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JetBlue Insults Its Loyal Customers--My Bad Consumer Experience.

Posted by: Bruce Nussbaum on April 8, 2008

JetBlue has succeeded where most companies have failed in building enormous customer loyalty and it is a tragedy when the airline does something so boneheaded that it insults and infuriates its consumers—as it did to me last week on a trip to Portland, Oregon.

I bought two roundtrip tickets and got two Exit Door seats next to one another going out from NYC to Portand and returning. When I got to the airport, however, JetBlue had taken the assigned seats away and we were given two middle seats in different rows. Why? That very day JetBlue had started a new policy of selling Exit Door seats at a higher price because of the extra leg room. Well, heck. Nice for

JetBlue but not for me, the customer. Breaking an agreement, taking away assigned seats, separating us and giving us bad seats does not make for customer loyalty. JetBlue should have honored its commitment and begun its new pricing program with customers that didn't already have assigned seats.

There is more. We went to the gate and complained. After some discussion, we got two seats together in the very first row of the plane. That's good--and bad. You can't store any luggage in front of you in that row, so you have to pop up and down every time you want to get your books, paper, laptop, food or whatever.

And returning to NYC from Portland, JetBlue charged me $20 extra to keep the Exit Door seat it assigned me weeks before. Ripoff. Not good. So I'll now look at Continental's roundtrip flights to Portland more closely. I haven't given up on JetBlue. Still like it a lot. But loyal, no, I am no longer a loyal customer. And what is the real cost of that to JetBlue?

The key takeaway to corporations from this JetBlue example is that building customer loyalty is very difficult but maintaining it over time is just as hard. And just as important. When Apple cut the price of its iPhone by $100 right after launch and made its loyal early-adopter fans feel like suckers, it didn't lose them immediately but it did erode their loyalty. It gave them mixed feeling about the Apple brand, made them just a bit wary about their next purchases, and just a little bit more open to looking at the competition. Lucky for Apple, there isn't any. Unlucky for JetBlue, there is.

Reader Comments


April 9, 2008 1:59 AM

Welcome to oil being 110.00 + a barrel ...At CAL you will be paying 25.00 for your second checked bag. I much rather pay 20.00 for 38 inches of leg room on a 6 hour flight . You won't a premium seat PAY FOR IT!!! If I want an extra shot of expresso in my coffee at starbucks I have to pay for it , so should you


April 9, 2008 6:10 AM

Get real man, $20 extra, you sohoud pay the more for tans cont ticket, How much was the total.
It take me $60 to fill up my car.
Give the airline a break, and good luck with Continental.. what are they going to do for you???


April 9, 2008 1:41 PM

Have you seen the news lately? 3-4 Airlines out of business last week. Oil is at record highs and people still want to travel 2000+ miles across the country for rock bottom prices. Time to get a grip and start paying the price. Why did you pay the $20 on the way back? Because you WANTED too! Now you complain rip off!?

Randy Toolster

April 9, 2008 2:00 PM

Three airlines went bankrupt last week and you are upset because you had to sit in the front row? How horrific for you. Airlines need to raise fees to avoid operating at a loss in this environment of record jet fuel prices. Your assigned seat was not a legal contract to sit in that exact seat. They tried to accomodate you with two front row seats next to each other which most people would be grateful for. I have an idea, why didn't you just pay the extra $15 to sit in the exit row if it was that important to you. Or better yet, why don't you take the bus next time.


April 9, 2008 3:42 PM

I have found that people like Nussbaum complain the loudest because they think they're entitled to something for nothing.


April 9, 2008 4:50 PM

JetBlue did the same thing to us regarding the assigned seats. They had my 6 year old sitting by himself while my wife, myself and our infant have a middle seat and a window seat.

I would have paid extra to have the seats together. Now my wife has to watch the baby and mind the 6 year old while I am stuck several rows back.

Thanks JetBlue.

Dan Hoffman

April 9, 2008 5:12 PM

Were all the previous comments, castigating Nussbaum, from airline lurkers? I find it hard to believe that there's such loyalty out there for an industry that, even at its best, isn't exactly known for great experiences. And anyway, those comments missed the point. Nussbaum wasn't arguing about the price increase per se... he was saying that you shouldn't be charged more for something AFTER YOU'VE ALREADY BOUGHT IT AT THE PRICE ADVERTISED AT THE TIME. The analogy someone used of having to pay more for an extra shot of expresso at Starbucks is off the mark... the right analogy would be paying the cashier in full for a double expresso when you order it, and then being told by the barista to pony up another dollar as she hands you the cup.


April 9, 2008 5:35 PM

Jetblue is the only airline that is giving you something for a choice in order to combat higher ticket prices with regard to fuel prices. I think they are awesome. Yes, I do think they should have accomodated you in a quiet manner the first day you arrived for pre-booked seats...perhaps there weren't any or the computer sold your seats when the plan was launched. It is not a personal attack, but rather another of lifes gliches which if you jump and hurdle you will be a happier person and blood pressure will come down. Jetblue is awesome. They keep prices low for last minute fares, my free tickets are EZ to gain with jetblue card, you can exchange any ticket for a low fee...and even change free tickets within one day for 40.00.
No one else offers this, much less the TV---for a "quick" feel trip. I love them and understand the economy now...thi nk again, no one else is better.
I recently bought one of those "even more" legroom seats, for 15.00 on line,
and felt like I had the least expensive first class seat out there.

Happy Flying!


April 9, 2008 7:52 PM

Those seat assignments are never guaranteed on any airline. With oil at a new record high almost daily, I applaud JetBlue for finding new revenue streams without detracting from its product. So you had to switch seats - big deal! The new reality in this world is that energy costs are at all-time highs; companies have to adjust to be profitable, and consumers should not complain about little inconveniences like this. It isn't like JetBlue bumped you off the flight all together.


April 9, 2008 8:06 PM

well agree part of it...they should give the seats the time when you booked..they shouldn't sell it to others. and looking at oil pricies hikign up there is every reason they charge extraa service charge to stay in business...( i would pay extra 20 to get my seats) but giving away my booked seats with out intimatiing me will be definitely frustrating thing


April 9, 2008 8:10 PM

Did your TV work in the front row? CAL doesn't have TVs and no other carrier in the US offers FREE TV! They charge $5-$7 minimum. $25 for a 2nd checked bag! $3 for a soda, $5 for chips. Yeah JetBlue is terrible they give you all those for FREEEEEE! You are a writer, do some research!

Mitch the Maintenance Man

April 9, 2008 8:13 PM

Bruce, Did you take a cab ride into NYC from JFK I bet you paid more than $50. I bet you would fly on Walmart if you could.


April 9, 2008 8:16 PM

Did you even stop to think that for $20 extra on Jetblue you can essentially have a first-class sized seat? What other airline offers that? Jetblue is awesome and I just hope they make it through the oil crisis that is closing the doors at other airlines. Of course, YOU will still complain no matter what, but Jetblue will have plenty of loyal customers who will pay the extra money not to sit near you !


April 9, 2008 8:20 PM

First off.. Why is "Nussbaum on Design" complaining about JetBlue's INNOVATION?
Mr. Nussbaum, you purchased a ticket on a flight with a seating preference. When the day arrives to fly, JetBlue is offering an UPGRADED service on your prior seating preference. Could this be a service innovation? If you wanted that upgraded service, PAY FOR IT. Quit your complaining! What a whiner. AND, when you bought that seat, a barrel of oil was probably $10 or $20 bucks cheaper. Maybe JetBlue should innovate and charge you a fuel surcharge?


April 9, 2008 8:26 PM

get over it, if you read the fine print they can reassign your seats without telling you.


April 9, 2008 8:37 PM

I'll say it again. nickel and dimeing never works raise the airfare $5.00 across the board and customers wont say a word !!


April 9, 2008 8:49 PM

As a former airline employee, I'll provide you with some inside info. When you buy an airline ticket, as sad as it may sound to some, you are just entitled to get a seat in that particular flight. KEYWORD, a seat, not a GUARENTEE seat, even if you get to preselect your seat. Considering the amenities offered by JB, you can't be too quick to BlackList them. Satellite Tv (makes a huge difference in long flts, e.g. NYC-Portland, Or, XM radio, free headset(cheap, but from other airline you don't get even that), Leather seats, more legroom and that dude is complaining about paying an extra $20.00. That's what happens when you get something for nothing, you become spoiled. The way things are going with fuel prices, be grateful for the old days of air travel.

April 9, 2008 8:53 PM

The gate agent fixed the problem for you, giving you seats together that have extra legroom, and you're still complaining because you had to GET UP to get a book out of your bag?


You had a legitimate gripe about not having seats together. They fixed it. Get over yourself.


April 9, 2008 9:24 PM

They should have at least honored the agreement. Although the write is whining a bit, the airlines could have had a similar affect while just phasing the process in. He is correct although probably a complete waste of his and our time.


April 9, 2008 9:41 PM

You had a legitimate gripe about not having seats together. They did fixed that.
Sounds like a lot of complaining about nothing. Get the silver spoon out of your mouth and just deal with the little things that are not perfect in the world.


April 9, 2008 9:44 PM

Ask former customers of Independence, or Skybus about those airlines going out of business. They lament that they will no longer get tickets that cheap. But oh, how they loved the service. Consider this... all those types that "love" these companies so much. You loved them right into the ground because you always want something for nothing. How selfish. I'm tired of the "whoa is me" and "I've been wronged" crowd. Stay home ok? Better yet. Put up or shut up.

k b

April 9, 2008 10:12 PM

Just because the airline has the right to take your seat away does not mean that they should, morally or by good business practice. I would be angry if I had booked early on enough that I was able to purchase such a good seat and then the airline decided to yank it from me because they want to sell it for more.

The amount of money JetBlue will actually make from the short-term seat yanking is so minuscule it is amazing that they wouldn't just start the policy now and sell unoccupied seats for the higher price. There are still enough airline options out there that this sort of incident would get me to take another airline next time I flew.

Alex London

April 9, 2008 10:13 PM

Half of the people in this section are clueless about business... or they have a conflict of interest because they work(ed) in the airline business. The point is, with $110 oil you need your loyal customers MORE THAN EVER. So pissing someone off with some fine print over something you already GAVE them and then asking them to pay extra $20 just to keep your promise is not the best way to stay in business. From my personal experience JFK has the WORST gate agent in the entire JB system and I'm not surprised how they treated you. The truth is, JB is no longer the best customer service like it was 5 years ago, and it's no longer the cheapest either.
Perception IS reality in business. Have you flown Virgin yet? And CAL is has much better network plus you can use their miles to fly alomost anywhere in the world. Wake up and smell the coffee people...


April 9, 2008 10:37 PM

I work for JetBlue. It sounds like the company accommodated you quite well, giving you two Upgraded "Extra Leg Room" seats in the front row. And you are only not allowed to have bags at your feet for takeoff and landing. For the remaining five hours of the flight, you could have had your bag at your feet, there was plenty of room for it.

JetBlue goes out of its way to bend over backwards for its customers and provide excellent customer service -- but this is a double edged sword. Most people appreciate our efforts and realize that overall, it's still the best value in air travel. Not perfect, but the best. But we see far too many people who get spoiled, lose touch with reality, and form opinions such as Mr. Nussbaum's.


April 9, 2008 10:53 PM

Is this what our society has come to? Complaining about seat assignments on an airplane? Wow! I can think of a couple hundred reasons of things to really be concerned about: poverty, homelessness, getting shot at in Iraq, etc. Bruce, wake up! If you really want to write something important, maybe you should write about things that really matter in this world!


April 9, 2008 11:06 PM

I would really hate to read the email after you're flight on Continental, after you got bumped! If you should be complaining about anything it should be how the gov't lets an airline sell more seats then they have.


April 10, 2008 8:55 AM

i also work for jetblue. being a low cost carrierlimits jetblue, yet they almost always far exceed industry standards. to me it sounds like you're used to being pampered and spoiled. i see your argument, and it is valid reason to be frustrated for a few minutes, no more. things happen, that's life. sometimes if you want a little you have to give a little. kinda what our country is based on, capitalism, supply and demand economies of scale.

as other people stated previously, you should be happy. you seem to be confronted with such minor inconveniences in your life. heck, you should be actually happy when these things happen, since there's much worse things in the world. if you don't like the rule that all first row seats must stow items in an overhead bin, maybe you should write to the faa? hey just a thought. i just think that someone who has gotten as far as you to work for business week, could maybe, no, should in fact do their best to improve the common welfare of the world. after all they are the people who pay you.

people like you actually are part of the reason why good things fail. instead of taking life as a man/adult you decide to act as a child and cry. i bet you gave a lot of people a hard time because of this, but it still hasn't sufficed. i wonder what you will be like when you have a serious problem. i can't believe people are being disfigured and dying for you and your cause.

think about it. i think you owe a set of apologies. sit back and relax in your probable premium lifestyle and admit your just wasting everyones time because you're immature.

disgruntled american,

The Small Biz. Guru

April 10, 2008 12:32 PM

People, relax and give the man a break. Let's cut through all the superficial "complaining about your seat" non-sense. If I understand correctly the deeper meaning here is that he ordered his tickets at a point and time and agreed upon a price. A company should honor that price. As for people who ordered tickets after the change, well, they will pay the higher price.

Dan Hoffman's remark a couple posts down is right on the money as well.

Most of you are so appalled about the author's complaining about where he is sitting or the $20 extra, but the people actually reading into the story realize Jet Blue did not honor the agreed upon price and that is where they ran a foul.

On a side note, I'm starting to get sick of people begging for bargain-basement pricing. Not only are we killing business margins, but down the road prices will sky rocket, making things a lot more expensive, wishing it were only $20 more. I am all for the best price, but c'mon, the cost of doing business is increasing more and more. The consumer is going to start to absorb these costs.

~the GURU


April 10, 2008 2:24 PM

I think you are absolutely correct in what you're saying Bruce. (Although it does sounds like its a lot complaining to make your point.) Its simple enough, the airlines are in trouble and the don't respect the brand equity they earned over time. So, now there is none. Experience rules and generates that Pavlovian response we call brand loyalty. You violate it and the negative experience becomes much more, say ten times more powerful than the accumulation of positives. Its always back to the basics of Primal behavior. Bruce, I get your point completely and agree. In fact, this is exactly how we get ripped off at the pumps. Its reverse brand disgust. They don't care about brand loyalty because they can, and they know it.

Rod Pentoney

April 10, 2008 3:27 PM

Look guys. I agree what JetBlue did was unfair and they should have honored the price that they sold the seat for. However with that being said, we should all look back several decades to see what airline travel was really like. It was considered a "luxury" to fly versus todays mindset that most people feel that it's expected. Think about this. People used to actually dress in their best cloths, pay a huge amount of money to fly and for that they were treated with first class service all the way.

Today's airline prices are cheaper than they were 40 yrs ago. A ticket back then would cost $100-$200 and that's based on to dollar way back when. It's still that cheap today for many tickets and inflation or the cost of oil isn't factored into that price. So, I think if someone wants to fly in todays age, then they need to be prepared to pony up, and pony up big time, the way it SHOULD be. Take a look at the people on the plane next to you. Just about every TOM-DICK-& HARRY can afford to fly. The only way that is possible is because the airline have slashed service and perks so much that they can't realistically provide that personal touch anymore. Best of luck to all who fly these days, you'll need it....take it from a "former" airline Captain.

Max Weinberg

April 10, 2008 4:02 PM

I like turtles.


April 10, 2008 7:18 PM

I fly jetBlue a lot and when ever I make a reservation, I remember seeing something that says seat assignments are not guaranteed. Also in the airline's COC, it also says "Seat assignments are not guaranteed and are subject to change
without notice." under Reservations. In the end, you just requested a seat when you made the reservation, the airline never promise that specific seat is yours.


April 10, 2008 8:47 PM

You also seem to not realize that JetBlue doesn't overbook their flights (that I know of). You buy a ticket, you will get on the plane. You can't say that about many of the other airlines that try to make extra money by selling the same seat twice. Our student group was split up by Delta because of that. They didn't care. At least you were on the same plane.


April 10, 2008 11:42 PM

To me this seems like more complaining and illustrates another business point, getting rid of the deadbeat customers. The ones that complain the most, spend the least, and overall hurt the margins and bottom line of companies. To me this is sound business. A company doesn't make money off of bottomfeeding customers who only buy the cheapest seats, items when they are only on sale, or complain and hold up customer service lines.

I really do applaud Jetblue for this move and finding new ways to produce revenue. While I do see your situation as possibly unfair, the ticket you bought was probably far lower than any other airline's price even with the 20$ extra per ticket. Your threat to go to Continental is at best, laughable. We both know, you won't switch because they do offer very good service.

The moment you complained, you tagged yourself among the ranks of customers, businesses don't need. Complain about lost luggage, nonsense seat assignments with infants, rude and unhelpful crew, things that really have adverse effects on loyalty, NOT 20$. To be honest too, if you came and complained to me instead of offering you to keep your seats for the fee, I probably would have moved you to the back of the plane. Go pay 50$ or more per ticket at Continental and then think twice before you complain about something stupid.

Curtis Jackson

April 11, 2008 4:09 AM

Alex London wrote: "So pissing someone off with some fine print over something you already GAVE them and then asking them to pay extra $20 just to keep your promise is not the best way to stay in business."

Amen. Customer perception is key to business, and one of the worst things a business can do is lead a customer to believe that they have purchased X and then take it away from them. Are none of you JetBlue apologists actually in the business world?

Where else in your life would you accept this kind of treatment? You and your wife/partner reserve some theater seats in 4th row orchestra and pay in advance for them, but when you get to will call they tell you that you are in widely-separated seats up in the balcony. Who cares what the fine print says -- you won't be attending that theater again. I sure wouldn't.

If fuel prices rise rapidly, that should be a temporary financial problem for JetBlue, and a longer-term problem for JetBlue's future customers. It should not be a problem that JetBlue pushes down to its already-paid customers. Does anyone here actually understand customer retention, or do you all work for [insert wireless phone carrier name here]?


April 11, 2008 6:11 AM

All airlines are bad news. They have priced their product too low for too long. No one has enough money to do the job right.

Solution: NetJets Once you try it you will NEVER go back to the airlines. I don't work for them. I just fly on them.


April 11, 2008 7:49 AM

Honestly, Jetblue has been dropping the ball lately and is going downhill now that the honeymoon phase of their life is over. Jetblue is not a very good airline and you can get free TVs and movies on United so who needs Jetblue.


April 11, 2008 3:58 PM

Hello Bruce,

As a proud JetBlue crewmember, I would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you experienced. I work hard every day to ensure that each and every JetBlue customer has an enjoyable experience. Without you, I would have no job!! As you mentioned, on the day of your flight we were debuting our new "Even More Legroom" seating configuration. As with any "new" program implementation, there could be some unforseen hiccups. But I am happy to hear that our InFlight crew was able to reseat you in two other premium seats. Do know that even with our reconfigured seating layout, JetBlue still offers the most generous legroom in the U.S. I would suggest that you share your concerns with our lovely customer service department at One of our crewmembers will take good care of you. Thanks for flying JetBlue and I hope to see you on a flight soon!

Bruce Temkin

April 11, 2008 5:00 PM

Interestingly, I read this post just after getting off my JetBlue flight. I've had nothing but good experiences on JetBlue (by contrast, I’ve blogged about some experiences from he** on Delta). Given the rising fuel costs and the difficult financial situation of the entire airline industry, it’s reasonable for JetBlue and other airlines to look for additional revenue streams. While I don’t have a fundamental problem with the new pricing model, it does sound like JetBlue really messed up on rolling out the new program. Shame on them for not honoring all existing reservations. It wouldn’t have cost them too much to do the right thing. And, it would have avoided upsetting a high-profile blogger.

You can read my blog, Customer Experience Matters, at

Joe y

April 11, 2008 7:06 PM

I am shocked that the majority of people reading the original article did not get the point. The point is not the price of oil, not airline bankruptcy, not extra leg room and not even the $20.00 but it's about customer service. What would have been the cost to JetBlue to honor the original seat True favorable customer service is created at the point of contact with that customer at that moment. Just think about it, if the JetBlue employee had said "you bet Mr. Customer we will honor your original request" there would not be a negative article about JetBlue in a national magazine.

Bill Page Jr

April 12, 2008 12:11 AM

I have flown on Jet Blue very good the pilot on take off giddy up on landing whoa whoa.But in your case I agree. They should have honored their commitment.The flight crew was above and beyond to my two granddaughters on our flight to
Disney.Oh for the magic of yesteryear.

Alex (London)

April 12, 2008 5:06 AM

Many people here are bitching about fuel cost and bragging about what it was like in the good old days.

Has anyone here been to Europe lately?

I just booked a ticket London-Stockholm on Ryanair for the price Jetblue is charging for "premium" seats!! When's the last time a US airline sold you seats to fly 1000 miles for $20 (incl taxes!)??

Last month I got some sun in Madeira on EasyJet for $130 roundrip. It's a 4-hour flight. How are these airlines making money? The price of oil is the same everywhere...

And people here love low-cost carriers because they deliver on their promise - cheap flights! When are we gonna stop calling Jetblue and the likes low-cost?

Ever wondered why 4 airlines in the US went bust in a week? Try bad business model. Jetblue is going the same way... It's time to stop living off old glory and sweet memories and find out how to make customers happy in the 21st century...

Well done, Bruce. We need people like you to speak up.


April 12, 2008 12:27 PM

So many of the responses are obviously from JetBlue. I didn't bother reading them. That or its a sad statement about the amount of abuse airline customers have come to accept.

I feel kind of sick on the inside, either case.


April 12, 2008 4:51 PM

It looks like JetBlue's customer service reps are working overtime in this thread. I've never seen a more ridiculous or obvious display of astroturfing.

You don't get it Joe and Bruce

April 13, 2008 6:50 PM

It's not that JetBlue did not honor their obligations free. They did. The front of the a/c has more leg room and they charge a fee for it. You write that they did give you a seat in the front of the a/c and did not charge you for it. They fullfilled their obligations. So you didn't get the exact seats that you reserved too bad. Exit rows seats are not suppose to be given out until that day to prevent people reserving those seats that are not leagale per the FAA to sit there. So you were very lucky in the first place to be able to reserve that seat in the first place.


April 14, 2008 7:22 PM


Ryanair and EasyJet are making money by establishing deals with off-market cities. They get paid cash in exchange for an influx of tourists. They, like other airlines, cannot cover their fuel charges with $20 tickets and don't make money on the flights themselves.

As for why this business model does not work in the United States I can't say. I'd guess because all regional airports are regulated by the FAA.

SouthWest is the closest parallel, and is very successful, but _does_ has to cover its fuel costs.

Customer Loyalty Died with the Baby Boomer

April 15, 2008 3:54 PM

Really, customer loyality from a bottom feeding coupon cutter, please. 80% percent of your time as a business is wasted on people who can't appreciate a good deal when it slaps them in the face. Then they turn around and whine on a national forum. Mr. Nussbaum please drive next time we all will be happier.


April 15, 2008 5:34 PM

Who cares? This was a waste of space. We should charge you for this article


April 18, 2008 8:42 AM

I'd like to see some more discussion of the point raised a fw posts up: is there such as thing as loyalty from customers who are mainly motivated by price?

I guess Nussbaum thinks so. Is he a typical Jet Blue customer?

And what is loyalty? If, as others have claimed, above, there are other airlines offering cheaper fares, then are people flying JetBlue for other perks, or out of habit? What is the proce of familiarity -- knowing which terminal to go to in the airport, for example.

I don't think of that as loyalty, so much as situational comfort.

How rational are customers? is loyalty rational?

Gee, I'm all questions.


April 18, 2008 4:32 PM

Off topic... However, as a disgruntled first adopter of the IPhone I feel it necessary to provide correct information. Apple decreased the phone by 200 dollars, only to offer a 100 rebate coupon to be spent at Apple stores after enough people complained.


June 2, 2008 3:57 AM

For managers who have witnessed how going the extra mile builds customer loyalty, it is amazing to see the sympathy for Jet Blue's anti-customer culture. Even if the seats are not guaranteed, charging after the fact is indeed a rip-off.

The folks who use the term "dead beat customers" are the same folks who inject anti-customer influence in corporate management.

In the end, customers are always right. That is why Nordstroms rules the retail customer loyalty world.

In the end, arrogant, anti-customer companies always kill brands and stock value. Jet Blue's stock value tanking big time, and the company management seems incapable of appologizing or even talking to customers.

Loyal customers are rational and predictable. They stay loyal for a long time. Jet Blue is the pschotic party here, and the stock is being dumped faster a airline toilet at 20,000 feet.

Linda Fultz

August 21, 2008 6:57 PM

JetBlue cancelled my vacation flight the day I got to the airport and already had my bags completely torn apart by security. My little boy was devastated because they couldn't book us on another flight for 2 1/2 days. Due to child custody, that would have left me with 2 1/2 days left to vacation with my child with a bill totaling $2k (for two day's vacation!!!). JetBlue never offered to do a thing for us, even though I wrote to the CEO and President, neither of whom responded. I left a message on the Voicemail of Mr. Chew's assistant to please call me, but she never returned that call. Very bad business practices at that airline.


September 6, 2008 3:32 PM

i did not like the way my baggage was handled. the baggage strap i put around my bag was missind and so was my luggage tag with my name on it. i had a bag with toiletries and the powder {johnson & johnson} container was broken - the powder went all over the bag and through it- my black bag was white. the is nobody but nobody to help with baggage at westchester airport--no baggage carts or sky caps = what is a women to do flying in late at night and tired. please address the issue.

Corrine and Phil Galuppi

March 11, 2009 2:57 AM

After paying an additional price for bulk head seats on flight #76 on 3/10/09 we were very dissapointed when we discovered our television sets did not work. The stewardes tried to assist us and still could not get them to work. This made for a very long three hour trip. We frequently fly Jet Blue and have never had a problem before.


July 5, 2009 11:02 AM

Corrine and Phil,

JetBlue does not charge for bulkhead seating. You were swindled or are lying. Either way sucks.

Hector Gavilla

August 20, 2009 7:10 AM

When I tried to get assigned seats next to each other, I was told the only available seats are in the emergency row exits and I would be charged an additional $50. Customer service stinks too. I am being punished for wanting two seats next to each other.


July 14, 2010 1:21 PM

I can't believe that they charge an extra $120 just to get two seats next to each other. I much prefer the way South West Airlines does it compared to the nickle and diming of JetBlue. Will never fly JetBlue again.

Oda Geronime

November 6, 2010 7:39 AM

uh.... just eat good food and work out.

Kurt Warran

November 8, 2010 6:29 AM

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April 8, 2011 11:57 AM

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They are definitely more economical, they can afford to be since they've been saving so much on proper maintenance and/or newer planes.

To all... IMO, Virgin America has the right business model.

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April 13, 2011 8:56 AM

Your article has made me think about an issue from another angle. This is quite rare when I change my opinion about such questions but it looks that you’ve done it. The day has started with something new! Thank you!

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