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June 23, 2005

The Hacker Got Me

Karyn McCormack

I'm probably one of thousands trying to recover from the phantom theft of my credit card number. I got a call on June 15 from my credit union that there was "unusual activity" on my account. There were 2 charges from Mexico adding up to almost $700. I've never been to Mexico and did not lose my credit card. Luckily, the credit union canceled by Visa debit card before the damage got worse. (I will not lose that money, either.)

Two days later, MasterCard announced that 40 million credit card numbers from a variety of issuers may have been exposed to fraud. It said a hacker infiltrated the computer network of CardSystems Solutions, a processer of credit-card transactions for merchants, and got access to names, account numbers, and card codes. Visa USA said about 22 million of its cards may be affected.

Today, after I completed and got notarized a credit card fraud form and letter stating my plight, the helpful credit union assistant manager said indeed, my card number was stolen by the same phantom hacker.

My wallet was stolen about two years ago, so I'm very familiar with identity theft. Although there are precautions you can take, there's not much you can really do to stop a hacker from stealing your identity. That's why this is so scary, and financial firms need to do more to stop it. Now. After all, they're losing money on this too.

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Well said indeed

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