By Ron Grover

Their business is making stars. But these days, the moguls running the fantasy factories seem to be getting nearly as much ink as the celebs they create. What company will Barry buy next? Who's squaring off against Rupert? And where will Michael's Magic Kingdom show up next?

The media business is being transformed as never before, giving moguls like John Malone, Gerald Levine, and the Dreamworks troika an ever-larger world in which to make deals, create new products, and seek alliances. Power Lunch intends to take you inside media conglomerates -- and those that are only now emerging on the scene -- to tell the stories of the moguls and how they're fighting the war for consumers' eyes, ears, and pocketbooks. Ron Grover, Business Week's Los Angeles bureau chief and a veteran Hollywood reporter, gets the inside tales and passes them on to you before they hit the front pages of your local newspaper.
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December 2000

Dec. 29   How Disney Lost Its Animated Groove

Dec. 22   The Twisted Tale of Hannibal

Dec. 15   A Pot of Gold for Rainbow Media?

Dec. 8   Will Garth Ancier Take the Fall for NBC's Drop?

Dec. 4   Meet Henry Yuen: The Gatekeeper for Interactive TV

November 2000

Nov. 22   A Media Mogul Thanksgiving

Nov. 10   Dumb and Dumber in Hollywood

Nov. 3   UPN's Recipe for Survival


Oct. 27   AT&T's Trip to the Cleaners

Oct. 20   CBS's Les Moonves: Hollywood's New Miracle Worker?

Oct. 16   Is This Leo Hindery's Last Big Deal?


Sept. 18   John Malone's Power Play at AT&T
Sept. 8   How Dreamworks' Terry Press Will Push Almost Famous

Aug. 25   Ah, Hollywood -- Where Even Studios Can Have Sequels
Aug. 18   Of Chris-Craft and Statecraft
Aug. 14   A Big Thumbs-Up for DreamWorks at the Box Office
Aug. 4   When Celebrity Web Plans Wobble

July 31   AOL-Time Warner Has Media Moguls Munching Sour Grapes
July 21   MGM: A Hungry Lion Stalks the Cable Jungle
July 14  Vivendi's Messier Is Sticking to the Script in Hollywood

June 30   Spiderman's Creator Leaps onto the Web
June 23  A Last-Man-Left-Standing Brawl over the WWF
June 16  Why Vivendi May Lose Its Shirt -- and Pants -- on Seagram
June 9  Wow, Is That the MTV Crowd Peeking at CBS?

May 26  What Are They Thinking at Time Warner?
May 19  NBC: Can This Pair Perk up the Peacock?
May 12  AOL Time Warner Is Squandering a Key Asset -- Ted Turner
May 5  Does Dreamworks Have a Script for the Bottom Line?

Apr. 28  The Mad Dash to Do a Deal with Joe Roth
Apr. 21  Peter Chernin: News Corp.'s Next Head?
Apr. 14  Michael Ovitz: Hollywood's Comeback Kid
Apr. 7  Rob Burgess' Storyboard for Putting Hollywood on the Net

Mar. 31  Will Disney Get Lost in the Pipeline?
Mar. 24  Lobbying for Oscar
Mar. 17  Mark Willes' Fatal Rejection of New Media
Mar. 10  You Can't Be a Mogul If You Don't Have a Company
Mar. 3  Watch Out Internet, Rupert Murdoch Is Itching to Move In

Feb. 18  Tinseltown Is in a Tizzy to Grab Net Bucks
Feb. 11  Herb Siegel: The Fly in Viacom's Ointment
Feb. 3  Old Media's Portal Failure

Jan. 28  Hollywood's Hottest Property? Spielberg's Next Flick
Jan. 14  Getting Moguls to Move with the Cyber Times
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Dec. 31  How GE and Time Warner Could Play Let's Make a Deal
Dec. 24  Turner's Peacock Talk Ruffles Time Warner's Feathers
Dec. 10  Does Oxygen Have Enough Money to Burn?

Nov. 25  MGM: Will the Lion Roar Again?
Nov. 12  Fixing Disney: Some Unsolicited Advice for Chairman Eisner

Oct. 29  Dreamworks: So Many Deals, So Few Profits
Oct. 15   Will John Malone Soon Be Singing Please Release Me to AT&T?
Oct. 1  Barry Diller, a Wallflower at the Media Merger Party?

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