Darden "will brook absolutely no cheating."

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on June 26, 2008

In his blog, Darden Dean Robert Bruner—who happens to be a member of the GMAC board—takes a tough stand against cheating. The post is a little short on details. He doesn’t say what he considers cheating in this context. Here is what he does say:

Getting admitted to a competitive B-school is a life-changing event. The GMAT is a high-impact part of the admission process. Therefore it is tempting to cheat on the test. Darden and its peer schools will brook absolutely no cheating. The integrity of the GMAT is vital to the discovery and admission of real talent. Thus, it is appropriate for GMAC and all B-schools vigorously to defend the integrity of the test.

It is not unreasonable to assume that if you cheat, GMAC will discover it and come after you. Applicants are well-advised to write an honest test. Cutting corners doesn’t pay.

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July 1, 2008 11:13 AM

I find it a bit amusing that Robert Bruner removed the only 2 posts on his blog. These posts were on his blog from last week and in my opinion contained very valid points that weaken his position. It is sad that he talks about "truth-in-blogging" disclosures, but at the same time chooses to crush views that oppose his own. Very hypocritical.

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