How Bryan Cave Translates Firm Data Into Stories

How Bryan Cave Translates Firm Data Into Stories Play

Jan. 18 (Bloomberg Law) -- Bryan Cave strategic technology partner John Alber explains how his firm has built a software program called the Rosetta Project, which translates the firm's financial data into narratives that explain how well a partner's practice is performing and why. "Lawyers can relate to stories where they're the protagonist -- the obstacles that they face or the opportunities that they face can be presented as tales, rather than a collection of numbers," he says. Alber tells Bloomberg Law's Lee Pacchia that a sample report might say "Bob Smith had a great year last year. His collections were 20 percent above the previous year and his profitability is improving. The reason his profitability is improving is because he's made some changes in leverage. But he's got some opportunities" to improve his pricing.

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