Psssst....Wanna Know Your Teacher's Salary?

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on May 15, 2008

Quick…what kind of salary do business profs pull down? I believe the technical term is “a bundle.” According to AACSB, full professors in accounting, marketing, and management information systems make somewhere north of $120K (on average) while those in economics, general business, and management make a bit less. Instructors in all fields make about half the take-home pay of full professors. These academics spend a lot of time (and money) getting their degrees, doing research, and teaching…so I’m not begrudging them their pay. But many also have their summers off, and have graduate students who do much of their heavy lifting. Is this too much money? Too little? Or has the invisible hand of the labor markets arrived at salary levels that are just right?

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July 6, 2010 5:18 PM

lol...always subjective...if it can somehow be measured, as to how much contribution the students of said profs, made to society, businesses and hence GDP, then I would say it may make the measurement more objective, no?

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