Rusmir Musić is enrolled at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and is expected to graduate in 2011. A war refugee, Musić and his family fled their home in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992. Coming to the U.S. on his own at 17, he earned a bachelor of arts in chemistry in 2001 from the College of Holy Cross and a master of arts in humanities and social thought in 2003 from New York University's Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Before enrolling in business school, he was the assistant director of experiential programs at the Hiatt Career Center at Brandeis University.

Rusmir Musić

Articles by Rusmir Musić


  • MBA Journal: Doing Business in Vietnam
    "Part of the reason I chose Vietnam for global residency was I wanted a culture completely alien to my own experiences"
  • My MBA Runway
    When I saw Project Runway, the reality show seemed a good metaphor for my B-school experience. For one thing, I feared being Auf'd
  • A Sustainable Summer
    "Ultimately, sustainability is a philosophy, not a simple process of changing light bulbs, recycling cans, and moving on, business as usual"
  • Harry Potter and the MBA Internship Search
    "Since everyone's looking for internships, the cohort mentality helps by creating a support system, so you don't fall behind in your search"
  • The Soundtrack to My First Semester
    "The work gets done, eventually. Processing your week with school friends is more important. What trumps it all is going to bed with a smile"




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