GMAT Scandal: New Cheating Sites Found?

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on August 5, 2008

The Times of London is reporting that it has found at least five Web sites, other than, selling GMAT questions. You can check out the story on TimesOnline web site.

I’m not sure what to make of this. The article says these were “Jungle Juice” questions, or JJs, and says they were sold for as little as £5, but it’s unclear if these were “live” questions, or retired GMAT questions. The article only mentions one Web site, the BeattheGMAT blog, by name, but the author did not appear to make any effort to reach the site’s operators for comment. From the article:

One student, called Luckytest, boasted on the BeattheGmat blog: “A Chinese friend gave me the JJs from July 07 to Dec 07. I recognised 17 questions in my exam. Of course, I saved much time and passed the test easily.”

On another site, more than 300 people had posted their e-mail addresses in response to an offer by Gmatblogger to send them JJs.

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I'm posting this here in case anyone is following this ongoing story and is interested in what other media outlets are reporting--I'm not agreeing with or disagreeing with or in any way commenting on anything in the article.

For those of you who have not been following the story, it all started a few weeks ago when GMAC--the folks who publish the GMAT, the b-school entrance exam--announced that it had won a legal judgment against in a copyright infringement case. GMAC, which had accused Scoretop of publishing "live" GMAT test questions, subsequently shut down the site and obtained a hard drive containing subscriber information. It is now analyzing the hard drive to determine if any of the subscribers posted live questions on the site after taking the test or accessed live questions there. If any have done so, GMAC says it will cancel their scores and notify the schools that received them. The consequences for test-takers could be severe, including rejection of applicants, expulsion of current students, or revocation of degrees.

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