The Associated Press October 12, 2010, 4:52PM ET

Paul Allen opposes Wash. income tax ballot measure

Billionaire Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen opposes Initiative 1098, which would establish an income tax for wealthier Washingtonians.

Allen, the founder and chairman of Seattle-based Vulcan Inc., gave $100,000 to the opposition campaign on Friday.

Vulcan spokesman David Postman said Monday Allen feels "this is a flawed initiative that would create one of the highest tax rates in the country."

I-1098 would institute state income taxes on couples making more than $400,000, or $200,000 for individuals. The money would be directed toward state education and health programs.

Microsoft and the Boeing Co. are among the notable Washington businesses opposing I-1098. But Microsoft's other co-founder, Bill Gates, supports the measure. It was co-authored by his father, Bill Gates, Sr.

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