Bill on Bankruptcy: Why is Kodak's Stock Soaring?

Bill on Bankruptcy: Why is Kodak's Stock Soaring? Play

March 20 (Bloomberg Law) -- Although Eastman Kodak Co. stock shot up like a rocket in a week's time, investors might not have the same profitable outcome like owners of American Airlines shares, as Bloomberg Law's Lee Pacchia and Bloomberg News bankruptcy columnist Bill Rochelle discuss on their new video. Also, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in a bankruptcy case on a subject so obtuse that one justice sent a clerk to look up the definition of "defalcation" in the Oxford English Dictionary. With yellow page publishers Dex One Corp. and SuperMedia Inc. in bankruptcy together and intending to merge by confirming companion reorganization plans, Rochelle asks whether the companies have the technological clout to complete with the likes of Google Inc. The video ends with discussion of a California decision that makes lawyers less marketable when their firms are failing.

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