Softbank isn't small fry

Posted by: Ian Rowley on May 21, 2006

One more thing on Softbank. In last week’s story on the Apple and Softbank iPod phone rumors, we mentioned that ex-Apple sources thought it unusual for Apple to tie-up with “small fry” like Softbank. However, as Eurotechnology president Gerhard Fasol notes in his blog, that description is a bit unfair. Sure, Softbank and its CEO Masayoshi Son don’t have anywhere near Apple’s international recognition, but Softbank is hardly small. Gerhard notes that sales of SoftBank and SoftBank Mobile (the former Vodafone Japan business which Softbank acquired in March) combined were $22 billion for the year ended March 2006—rather more than Apple’s $13.9 billion for the year ended Sept 24, 2005.

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