Bill on Bankruptcy: ResCap Report a Bargain at $83M

Bill on Bankruptcy: ResCap Report a Bargain at $83M Play

April 10 (Bloomberg) -- Why the Residential Capital LLC examiner's report will cost almost $83 million is the first item on the new Bloomberg bankruptcy video with Bloomberg Law's Lee Pacchia and Bloomberg News bankruptcy columnist Bill Rochelle. After explaining why the ResCap report is a bargain at $10 a page, Rochelle turns attention to Casey Anthony and explains why her acquittal on charges of infanticide is on the road to making important bankruptcy law. The last two items concern significant bankruptcy-law issues. U.S. Supreme Court is being given an opportunity to decide a question left open by the Stern v. Marshall opinion, and Circuit Judge Richard Posner wrote another gem, this time explaining when there can be a one-year extension on the two-year limit for filing suits in bankruptcy court.

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