Changes at Harvard?

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on May 16, 2008

The Harvard Crimson is reporting that the nine graduate schools at Harvard, including the business school, might be changing their calendars. Each one is trying to decide what to do with the “J term,” a short period between early January and the beginning of the spring term. Here’s what the chair of the MBA program had to say:

“We are now in the first phases of thinking about January,” wrote Joseph L. Badaracco, senior associate dean and chair of the MBA program at the Business School, in an e-mailed statement. He added that the school has not yet decided whether to make the J-term mandatory.

Badaracco wrote that January poses “a significant challenge” in terms of instituting and overseeing a wide range of small-scale activities.

He also said the J-term would be an opportunity to expand existing programs, such as the Immersion Experiences, which allow students to conduct field work throughout the world, and to experiment with new offerings such as mini-courses, team activities, and experiential and field-based learning.

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