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Karen E. Klein is a Los Angeles-based writer who covers entrepreneurship and small-business issues. E-mail your questions to Klein to get specific advice from experts in her twice-weekly columns.

Your Small Business Questions, Answered

Send us your questions on challenges you face in your business. Journalist Karen E. Klein will interview experts and distill their insights into answers.

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Karen E. Klein

Articles by Karen E. Klein


  • To Sell More, 'Be the Customer'
    CEOs do stints as low-level employees on Undercover Boss. Consultants say small companies can improve products and strategy by doing…
  • Turn a Product Idea into a Prototype
    Warren M. Haussler, president of Keck-Craig, a prototyping service for inventors and industrial clients, explains how the process works
  • Valuing an Early-Stage Company
    Valuations aren't just for established companies on the selling block. Neil J. Beaton talks about determining the worth of a new, venture-backed business
  • Independent Contractors: Get Paid On Time
    Understand your clients' accounts-payable cycles and put your terms in writing. If payment is slow, be proactive—but remain even-tempered
  • Hire Top Talent from Corporate America
    Despite signs of recovery, a lot of top-notch talent is still out of work. A former executive recruiter offers advice for small employers




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