ForumWatch: Applicants Seeking MBA Students

Posted by: Geoff Gloeckler on November 21, 2011

There comes a point in the MBA application process when you have no choice but to conduct hands-on research about the programs that interest you most. What that means is going beyond the Internet and talking to real, live people. You’ll want to get in touch with professors, administrators, students, and alumni. How do you track down students and alumni when you still have no connection to the school (other than your desire to go there)? Well, you can actually start with the ol’ Internet again.

Many participants in Bloomberg Businessweek’s Business School Forums post messages seeking out contacts at the schools that interest them. For instance, vishwaskulkarni recently asked about the Kellogg at Miami program. Specifically, this participant wanted information about the faculty and the student population. So far, no one has responded. That might be because of the misspelling of the program in the post. (Those searching the program name might not find it.) Ideally, someone from the program will respond and offer firsthand knowledge that will be of use to this participant and anyone else who reads it.

If you’d like to chime into this discussion or ask questions about other programs, visit the “Kellogs @ Miami” discussion thread in the Executive MBA Programs folder.

-Francesca Di Meglio

Editor’s Note: This blog post is part of a series about discussions taking place on the Bloomberg Businessweek Business School Forums where prospective MBA program applicants, current students, and recent alumni trade admissions tips, job-hunting advice, and the occasional barbed comment. We invite you to join these discussions or start one of your own.



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