A Directory of CUC's Online Stores


AUTOVANTAGE           Offers deals on new and used cars,
COMPUSERVE, AOL,      accessories and parts, and new-car reviews.
PRODIGY               Provides trip routing.

SHOPPERS ADVANTAGE    Home appliances, consumer electronics gear,
COMPUSERVE, AOL,      PCs, fitness equipment, and some 250,000
PRODIGY               other products can be bought at discount.

TRAVELERS ADVANTAGE   Members get discounted vacation packages,
COMPUSERVE, AOL,      travel-agent services, newsletters, and 5%
PRODIGY               cash rebate on bookings.

CREDIT CARD           Insures credit cards from loss or theft and
PROTECTION            issues emergency cash and airline tickets
AOL                   that are hand-delivered to members.

NETMARKET             Combines all of CUC's online offerings into     one Web site. Videotapes and financial services will
                      be added in the next year.

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