Steve McKee


McKee is president of McKee Wallwork & Company and author of Power Branding and When Growth Stalls. Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Steve McKee

Articles by Steve McKee


  • Don't Neglect Internal Branding
    Much effort goes into consumer research and marketing. The insights should be shared with employees so they can deliver on your company's promises
  • How to Not Go Out of Business
    Start by studying how your best customers interact with your brand and its competitors, then brainstorm ways to address any shortcomings
  • Make Smarter Marketing Bets in 2010
    Columnist Steve McKee explains why it's worth strategizing now for three different economic scenarios next year
  • Why Your Advertising Isn't Working
    The vast majority of ads don't register with consumers. Here are seven straight-up reasons why your message probably isn't getting through
  • How to Discount (If You Insist)
    Discounting can wreck brand value and profits. Follow this discount strategy to avoid those pitfalls