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Rising Stars: Startups Doing Well at Home

COMPANY/COUNTRY                        SALES*      PROFIT

**BAUMA/Poland                     65        $4.34     $457.6
Building tiles                               + 10%     + 244%
CEO: Andrzej Kozlowski

**BEST/Poland                     255        $13.3     $1,130
Household goods                              + 46%     + 128%
CEO: Wojciech Zurawik

**COMPUTERLAND/Poland             300        $54.9     $3.650
Systems integration                          + 70%      + 80%
CEO: Tomasz Sielicki

**ECHO INVESTMENT/Poland          164         $6.4       $825
Property development                        + 186%     + 550%
CEO: Andrzej Majcher

**GITY/Czech Republic             620        $33.3     $1,800
Cable manufacturing                          + 23%      + 69%
CEO: Valentin Girstl

**GRAJEWO/Poland                  972          $75     $5,140
Particleboard manufacturer                   + 21%     + 4.9%
CEO: Jan Kowalski

**INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES/Poland     55         $0.6      $0***
E-mail service                              + 566%      100%
CEO: Rafal Plutecki

**SMG-KRC/Poland                  120         $4.2      $336
Market research                              + 50%     + 50%
CEO: Krzysztof B. Kruszewski

**2SI/Poland                      140        $24.2      $705
Systems integration                          + 48%    + 327%
CEO: Jerzy Szymura

COMPANY/COUNTRY INDUSTRY MAJOR SHAREHOLDERS **BAUMA/Poland Four founders, 49%; Building tiles Enterprise Investors, CEO: Andrzej Kozlowski 7% **BEST/Poland Wojciech Gawdzik, Household goods 32%; domestic CEO: Wojciech Zurawik shareholders, 68% **COMPUTERLAND/Poland Tomasz Sielicki, 8.1%; Systems integration Pioneer, 7%; Vanstar Corp., CEO: Tomasz Sielicki 6.4%; R. Fleming, 6% **ECHO INVESTMENT/Poland Founder Michel Solowow, Property development 32%; private investors, CEO: Andrzej Majcher 43.2% **GITY/Czech Republic 100% owned by part- Cable manufacturing ners Valentin Girstl, Olga CEO: Valentin Girstl Girstl, and Dusan Musil **GRAJEWO/Poland Hetman National Invest- Particleboard manufacturer ment Fund, 26.18%; State CEO: Jan Kowalski Treasury 19.8% **INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES/Poland Plutecki family, E-mail service 100% CEO: Rafal Plutecki Internet services **SMG-KRC/Poland Owned by Polish Market research partners CEO: Krzysztof B. Kruszewski **2SI/Poland Jerzy Szymura, 37.4%; Systems integration Jacek Studencki, 37.4%; CEO: Jerzy Szymura venture capital, 25.2%
COMPANY/COUNTRY INDUSTRY STRATEGY **BAUMA/Poland Use new technology to Building tiles build tiles for sidewalks; CEO: Andrzej Kozlowski market aggressively **BEST/Poland Develop retail finance through Household goods installment sales CEO: Wojciech Zurawik **COMPUTERLAND/Poland Become a full-service systems Systems integration integrator, branching out into the CEO: Tomasz Sielicki region next year **ECHO INVESTMENT/Poland Expand into luxury apartments, Property development hotels CEO: Andrzej Majcher **GITY/Czech Republic Focus on wiring nuclear plants Cable manufacturing with its own control system CEO: Valentin Girstl approved by Westinghouse **GRAJEWO/Poland Expand production while lowering Particleboard manufacturer costs; secure raw material through CEO: Jan Kowalski pact with state forestry agency **INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES/Poland Strong customer service and E-mail service marketing; expand to broader CEO: Rafal Plutecki **SMG-KRC/Poland Build a Western-style market-re- Market research search company, including quanti- CEO: Krzysztof B. Kruszewski tative studies and media research **2SI/Poland Focus on value-added services Systems integration within sphere of computer CEO: Jerzy Szymura network systems integration
*Current market exchange rates
**Publicly traded
***Invested cash flow into business

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