Stop-And-Frisk Judge Removed, Fights Back

Stop-And-Frisk Judge Removed, Fights Back Play

Nov. 7 (Bloomberg Law) -- Last month a federal appellate court panel put a hold on changes to the New York Police Department's stop-and-frisk practices and created a controversy by removing Judge Shira Scheindlin who had ordered the changes. The panel said Judge Scheindlin ran afoul of judicial ethics rules by encouraging lawyers to bring the stop-and-frisk case, which she would hear as a "related" case to others on her docket, and by speaking to reporters while the case was underway. Many lawyers have come to the judge's defense. Nancy Gertner, a former federal judge says that it was the panel, not Judge Scheindlin, that violated the rules since no party had moved to disqualify her. (Source: Bloomberg)

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