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The Company That Got Japan to Log On

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Our 11th annual ranking of the world's best-performing companies, including enhanced tables with links to in-depth company profiles from S&P Personal Wealth
Call It the Net Effect
The biggest influence in this year's ranking? The Internet. Whether they are U.S. upstarts or offshore telecom powerhouses, companies whose fortunes are linked to the Net have almost instantly become market stars
The Company That Got Japan To Log On
NTT DoCoMo sells 10,000 subscriptions a day to its Net-ready cell-phone service

Emerging Markets Re-Emerge
Asia leads the way, as investors regain their enthusiasm for venturing abroad. Includes a video Q&A with Van Eck's Gary Greenberg
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AOL's Steve Case
Forrester's George Colony
Harvard's Paul Gompers
Microsoft's Robert Herbold
BT Worldwide's Alfred Mockett
The Global 1000, 1989-1999 (pdf)
An era of tumultuous change: From Japan's Bubble to the Triumph of the Net. This is an Acrobat (pdf) version of the magazine's double gatefold that celebrates more than a decade of highlights in the global economy