Bloomberg Link: A Conversation with Tom Mulcair

Bloomberg Link: A Conversation with Tom Mulcair Play

July 2 (Bloomberg) -- With energy a key issue on the road to October 2015, we discuss energy policy and priorities with the leader of Canada’s main opposition party. How does the New Democratic Party propose to balance economic development with protecting the environment, increasing Canada’s energy output with decreasing its carbon emissions? At the Bloomberg Link Canada Economic Summit on May 13, 2014 we asked Leader Tom Mulcair what role he sees for Canada in the global energy stage? How will the NDP clarify rules around foreign investments in the natural resources sector? How does he define what would constitute a ‘net-benefit’ for Canadians? Speaker: Tom Mulcair, Leader, New Democratic Party Interviewed by: Theo Argitis, Bureau Chief: Ottawa, Bloomberg News (Source: Bloomberg)

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