Karla Swatek is vice-president of Horrow Sports Ventures and co-author of Beyond the Box Score: An Insider's Guide to the $750 Billion Business of Sports.

Karla Swatek

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  • Having a Ball at the U.S. Open
    At America's biggest tennis competition, expect healthy spending, wild outfits, and great matches
  • The NFL's Three Biggest Problems
    The NFL may be the world's most valuable sports property, but three looming issues could damage its profitability—and its future
  • The NBA's Growing Global Appeal
    More than 250 journalists around the world are following the NBA Finals. That's no surprise when 20% of all NBA players are foreign-born
  • Should Nascar Expand Overseas?
    To maintain its growth, Nascar is thinking international. How will this all-American sport fare in Latin America, Australia, or even Japan?
  • Which NFL Tickets Cost the Most?
    While the average NFL ticket price is almost $75, the price for a seat at new Cowboys Stadium averages almost $160



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