Top 50 Corporate Giver

Duke Energy (DUK)


Erika Young

Foundation program:

The Duke Energy Foundation
76 % of giving is through foundation

Signature program:

Global Service Event
Global Service Event is an enterprise-wide, 30-day volunteer effort in celebration of Duke
Energy's founding.
Share the Warmth offers financial assistance for those who struggle to pay their electricity bills.

2004 cash donations $ 17,867,437
As pct. of revenue 0.1 %
As pct. of earnings 0.9 %
Change since 2003 7.7 %
Change since 2002 10.3 %

2004 in-kind donations $ 247,996
As pct. of revenue 0 %
As pct. of earnings 0 %
Change since 2003 -5.4 %
Change since 2002 3.7 %

Projected increase/decrease increase

 Favored Issues
  arts   education   community development   health care   international
  Arts   Edu   Comm   Health   Intl

   Other / specifics:   Arts & culture
Environmental education
Research & conservation
Civic leadership

 Major Objectives

To support the company's purpose and values.
To be an employer and neighbor of choice.
To be good stewards and create value for the communities in which we operate through strategic philanthropy.
To engage employees and retirees and support an inclusive environment.