Legal Job Market: Not As Bad As You Think?

Legal Job Market: Not As Bad As You Think? Play

May 13 (Bloomberg) -- Turns out Case Western Reserve University School of Law Dean Lawrence Mitchell may have been right. In January, he told us that the ABA and National Association for Law Placement look at jobs data on recent grads the wrong way: "You're looking at a 9 month picture out. ...I suspect if you looked a year out things would change dramatically. I'm really confident that if you looked a year and a half out they would." Now D. Benjamin Barros, a Dean at Widener University School of Law's Harrisburg campus, has collected data on graduates of his school that helps prove Dean Mitchell's point. While only 48% of the Widener Class of 2010 had jobs requiring bar passage nine months after graduation, today 80 percent have such jobs. Based on his research, Barros believes more law grads are eventually getting jobs than the conventional wisdom would suggest. It may not feel that way after nine months, but that J.D. degree may pay off after all. (Source: Bloomberg)

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