Chico's and Coach as buys

MAY 10, 2005
Sparks in a "Late-Stage Bull Market"
Strategist Barry Hyman says he expects more stock volatility in 2005 and favors energy, health care, and consumer noncyclicals

MAY 9, 2005
"Telcos Can't Afford to Stand Still"
S&P's Todd Rosenbluth recognizes that wireless, broadband, and cable pose challenges to telcos, but he still sees a few buys

MAY 3, 2005
A Pause That Refreshes Stocks
That's the somewhat contrarian view of Jerry Jordan of the Jordan Opportunity Fund, who sees a GDP slowdown as postive for share prices

APRIL 29, 2005
Don't Brake for Ford or GM
S&P's Kenneth Shea reveals his top stock buys and sells as Wall Street grapples with the tug between improved earnings and higher rates

APRIL 26, 2005
Contrarian with a Cause
Robert Olstein of Olstein Financial Alert Fund follows a value-stock strategy, backed by very strict disciplines for buying and selling

APRIL 22, 2005
No Firming on Earnings
Joseph Lisanti of S&P's The Outlook newsletter reports that only industrials and health care now get an overweight rating

APRIL 19, 2005
In Search of Core Stocks
Sarat Sethi of Douglas C. Lane & Associates hunts companies with long-term value for the heart of an investment portfolio

APRIL 15, 2005
The Softness in Software
After a number of disappointing first-quarter earnings reports, S&P's Jonathan Rudy is cautious about the sector overall

APRIL 12, 2005
Still Bullish After All These Years
Ever the optimist, Joseph Battipaglia figures oil prices should drop, lifting the the S&P 500 to 1300 by yearend

APRIL 11, 2005
When the Chips Are Down
S&P's Amrit Tewary is cautious about the chip sector's prospects for 2005 but still has a few stocks on his buy list

APRIL 6, 2005
Dispassionate, Disciplined Investing
It's difficult but the best approach amidst a rocky market and bad corporate news, says Michael Farr of Farr, Miller & Washington

APRIL 5, 2005
Tech Stocks: Down But Not Out
After a weak performance in the first quarter, S&P's Scott Kessler expects some improvement ahead and highlights a few solid buys

MARCH 29, 2005
Scoring with a Few Good Stocks
Companies with low volatility and high predictability are what London Co.'s Stephen Goddard focuses on for his New Market Fund

MARCH 28, 2005
Best Funds? Look to the Best Managers
The Annual Awards for Excellence in Fund Management prompt some thoughts on investment performance and priorities from S&P's Philip Edwards

MARCH 22, 2005
Sharpshooting for Micro-Caps
Robert Sullivan of the Satuit Capital Micro Cap Fund explains his stock-picking strategy in a market he sees poised for a break

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