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Nokia's Global Design Sense

Design Director Antti Kujala talks about how Nokia's localized studios can create products that reflect the needs and aspirations of emerging markets

Six Sigma Kick-Starts Starwood

The hotel chain says Six Sigma doesn't have to stifle creativity, and points to its success in developing profitable new programs for guests

A Formula One Designer Shifts Gears

Gordon Murray is now focusing on lightweight, low-cost, environment-friendly autos—but can he pull off a stylish, inexpensive design?

Social Networking Graduates and Hits the Job Market

Facebook and other popular sites are turning into professional networks. How do these online Rolodexes line up?

Inside Innovation

Editor's Memo

HP's Cultural Revolution

To pick up the pace of innovation, the tech giant is betting on startups and injecting their DNA into its operations
Playbook: Learning from Startup Cultures

Slide Show: Why Startup Founders Drop Out

Entrepreneurs who make lucrative buyout deals and try to stay on with their corporate overlords often find they miss their wild and woolly startup days

Case Study: Yahoo!'s Hot Innovation Incubator

Take a tour of Brickhouse, the online media company's offsite ideas agency

Proposed Presidential Innovation

What the Presidential candidates think about innovation
Slide Show: The Innovation Agenda

Slide Show: Is America Losing Its Edge to India and China?

BusinessWeek.com asked the leading Presidential candidates in both the Democratic and Republican parties if America is losing its innovation edge to emerging powers. Here are their responses

Mapping the Crowd

Software that maps who is working on common problems is shaving years off research—and honing corporate strategies
Slide Show: An Interactive Database of Ideas

Ford Flexes Its Design Muscle

How the ailing auto giant gambled—and turned a risky concept car into a full-fledged model for the showrooms
Slide Show: Ford Flex: From Fairlane Concept to Creation

Social Networking with the Elite

Tired of the Web masses? Now you can find your own gated communities on the Net—if they'll let you in
Slide Show: The Most Exclusive Social Networks

Slide Show: Innovation Tools and Trends

Check out our list of books, Web sites, and data visualization methods that can spark innovation

Slide Show: Mad Ave Clicks With the Gamers

Why ads in video games are so hot

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