Dartmouth's New Dual-Degree PhD/MBA Program

Posted by: Francesca Di Meglio on August 11, 2009

By Francesca Di Meglio
Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business (Tuck Full-Time MBA School Profile) and the university’s graduate studies department have created a dual-degree program for students to earn a PhD and then an accelerated MBA. The PhD students will apply to the MBA program through the normal admissions process timed so that they would begin classes right after completing their PhD. The admissions committee will consider the PhD coursework as they would work experience in the applications of other traditional candidates, and it will also count the work toward some elective courses. The dual-degree program will be open to applicants in August 2009.

These students will complete the MBA one term sooner than traditional MBA students and could start the required classes before matriculation in the MBA program. Students who want to combine their scientific knowledge with entrepreneurial skills and business acumen to launch a career are the ideal candidates for this PhD/MBA program. Businesspeople with a special skill – such as intense knowledge of a scientific field – are sought after and some say this is one way to position yourself for the economic recovery.

“Individuals with both scientific expertise as well as management training will be valued,” said Tuck School of Business Dean Paul Danos, according to Dartmouth News. “More and more in business, leaders with multiple skills and deep knowledge in a technical area are highly sought after. Graduates of this program will certainly be poised to start high tech companies and make major contributions to their success.”

Dartmouth’s PhD programs include 16 scientific fields, including biology, computer science, and pharmacology. BusinessWeek ranked its full-time MBA program twelfth in 2008.

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