Who's On First?

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on May 19, 2008

Do you ever read the “history” section of b-school web sites? It seems like they engage in some serious hair-splitting so that everybody can be “first” at something—whether it’s “first man on the moon” or “first person to run the 100 yard dash, in a leap year, counterclockwise.” In fact, all the hair splitting has really made something that should be black and white quite gray.

In an effort to restore a bit of b-school history to its black and white splendor, I’m proposing a little quiz. Tell us the b-schools that rightly deserve the following honors and you’ll win…well nothing, really, but it’ll be fun:

What was the first collegiate b-school in the U.S.?

Which school first offered a graduate degree in business?

Which school first offered an MBA?

Which school first offered a business doctorate?

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