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  • Australia's Latest Import: U.S. Electricians
    Australia's Latest Import: U.S. Electricians
    In future years, America will compete for skilled workers, as we do for everything else
  • Workers prepare a wall and floor before pouring concrete for a building in Mexico City.
    The New Mexico
    U.S. manufacturers and workers who supply components to Mexico will benefit directly from the country's manufacturing boom
  • Fitzpatrick Manufacturing crafts high-precision parts for machines used in everything from robotics to aerospace to drilling. Macomb Community College lies a few miles down the road in this Detroit suburb.
    Matching Education to Jobs
    To help ease the skills shortage, the U.S. needs to strengthen community colleges and employer-sponsored apprenticeships



Last Updated: 01:27 pm Market Summary

S&P500 2067.56 -5.27
DJIA 17828.24 .49
NASDAQ 4791.629 4.312
Stoxx 50 3250.93 6.01
FTSE 100 6722.62 -.8
DAX 9980.85 5.98
Nikkei 17459.85 211.35
Topix 1410.34 18.44
Hang Seng 23987.45 -16.83