#NBCfail: Twitter, Olympics, Guy Adams & Justin Bie

#NBCfail: Twitter, Olympics, Guy Adams & Justin Bie Play

Aug. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Trevor Timm from the Electronic Frontier Foundation talks with Bloomberg Law's Lee Pacchia about the recent controversy surrounding the temporary suspension of journalist Guy Adams' twitter account. Adams was initially banned for distributing the corporate email address of an NBC executive on the social media platform, but Twitter has since reinstated his account and apologized for the suspension. Timm notes that Twitter's actions are troubling for free speech activists because the company had previously been extremely supportive of free speech on the Internet. Timm also points out that this episode shows that censorship on the Internet often doesn't work. Adams saw his online following exponentially increase once his account was reinstated after receiving "the ultimate Follow Friday" from the actions of Twitter and NBC.

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