About Our Sponsors

NACME is a not-for-profit corporation that, for 25 years, has led the national effort to increase access to careers in engineering and other science-disciplines. Supported by Americaís leading technology-intensive companies, NACME conducts research and public policy analysis, develops and operates education programs at pre-college and university levels, and disseminates information through publications, conferences, and electronic media. Since 1980, almost 10 percent of all minority graduates in engineering have gone through college with NACME scholarships. NACMEís Corporate Scholars Program which offers students professional development, academic support and an industry mentor and valuable R&D experience through summer internships has seen a retention rate of 83 percent and an average GPA of 3.3.

The PhD Project is an alliance of corporations, higher educational institutions, and academic and professional associations. Its objective is a comprehensive, long-range effort to substantially increase minority faculty and, ultimately, minority student representation in the nationís business schools. The PhD Project aims to advance this goal by acting as a catalyst for more minorities to pursue PhDs in business and become professors. The presence of minority professors as mentors and role models has been shown in research to be a determining factor in leading more minority undergraduates to enroll in business schools.

The mission of INROADS is to develop and place talented minority youth in business and industry and prepare them for corporate and community leadership. Preference goes to African American, Hispanic American, and Native American high school and college students with 3.0 or better grade averages.  More than 8,000 graduates are pursuing professional and managerial careers. INROADS college internships combine two to five summers of work experience at a local client organization with year-round academic instruction. INROADS also works with both high and college students. Over the past five years, about eight of ten graduates who received offers from their INROADS sponsor company accepted full-time employment with them.

Abraham Fitzsimmons
Colorado Christian University
Major: Management
INROADS Intern: Xerox
"This is a win-win situation. The investment corporations are making is in the leaders who are going to make a difference in the future. "

Quinetta Roberson
PhD Project
Assistant Professor, Cornell University
Formerly employed with Corestates Bank
"We often think that everyone has equal opportunity.  People always champion those who ëpull themselves up by the bootstraps.í  But what if someone doesnít have bootstraps?"

Robert L. Greene
Business Consultant
Andersen Consulting
"My experience gave me the insight on how to navigate the business world rather than have the business world navigate me."

Sandra Paiz Garcia
Manager, Business Consulting Division
Arthur Andersen
INROADS alumna
"There is talent in the Barrios, in the ghettos.  This is about the country using all of their talent."

Tina Herrera
Project Manager, Life Sciences and Engineering
NACME alumna
"Education can give you a jump start on life.  Once you have an education, with drive, you can do anything you want to do."

Carolina Gomez
PhD Project Alumna
Graduate:  University North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Assistant Professor, Towson University
"We have to realize that difference is not a bad thing, it is just different.  Research shows us diversity can increase innovation and problem-solving.  If we can master thisówe can create a competitive advantage in our global economy."