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These Highfliers May Be Destined for a Fall

STOCK                                                 PRICE*  DATE
ALZA CORP.: Skeptics predict that this drug manufac-   26 /8   8%
turer will see declining sales from its chief product.

BOSTON CHICKEN: Persistent reports of losses by some   35 7/8  12
franchise operators have encouraged short-sellers.

CENTENNIAL TECHNOLOGIES: This company makes            43 1/2  361
cards used in PCs--a business that some investors
feel has been overvalued by the market.

CHESAPEAKE ENERGY: An oil-drilling company viewed      52 1/4  136
by some investors as dramatically overvalued.

EMPLOYEE SOLUTIONS: A growing army of short-sellers    20 1/8  137
maintain the earnings of this staff-leasing company
are destined to fall.

MASTEC: This cable-television-services company has     45 1/4  242
seen its market value skyrocket--and shorts are
betting on a collapse.

QUIGLEY: This former penny stock has climbed out of    16 1/4  1061
the cellar. But detractors say the market has over-
estimated its prospects.

REXALL SUNDOWN: Also a health-products company,        25 1/2  74
Rexall has seen its revenues climb--but skeptics say it
is overvalued.

ULTRAFEM: Makes a women's hygiene product. Skeptics    17 5/8  176**
feel the market has gone hog-wild over very little.

ZITEL: Widely hyped on the Internet and elsewhere      30      388
because of its ''Year 2000'' product, this company
has seen its stock quintuple.

*As of Dec. 16, 1996
**Price gain since initial public offering, Feb. 22, 1996

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