Rather Agonistes

Posted by: Jon Fine on June 27, 2006

Dan Rather is having his Al Gore moment: Defeat humanizes a man who, we were repeatedly told, came off as aloof and kind of weird. (I do not agree with this assessment—actually, to be more precise, I sort of agree with it, but I don’t think it’s in any way relevant. But it’s the conventional wisdom, and so underpins virtually everything written about Rather.)

Of course, Al Gore’s dad had a line about how defeat could shape the soul and let the glory out. Right now Rather is more concerned with letting out exactly how pissed off he is with CBS.

From Art Buchwald’s column in today’s Washington Post:

I asked him if Katie Couric could do as good a job.

He said, “CBS thinks she will.”

“The question was: Do you think she could?”

Dan said, “In time, I think she will. It took her 15 years to make the ‘Today’ show a hit. I’m sure it will take her longer than that to beat Charlie Gibson and Brian Williams.”



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