The Associated Press August 3, 2010, 2:24PM ET

ND special session on health care might be needed

A North Dakota lawmaker says the Legislature might need a short special session to deal with the new federal health care law.

Bismarck Rep. George Keiser says issues could come up after the 2011 Legislature that need action before lawmakers meet again in 2013.

Keiser is chairman of a legislative committee that's reviewing the health care law.

He says he's asked legislative leaders to try to save some time in the 2011 session, and use it later for another, short session on health care issues.

Normally the Legislature is limited to 80 days of meetings every two years.

If the governor calls a special session, those days aren't counted against the limit. The Legislature can also call itself into session if the 80-day limit hasn't been met.

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