Business is getting more global every day, but few computers do more than one language well. Those who need strong multilingual features can get help from a line of Windows programs from Accent Software International (800 535-5256).

The Accent Professional multilingual word processor ($399) provides typefaces for display and printing of more than 30 languages, spell checkers for 16, and thesauruses for 11. It provides seven alphabets and a variety of accents for Latin characters. Onscreen keyboard maps guide your typing. The program offers particularly strong support for Hebrew and Arabic, and allows both left-to-right and right-to-left typing on the same line.

Accent Duo ($129) comes in French, Italian, Spanish, and German versions. Highlight a section of text and hit the translate button to get a serviceable translation to or from English. Duo also has a version of Accent's multilingual word processor.

International Web surfers will find Internet with an Accent ($99) useful. You can create or browse Web pages in many languages (though you may have to tell the browser what alphabet it's looking at). Sample versions can be downloaded from the Web at



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