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900 University Avenue
102 Anderson South
Riverside, California 92521, United States

Established in 1972, the University of California, Riverside’s School of Business Administration is one of only three UC schools that offer both an undergraduate and graduate component. The alma mater of over 14,000 UCR alumni, the School is home to the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management, which features MBA, Flexible MBA, Ph.D. in business, Master of Professional Accountancy, and Master of Finance (forthcoming) programs. Leveraging its location at the nexus of commerce, the UCR business school seeks to develop world-class leaders and scholars who are as diverse as the challenges they face and the enterprises they grow.

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About University of California, Riverside

Admissions: Can I get in?

Post-Grad Work Experience
  • Average
  • Middle 80%
Admissions Selectivity
Anderson Graduate School of Management Average Across All Schools

Average GMAT Score
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Tuition: Can I afford it?

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Total Program Cost
Basic scholarships awarded
Loan guarantee policy No
0 Full Tuition Scholarships Awarded
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Academics: What will I learn?

  • Faculty from Full-Time program
  • Faculty with at least 5 years corporate experience
80% 80
80% 80
Students in Core Classes
7 Anderson Graduate School of Management 36 Average Across All Schools

Top 3 Teaching Methods
Team project
30% 30
20% 20
Case study
20% 20
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Joint Degree Programs
Top Areas of Study
  • General Management
  • International Business
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
Requirements for Graduation
  • Students must have attended a minimum number of classes
  • Students must have earned a pre-determined GPA/Letter grade average
  • 0
  • Present final company-specific project results to relevant parties
Program Logistics
  • Program length (in months) 22
  • Distance learning No
  • Out of country or special trip/project Yes
Technology Improvements
  • Implemented Behavioral Research/Instruction lab, 32 subject/student stations, 3 researcher/instructor stations, 3 physical servers, 5 virtual servers Opened MBA Student Computer Lab with 15 student stations Implemented Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for MBA student lab Replaced about 1/3 of Faculty/Staff office computers Updated all desktop computers to Windows 7 and all servers to Windows Server 2008 R2 Purchased/renewed 5 new physical enterprise servers, 12 virtual servers Complete revamp of s

Students: Who are my classmates?

0% International Students
0% Female Students
Ethnicity of Students
Student Citizenship
More Information
  • Campus distance from airport 15 miles
  • Pre-program Orientation
  • Types of housing Hotel adjacent to campus
  • Temporary housing available

Alumni: How strong is my network?

1,808 Living MBA Alumni 2 Countries where alumni clubs exist
2 Active alumni clubs
3% Participating in gift donations No Individual alumni gift in excess of $10 Million in the last 12 months

Employer data includes graduates and current students.