What with E. coli in hamburger and Cyclospora on berries, food safety has been much on people's minds lately. If you want information on making sure that what you eat is safe, check out the National Food Safety Database. This Web site provides access to a wealth of information on safety assembled for the Agriculture Dept.'s Cooperative Extension Service. A hot news section on the home page offers information on the newest threats.

Investors used to the wealth of published financial information on U.S. companies are often frustrated by the lack of available data on foreign businesses. The Japan Company Record site, operated by Pacific Digital Media, offers financials for a wide range of Japanese companies, somewhat similar to the Security & Exchange Commission's EDGAR database. Data can be downloaded either as Excel spreadsheets or in Web page format. In addition, you can see images of the original Japanese filings.

Until now, Web-site ads came for the most part in two varieties--either boring or so glitzy they slowed page downloads to a crawl. Narrative's Java-based Enliven 2.0 technology allows spiffy animations created in Macromedia Director to be downloaded almost instantaneously. This Web site features demos of new Web ads that are more compelling than most of the current crop.


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