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May 18, 2005

"Cool Click Special"

Karyn McCormack

I love getting a good deal. So when I found a coupon called "Cool Click Special" from the cafe downstairs in my bag with my usual morning cup of coffee, I had to give it a whirl. "Get your food on the web," said the bookmark-sized teaser from Cafe Metro in Rockefeller Center. "There's no line when your order online, and we'll give you a $2 discount. Cool."

It took only a few minutes to register and order lunch online -- I chose "create your own pasta" and made sure to enter the coupon code. I received an email confirmation for both within a minute. I placed the order at 12:34 pm, which is the height of the lunch rush at the bustling cafe. The email receipt said to pick up my order at 12:50. You can also have it delivered, but in these tight-security days in New York City, it's much easier to just walk downstairs. Besides, the sun is out and I could use a break from my PC.

When I got to Cafe Metro, it was mobbed. I was pleased to find my order waiting for me at the main register. All I had to do was sign the receipt. I avoided the lines and aggravation. Plus I saved $2. Though it may not seem like a huge amount, it does help offset other costs, especially my increasingly expensive commute to my office from New Jersey.

I wondered how long this deal will last. "We're going to keep it forever," says Alex Eladawi, general manager of the Cafe Metro at Rockefeller Center. His cafe received four orders yesterday, when the coupon was launched, and got 15 orders today. He's found that it's helping relieve the pressure from phone orders. "We've gotten a lot of compliments... it makes life easier for people," he says.

That's for sure. If other food chains follow suit, we could all be saving a buck or two.

02:46 PM

Frugal Shopper

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Now I know where to grab lunch tomorrow! $2 off is a great deal. But it sounds like avoiding lines and speedy pick-up is a key incentive for ordering online too. I wonder how long Cafe Metro will offer the discount? When there are 50 customers a day ordering online, I bet the $2 off will go the way of free-shipping post-Christmas.

Posted by: Amey at May 18, 2005 09:10 PM

Wow! What a great idea. I would pay MORE to save the time hassle, but you got a deal too. Excellent. Good for that business. That's the sort of thing that will keep them a step or two ahead of their competition.

Posted by: FMF at May 20, 2005 09:43 AM

Is this just in New York? It's creative, but I've not seen it here in the Bay Area yet.

Posted by: zennie at May 21, 2005 05:21 AM

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