Natural Gas Exports Will 'Benefit' Americans: CEO

Natural Gas Exports Will 'Benefit' Americans: CEO Play

Aug. 5 (Bloomberg) -- America's natural gas boom has the industry looking to export this natural resource abroad. It could create jobs and profits, but could it raise prices here at home? On Sunday's program, Dominion CEO Tom Farrell says boosting exports are in the national interest and any price increase will be manageable for the company's customers. "There’s a sea of gas...It will help the development of that to have more markets available. It’s going to be better for Americans." FDA's chief drug tester Dr. Janet Woodcock discusses the "breakthrough" designation program that's winning praise from drug-makers. Finally, "Capitol Gains" discusses the unfinished business Congress is leaving behind as lawmakers head out on recess with Bloomberg Government congressional analyst Loren Duggan and Bloomberg News reporter Richard Rubin. (Source: Bloomberg)

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