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City Living, City Surfing

Note: This is an expanded, online-only version of the table
that appears in the September 29, 1997 issue of Business Week.

SITE                  COMMENTS            Beantown is well-covered with content from the        Boston Globe and Boston Magazine, plus local
                      radio and TV stations. Links to area sports
                      teams, car dealers, and realtors. Plus local
                      chats and all the info on the usual
                      entertainment diversions.

CitySearch            Currently has nine U.S. metro areas, plus    Australia. Well-organized, but search results
                      are often spotty. Listings come from such 
                      partners as the Los Angeles Times, Time Out
                      New York, and the Toronto Star. Nice feature
                      lets users share comments on films and
                      restaurants with others. Lets you personalize
                      the site and will send E-mail alerts.

Cox Interactive Media Its properties provide the backbone to       AccessAtlanta, ActiveDayton, Austin360,
                      GoCarolinas, and other generally strong
                      community sites. Runs polls and provides 
                      local headlines, but lacks maps or
                      customizable features.

Digital City          Covers 14 cities on AOL and 17 on the Web.   Lets you submit your own reviews on films, but
America Online        movie pages are poorly laid out. Goes beyond
                      entertainment listings to include real estate
                      and government. Runs chats with local sports
                      heros and police.

MovieLink             Excellent for finding out what's playing at     a theater near you. Film schedules in 30
                      cities, plus trailers, and in some cases, the
                      ability to buy tix on the PC.

New York Now          Classifieds, helpful articles (e.g., N.Y.'s         10 Most Quiet Places), and an Intelligent
                      Shopper feature that lets consumers compare
                      city prices on groceries, phone rates, and

Pacific Bell At Hand  Comprehensive coverage of the Golden State,        includes searchable listings of businesses,
                      gossip from The Hollywood Reporter, ratings
                      of golf courses, music and club reviews.
                      Excellent overall content.

Sidewalk              Microsoft site covers Boston, New York, the      Twin Cities, and Seattle, with more on the way.
                      Emphasis is on arts, entertainment, and
                      restaurants. Weak on directions and maps.
                      Presents helpful personalized recommendations
                      and weekly E-mail alerts.

TheInsiderNetwork     Locations include the Big Apple, Hawaii, Boston,    and San Francisco. Fine picture archive. Guide
                      book feel makes site better-suited for tourists
                      than natives.

Yahoo! Metros         Search engine provides useful links to         entertainment, classifieds, sports, government,
                      and a variety of other information sources for
                      a dozen metro areas.


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