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Obama, Romney teams hit streets for every vote

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — President Barack Obama is known for his grass-roots organization. In 2008, even Republicans praised it. But this year, Republican Mitt Romney has placed a big emphasis on recruiting thousands of volunteers to register voters, knock on doors and make telephone calls right alongside Obama for America.

It's difficult to say which side has an advantage. But a close race could come down to the effectiveness of volunteer surrogates — people like stay-at-home mom Katie Sprung, of Tampa, Fla., and evangelical pastor Terry Bear, in neighboring St. Petersburg.

A neighborhood team leader for Obama, Sprung says the election is playing out "in the streets." Bear is filling a more traditional get-out-the-vote role: calling lists of Florida voters and encouraging them to support Romney, because, Bear says, it's time for another change.

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