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Dec. 11, 2000 Magazine
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Move Over, Bill!  
Meet the software class of 2000, a scrappy lot that were the first to spy out the potential of Web software and are now cashing in. With kooky little names like BEA, i2, Kana, and E.piphany, these upstarts are shaking up the computer landscape, snaring big customers, and leaving industry stalwarts shaking their heads. But life isn't going to be all peaches and cream for these upstarts, because the big boys aren't going to give up without a fight--and they still have a lot of firepower

ONLINE EXTRA: A Hill of Beans That Could Have Buried BroadVision 

ONLINE EXTRA: How E.piphany Gets Them to See the Light 

ONLINE EXTRA: Q&A with BEA's William Coleman 

ONLINE EXTRA: Q&A with Commerce One's Mark Hoffman 

EUROPE COVER: Web Smart Companies
An Elephant Dances 

Europe's New Economy litmus test will come from slow, old-line multinationals striving to transform themselves into e-businesses--and Nestlé is a perfect example. The Web promises to make this giant more agile and put a serious dent in the cash it lays out for everything from supplies to marketing. It's e-commerce efforts and other restructuring have paid off so far, with the stock up nicely this year. But there's a long way to go, and plenty of pitfalls on the way

ONLINE EXTRA: A Food Giant Forges an E-Revolution 

Curing an Industry's Ills 
The whole health-care sector is in dire need of a high-tech overhaul, but the first wave of e-health companies took the wrong tack. Now, investors and entrepreneurs are starting to get it

ONLINE EXTRA: One Doctor's E-Health Checkup 

An Rx for Drug Trials 
Drugmakers have long wasted millions on antiquated methods for testing new products. The Web is changing all that

How E-hospitals Can Save Your Life 
When they computerize patient care, errors and costs are drastically reduced

Monitoring Patients Long Distance 
Young companies are blazing trails on a vast frontier called electronic care management. One goal is to keep patients out of the hospital

Who's Prying Now? 
As hospitals and Web sites sell health data online, patient privacy is compromised

In Search of Doctor-San 
CareNet helps hospitals match patients with specialists


Home Page 
IPOs, religion, name game, investment scams, Sally Struthers, stifling the critics

VerticalNet's Joe Galli  
He's super-intense. That helped him rev up Black & Decker. Now, can he build a Web dynamo?

ONLINE EXTRA: Joe Galli's Blueprint for B2B Well-Being 

Leave It in the Smartbox 
Can Brivo Systems' new digital appliance solve home delivery dilemmas?

Web-Shopping in Shinjuku 
An American price-comparison site offers help to harried Japanese shopaholics

Adios, B2C 
Lots of consumer-oriented sites are reinventing themselves as business-to-business companies

Net Worth
Surprise, Money for Dot-Coms 
Do these venture capitalists know something you don't? Could be

ONLINE EXTRA: VCs Who Still Believe in Consumer Sites 

When Good Options Go Bad 
More outfits are finding that issuing special stock options to keep staff may not be a great idea

Net Culture
Carnegie Mellon: The Wired Campus 
How CMU is aggressively adopting Net technology to pioneer e-education


Neuborne on E-tailing
Beyond the Banner Ad 
With a shot of creativity, there are lots of ways the Internet can bolster brands

Data Mine
Surfing in Tongues 
It's not English-only anymore, so it's time for New merchants to go multilingual

Clicks & Misses
A Mixed Bag for E-Xmas 
The shopping bots aren't what they used to be, but shines

The Digital Lifestyle
'So Exciting I Can't Sleep' 
A Stanford student takes time off to pursue his vision

Net Worth: Due Diligence
The End of Fuzzy Math? 
E-tailers like Amazon should report expenses the way old-line retailers do

Critical Numbers of the Month 
Trimmed-back estimates for consumer online spending, which insiders are selling their tech stocks, and tech companies in a cash pinch

Cutting Edge
A Hotbed for Collusion 
In the brave new e-tail world, it's all too possible to cheat

 Technology Forums

ebiz magazine Cover for Dec. 11, 2000 issue of
On the Cover: Photograph by Alan Levenson

The Web Site for Electronic Business

This Week
December 4-8

Beauty Biz Gets Ugly

Who killed the beauty business on the Web? The list of suspects starts with the big brands.
by Ellen Neuborne

No Sex Scandals, Please

Mike McCurry just wants to support political activists at
Company Closeup
by Margaret Young

Microsoft's Turncoat?

At Microsoft, Tod Nielsen was in charge of relations with outside developers who wrote companion software. As CEO of Crossgain, he's trying to lure developers away to his company.
Movers & Shakers
by Jay Greene

Let's Talk Money

If there is money in talking computers, SpeechWorks and Nuance may be the first to prove it.
Street Wise
by Amey Stone

Avoid Writer's Cramp

Web site serves up digital photography most of the year. For Christmas they'll create your cards and mail them out, too.
Clicks & Misses
by Larry Armstrong


Q&As Click in for diverse takes on the Net era of software from the brash upstarts trying to reshape the industry.

William Coleman of BEA Systems

Roger Siboni of E.piphany

Mark Hoffman of Commerce One

Peter Brabeck, CEO of Nestlé

E-biz Europe
Thanks to our partnership with Le Monde, online visitors now get regular features on the latest developments in Europe from the Paris paper's Interactif supplement. Keep up with the hot startups or listen in on conversations with the Continent's savviest investors. If you want to catch up, use our search engine and plug in "Le Monde."
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Michael Rubin's End Run At Global Sports
E-tailing is dicey right now, and nothing is dicier than sporting goods. Michael Rubin, who ran a ski-sharpening business at 12, has a distinctive plan for Global Sports: Run Web stores for established retailers.
Movers & Shakers, Nov. 15

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