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Nasdaq stocks posting largest percentage increases

NEW YORK (AP) — A look at the 10 biggest percentage gainers on Nasdaq at the close of trading:

Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc. rose 13.1 percent to $5.01.

MSB Financial Corp. rose 12.2 percent to $6.90.

Consumer Portfolio Services Inc. rose 10.0 percent to $5.92.

Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc. rose 9.2 percent to $33.00.

Uni-Pixel Inc. rose 9.1 percent to $14.83.

Nathans Famous Inc. rose 8.4 percent to $33.90.

Synacor Inc. rose 8.0 percent to $6.05.

Synalloy Corp. rose 7.6 percent to $14.31.

Informatica Corp. rose 7.1 percent to $27.52.

Misonix Inc. rose 7.0 percent to $7.49.

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