Jonathan Stern


Jonathan Stern is enrolled in the full-time MBA program at the University of California at Los Angeles' Anderson School of Business with an expected graduation of 2011. Earning his undergraduate degree in U.S. history at Columbia University in 2003, Stern was laid off from his journalism job at MTV Radio in December 2008 while he was already in the process of applying to graduate business school.

Jonathan Stern

Articles by Jonathan Stern


  • Not Slowing Down
    "The decision to not take it easy this quarter seems to have paid off thus far"
  • The MBA Balancing Act
    "Crazily enough, business school is busy. Who knew, and why didn't they tell me?"
  • Finding the Humor in B-School
    "At one point, I'm fairly certain the only jokes I and my fellow students were cracking were statistics-related"
  • A Dramatic Change of Plan
    "If I went to business school, I could learn the foundations of business, bone up on the current revolution in the media world, and then use my…




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