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The impact of one blog on Dell

Posted by: Stephen Baker on August 01, 2005

I’ve been staring at this chart for a few bleary-eyed minutes, trying to figure out what impact Jeff Jarvis’s blogged complaints about Dell had on the company’s buzz. Hard to tell, because apparently there were loads of Dell complaints already bouncing around the blog world. I’d like to see that chart stretched out over a year, to see if public discontent (or at least, blogged discontent) with Dell is on the rise.

I’ll be writing today for the magazine, blogging only if posts fall from the sky (or my tendency to procrastinate takes a serious turn for the worse).

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Reader Comments

Jim Dermitt

August 1, 2005 10:32 AM

Here is a little Dell timeline with some numbers.

The Golden LEAF Foundation releases recruitment package plan to lure Dell to Winston-Salem, NC.

Nov. 4, 2004: A bundle of tax incentives, worth at least $242.5 million over 15 years clears the N.C. Legislature.

Nov. 9, 2004: Dell chooses the Triad as the location for their third U.S. factory. Guilford and Forsyth Counties are possible sites, with 1,500 workers employed within five years. Gov. Mike Easley and Kevin Rollins shake hands to seal the deal. Local governments begin to craft incentives.

Nov. 19, 2004: Guilford lays out its offer of $7.1 million in incentives.

Dec. 7, 2004: Greensboro City Council votes to offer $5.3 million in cash grants and other incentives.

Dec. 13, 2004: Forsyth County passes largest economic incentives package in county history, offering $14.8 million in cash and services.

Dec. 14, 2004: Davidson County approves a $23.1 million incentives package.

Dec. 20, 2004: Winston-Salem City Council approves an $18.9 million package. Combined with the Forsyth County offer, the total package is $37.2 million.

Dec. 22, 2004: Dell said it will build its $100 million desktop computer assembly plant on a 189-acre site in Winston-Salem.

I was reviewing this last April. Just amazing stuff! Ashlee Vance wrote about it for The Register July 21, Dell sucks another $7m out of North Carolina
Her June 21 article North Carolina residents sue Dell to keep their $270m
Ashlee writes, "One thing here is for certain, the longer this legal challenge goes on, the more Dell will suffer in the public's image."

I don't know how one blog will impact Dell, but this one deal in Winston Salem and the lawsuit can't be what they were planning on. Charles Arthur also convered the Jarvis story.
Want to complain about Dell? Forget it
Dell was trading at $40.51, so the stock hasn't seemed to suffer
It did tumble a little bit in April. That is the chart I was watching.

Here's some information on the NC lawsuit.
Written By: Steve Stanek
Published In: Budget & Tax News
Publication Date: August 1, 2005
Publisher: The Heartland Institute

If Dell wins in court, we all get subsidized PC's, I guess. We'll see what happens! I thought companies located in the south to avoid labor unions. I guess I was really wrong. The cash incentives and subsidies are just mind boggling. I guess Dell has a goldmine down there. Some of the locals don't seem to like it much. Dude, you're getting sued!

dan cook

August 1, 2005 01:14 PM

I happen to know for a fact you're going to have your feet propped up on your desk most of today day dreaming about Coronas and senoritas and the meaning of baseball.

Jack Krupansky

August 1, 2005 02:15 PM

I bought a new notebook PC recently (June) and agonized over whether to go Dell or stay with Toshiba. Dell had an appealing offering, but my main concern was a perception that Dell seems to have always had a habit of low-balling quality, as opposed to my numerous positive experiences with Toshiba. My worst fear is not so much encountering a problem, but the fear that I might have to ship the machine away for more than 12 hours. My judgment was that even if Dell really is a "solid" machine, the Toshiba would more likely be even more solid.

I actually ended up buying locally (Boulder, Colorado) from a CompUSA store rather than by phone through Toshiba. The Dell specs looked good, but I actually got to do a test drive in the store. One issue was what the nex WXGA TruBrite screens would be like compared to the older XGA/SXGA/SXGA+ screen technologies.

Another factor was that a friend had purchased a high-end (not cheap) Dell notebook PC a number of years ago and it had some weird screen anomalies that left him and me both a little squeamish about trusting Dell. It was years ago, so I was prepared to look past that problem, but I was simply laser-focused on max reliability and min downtime, even though low-cost was a huge goal.

As far as the anti-Dell blogging, clearly the squeaky wheel gets the attention, so the question is how to discount the "rant" factor to find the reality. I would expect discontent with Dell to be on the rise (in terms of absolute numbers) as they continue to roll up market share and ship ever-greater numbers of units, so I would urge caution as to how to properly measure the extent of discontent.

I wrote a blog post on my Toshiba purchase and had a few email exchanges with prospective purchasers. You can find it by simply Googling the model number (M55-S325) and my name.

Having said all of this and read some of the "rants", I will continue to consider Dell as an option for both my own future purchases and for people I know who are considering purchases. My ultimate advice is "decide for yourself", after you get full and non-biased information.

If anything, the shrill nature of some of these rants would actually lead me to take a contrarian view and consider the possibility that some people are, to use a technical term, simply "sh!t magnets." Pity the poor customer service people who have to deal with them.

As a final note... No, these Dell problems are not sufficient to convince me to "switch" to the non-PCs offered by whats-their-name.

-- Jack Krupansky

Evelyn Rodriguez

August 2, 2005 01:38 AM

Jack, While I agree that perhaps no company is perfect and that maybe Dell's problems scale with their growth...the fact is that totally ignoring irate customers is not a long-term success strategy. Their PR firm is supposedly paid to track and monitor this kind of pubic opinion to prevent just this kind of escalation. And provide valuable public opinion & feedback internally as well. (I can't find the post on the site, but a while back they quoted Dell's PR agency's website where they claimed to monitor blogs as part of their service.)

Jeff Jarvis isn't any other customer (although they ought to all be treated stellarly), he is influencial and trusted to a very large number of people within an amplified word-of-mouth public forum. It doesn't take long for this type of word-of-mouth to spread. Frankly, I've had customer support issues with Dell myself going back to '96, but what I'm really appalled at is how they just dropped the ball altogether on the PR, marketing, customer support dept.


September 19, 2005 07:31 PM

I think it would be helpful to other customers if you can post your complaint/opinion


January 6, 2006 05:06 PM

do not buy dell if you think you are going to get your rebate what a joke


January 27, 2006 05:19 PM

I purchased one of Dell’s new XPS 400 computers. I ordered it with Microsoft Windows Media Center 2005 Edition. They shipped it with Windows XP Home Edition. I also ordered a 19” FP Digital monitor, 5.1 surround sound speakers, and a HDTV Tuner card. I returned it all for a complete refund. I ordered the exact same system a second time. The second purchase was charged to my credit card and it was shipped correctly. However, the refund for the first system was $35 SHORT of what was supposed to be refunded. I called Dell customer service to correct this.

I spoke first with Alejandro, Badge # 598405 on Jan. 25, 2006 who offered nothing but guesses and excuses about why there was a shortage in what was refunded, but offered to do nothing about refunding the additional money. I demanded to speak with a supervisor and he told me one was not available, but he would have one call me back within the next two hours. Twenty-four hours passed with no call back, so I called Dell’s corporate offices and punched “0” to get an operator. I asked to speak with someone in Kevin Rollins office or anyone at a senior level in customer service. I was told that NO DELL SR. MANAGEMENT OR THEIR STAFF takes phone calls and that I can only reach them by FAX. I sent a FAX to Rollins and one to John Medica. Another twenty-four hours passed and I Faxed my letter a second time with a cover sheet that said “WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD FROM YOUR OFFICE?” printed in a 36 size font.

It has now been another 24 hours since the second letter and still no response. I tried reaching someone else in customer service and spoke with Josh, Badge # 861529 and again I asked to speak to a supervisor. Josh put me on hold for 32:47 at which time the call was disconnected. I called Dell’s corporate offices and had the operator confirm that I had the proper Fax numbers for Rollins and Medica, which I did have. I then ask her why I had not had a response and she explained that it usually takes TWO TO THREE WEEKS for Rollin’s office to respond because of the volume of mail and faxes. That answer and the fact that no one at Dell Corporate takes ANY consumer phone calls tells me and anyone else how big the CUSTOMER DISSATISFACTION problem is at Dell.

I then asked the operator connect me to a senior manager in customer service. She transferred me to a voice mail box where a message told me to leave all my personal contact and order information and that someone would get back to me within TWO DAYS.

My 21 day satisfaction guarantee will expire in two days. I am not waiting for their call. I am returning the SECOND computer today because I have had an ample taste of what it will be like if I have a warranty issue within the first year of owning the computer. I’d rather spend my time and money a third time to purchase another brand of computer AFTER I do some research on other computer manufacturer’s customer service reputations. I just looked at all the BLOGS on Dell and I’m not going to get stuck in Dell Hell. My Dell is going back TODAY. Maybe I’ll eventually hear from someone at Dell to get my $35 refunded to me as was promised at the time the return was set up with Dell.

The end of the story is that Dell wasted their own personnel’s time with building, boxing and shipping the first system. Money to ship the system round trip to my home and then Dell wasted all the time and money to do the same thing again with a second system (built correctly to my order specifications)…only to have to pay to ship the second system back (which works properly) because their Customer Service department is making Dell’s reputation for them. I simply cannot understand how Senior Management in any company can spend all this money to get a product to a customer only to have it returned for a full refund (and in my case do it TWICE) and then let that same customer spend the rest of their lives bad mouthing Dell….all because they can’t control their customer service department.

Thank you,

Wm. Stevenson, Dell Customer Order # 745976623


March 5, 2006 10:34 AM

My present Dell experience is also miserable with a new computer that has a CD-DVD recorder problem. The customer support/technical support is a joke: the Indians, Philipinos, El Salvadorans are trained to put you on hold,ask lots of questions, promise to solve your problem, "get a supervisor," then disconnect you.

I offered to send back the computer. The woman told me it's too late. I told her I'm not going to pay the invoice from Dell Financial, she told me I have to pay anyhow, whether or not the computer works.

I'm contacting a class action attorney in Boston. Dell is engaging in consumer fraud with faulty equipment and laughable support. Massachusetts has a law related to illegal and deceptive business practices which can result in triple damages to plaintiffs. Dell clearly is misrepresenting their customer and technical support.

Dell is awash in its own excrement created by its huge size and poor support. In my case, I have the computer and the money. Let's see what happens.


scott charette

March 7, 2006 07:30 PM

Dell support has destroyed my computer and Mcafee has done consistent false scans. You cannot contact them so beware! Its all a fraud! You can be overrun by viruses etc and the dell system and Mcafee detect nothing! FRAUD!!!! THIS IS MR.E. From MR.E.MEDIA INTERNATIONAL. HELP!!!!!!


March 23, 2006 12:36 PM

We purchsed a Dell Inspirion and pay a little over $1,000 including an extended warranty. After making minimum payments for 17 months, we now (according to Dell Financial Services) owe over $1,500.

We can get no explanation or answers to our questions. It is like trying to talk to a wall.

Jim Dermitt

March 24, 2006 11:20 AM

I just saw a Dell Yahoo ad for security software this morning on the Buzzmachine site. I thought that was strange. I was using the site and it was malfunctioning, so I just stopped using it. I don't know what the problem was, but I have other stuff to do. You wouldn't think Jeff would have Dell ads. I guess he doesn't have a say so in the matter.


March 25, 2006 02:51 AM

Don't buy the hype on the Dell xps 600..It the worst machine I have ever owned. Don't ever finance a Dell the contract makes it difficult to return. Don't ever buy a Dell you will be sorry you did just like me.


March 25, 2006 08:27 PM

I have been thru the Dell hell! It's a horrible thought to have to pick up the phone and call Dell's customer support! What I didn't know when I bought my laptop computor from Dell, is that when you buy the complete care warranty package they offer, Dell does not tell you that IF they replace your computor because it can't be fixed, it will be replaced with a refurbished one not a new one as advertized. I sent mine in twice and it couldn't be fixed so I had no choice but to accept a refurbised one. Stop by and read my posts on Dell at


j. randolph

April 6, 2006 10:37 AM

I recently "tried" to puchase and Inspiron b130 advertised in my local paper, regularly $899 specially priced at $499. The features offered on this particular machine were perfect for my needs. I place the order "over the phone" with a Toby Portillo, who was especially accomodating and efficient. He thanked me and said my invoive would be sent to my email address. I was not in a "internet accessible" location for the next 2 days. When I returned and checked the invoice, it, of course, was for the pre-savings price of $899 plus tax, title, and license. Multiple calls, chats, emails only resulted in Tony finally admitting his "doing his job poorly" response, my cancelling the order, and refusing delivery from the ups man. Now, I am faced with the daunting task of getting a full, and approptiate refund from Dell, so I can, since reading the experiences of others, purchse a toshiba, like I started out to some time back. I also understand that Dell has a class-action suit on the west coast dealing with bait-and-switch problems. Hmmm, maybe I just slid in under the wire of dissapointment...think positive, and see if they get it right....


May 3, 2006 08:35 PM



June 6, 2006 10:59 AM

DUDE!!, I just got scewed too, bought my wife the Inspirion B130 for Christmas, 05, april 20, of o6 the LCD screen had a black dot in it, my wife calls Tech support and while she's going through the test that the Tech is telling her to do, half a the LCD becomes filled with lines, she was told it was coverd under warr, when DELL gets the laptop, she gets a call saying the lap top has a internal crack that only happens when the laptop is dropped or the LCD screen is hit very very hard, DELL was informed that it was not dropped and we where told it can come from closing it to hard, or we poked it with a pen, or it can come from useing it too much, when we sent it in the LCD had lines on it, now that DELL sent it back to us now you can see large cracks in the LCD screen, Mike Dell, you should be shame of your self, plus I could not understand a word these people where saying, and one lady busted out laughing at me when I said I was going to the news media with this, I WILL NEVER BUY A DELL,DELL CAN GO TO HELL 1400 hundred dollers spent noe DELL wants another 368.00 to replace the LCD, Mike Dell is just as badd as a drug dealer, he sells poison to his costermers, and don't give a hoot about anything else, WELCOME TO AMERICA THE LAND OF WE ALL GOT JACKED

Rod Waters

June 21, 2006 03:29 PM

Ever try calling their corporate office or local factory for personnel or any other department? The phone just rings. Dell Hell!


June 23, 2006 04:38 PM

You people keep on complaining do you know what's the no.1 cause for the computer to crash?? DUMB CUSTOMERS, think twice before you complain


June 29, 2006 01:50 PM

hi there,

just having bought a inspiron 1300 and 6400 and after several wks of contacting dell, still no further forward.
The sonic software supplied with the system for dvdr fails miserably, as does there customer service.
I have lost count of the numerous times that I have been asked to factory restore the systems by some non pc expert.
The problem is that the drive supplied does not work correctly with the software for compatibility.
Over £1500 lighter and still no further forward. The warranty cover means absolutely nothing as does the people who clearly know nothing regarding pc, even though they supply them ?!

Peter Palmer

July 12, 2006 06:21 AM

WElcome to another DELLHELL post. My dell computer started crashing a month and a half ago just A WEEK OR SO prior to the run out of its 1 year "Next Business day" ( ha ha) warranty.
Over 5 hours worth of 'phone calls and 13 days waiting and a service contractor turned up, walked in, replace my motherboard and RAm and left.
The computer has since continued to crash, and I have discovered that there is over 50GIGABYTes of un known files clogging my disk to the point where there is not enough space to even defrag. I track this down and it seems that Macafee ( which THEY INSTALLED!!!!) HAS BEEN SCRewING UP THE SYSTEM ALONG WITH SOME OF THE OTHER SUBSTANDARD PREINSTALLED SOFTWARE AND very POSSIBLY A CORRUPTED VERSION OF windowsxp.
another 5 hours of HEATED LOGIC DEFYING telephone calls and threats with incompetent and dishonest service and customer care people pointing out that the computer was originally delivered in parts over a period of some 4 weeks and next day service took 13 days so they should extend my warranty at least until they had the machine fixed, ( no mention of compensating me for the days at home when no delivery or service people bothered to show up of course). So. another 10 - 15 phone calls over another fortnight and 3 days ago "Rafiq" from dell calls and tells me they will give me an extra year's warranty to repay me and that should make me very happy. I point out that I had paid for a years warranty which I did not receive and that the computer is still fritzed.
I also point out that I've been using computers since DOS days, built my first web site in 1994 and that even I can't work out how to order ink from their site so on top of the computer crashing I am about to toss their all in one scanner printer due to lack of ink so how about some service and some comnpensation before I take action for breach of contract as I am not a happy camper.
The result - an "Amy Lim called and left a message while I'm on another line last night and says she'll ring back in an hour. she rings the next day and says they'll send someone - I ask when and she says she'll ring back in a few minutes - that was 8.30am and it's now 8pm - no call.
I've had no returned promised calls from Customer service and the only solution ever offered from TEchnical SERVICEis to REFORMAT THE HARD DRIVE!!!! .
Pointing out that this is a long involved process involving reinstalling PROGRAMMES ETC. ETC. ALL UP i HAVE WASTED WELL OVER 50 MAN HOURS WAITING ON TELEPHONES AND FOR NON APPEARING SERVICE PEOPLE!!!!
And as for reformatting - why bother with "Technicians if this is the only answer they have...
NEVER EVER EVER BUY DELL . THE PRODUCTS IS SHODDY AND SUBSTANDARD - INTEGRATED MOTHERBOARDS WITH EXTRERNAL CARDS JAMMED IN THEM IF YOU PAY FOR A DECENT SOUND CARD ETC,.ETC. JUST DON'T DO IT!!! damn, I used to be calm and literate - these idiots have lost at least 6 sales from people I know after hearing my story - great marketing folks. I especially like the idea of the DON'T BUY DELL sign on my car being something they are fine with. it's all rather disgusting

lillian martini

July 19, 2006 05:13 PM

Dell better wake the hell up and realize how many bad things are written about their shitty computers and disgusting disgraceful customer service. I too have been in dell hell for about two weeks now and after talking to a bunch of morons that said they would connect me to thier escalation managers who never called back until 2 weeks laterr and had the nerve to tell me they couldnt help. Dell is the absolute worst worst company in the history of companies and they rewally better wise up I am making it one of my lifes ambitions to post on the internet how disgusting they are .DO NOT EVER BUY A DELL THEY ARE THE WORST!!!!! ANd as far as them posting on this board about their customers being stupid that just proves how moronic they really are .I hope they are reading this. YOU PEOPLE ARE A DISGRACE!!!!!!

rebecca stewardson

July 26, 2006 05:39 PM

My name is Becky Stewardson and I have been a dell customer for quite along while but I have to tell you your customer service is terriable.
Back in December 5,2005 I bought a Flat Screen Computer serial No cn-oco646-46633-595-ohlc t
I was on my computer when it just went black call tecional support thold the problem they could not fix said it blew so they where going to replace it for me well that was July 25,2006.In the mean time after 6 different tections i have spoken to and and 4 customer service people I am still stuck with my ordional monter 19inch flat screan and i have setting in the middle of my living room 1 16 flat screen montor and 1big monter that is not a flat screen now they wont even talk to me say,s there is nothing they can do.
All the mistakes have been on your employes parts there is not even return slips in the boxes I guess I am suppose to pay postage back to you to return them.
I have never in my 58 years of living dealing with a product had so much trouble they even instaulted me as i did"t know the difference between a 16 inch montor and a 19 inch monter I am not stupid. So hear I sit with my broken montor and two brand new monters sent to me which are the wroung ones and know satifction .
My finicial accout no is:6897450119021152172 I called them even and they could not help me.
Now you all are the ones losing here i keep trying to tell them that but unforuntly comman sence does not prevail I have two monters free in the middle of my living room.
Now i read you read and answer your email we shall see. And please dont tell me to deal with your customer service or tencional support anymore!
All I want is my montor replaced Help!!!!

Rebecca Stewardson


August 2, 2006 11:49 AM



August 2, 2006 06:08 PM

I had no idea that a company this large could be so irresponsible. I wish I had never stopped at the kiosk in the mall to buy this terrible piece of equipment. I bought all of the bells and whistles and paid a pretty penny for it. As the phrase goes, "Let the buyer beware" you will truly be disappointed. I have had nothing but problems with this piece of junk since I've taken it out of the box 3 days ago. I've been calling tech support for help with this obvious modem problem with no success. Don't believe them when they promise to call back because it's obvious that they don't. This won't be the last that Dell hears from me, they will be speaking with my attorney as my business is suffering for their lack of customer service. Whatever happened to the idea of keeping the customer first as it comes to Best Practices for a corporation.
Case #139820695

Romulo Pietrangeli

August 4, 2006 12:21 PM

I am an American Senior, and like anybody else, starting at my young years, and on... I consummed many of my Nature/God Allocated Quantums of Energy, Brainpower, Mental-Speed etc; yet I am sure that with my leftover Quants, 3 obsolete computers, one huffing and puffing Generator (I live in Hurricane Alley you see,) from my Mobile Home near Sarasota, I could do a much better job of Consummer Support for Dell than their Robotized-located in some remote-non English Speaking-Pacific or Indian Ocean Island Crew of so called Customer Support Agents!
Now, do you want to hear my experience? Not the only one you know! But this takes the Cake! I will make it "Express" because it resambles (oh well no spellcheck here,) so many other, is pathetic!
- Dude orders Memory upgrade from Dell.
- Dude explains to Dell Agent in OR, USA, new address is currently on Dell Sys.
- Dude duly informs Salesperson correct/new Address.
- Dude hangs-up happy.
- Dude checks Dell site to locate order; no luck.
- Dude checks DHL tracking.
- Dude discovers that package is about to be deliv. by DHL at his (1 1/2 yr) old Address 1100 Miles away.
- Dude connects with remote Island Dell Agent, having to beg several times: "repeat-please", "and in some English I can understand". For crying aloud I am a transplant from the Midwest and do understand the Floridians with little or no effort! It must be that the remote Ocean English has never been installed in my 1950s Model-Brain! Send me the frickin CD!
- Anyhow dude explains the Sit to remoterobotic Agent who proceeds to dish-out Apologies like going out-of-style!
- Dude asks to Agent to hold the onions and above all the stupid Apologies!
- Dude BEGS for Action and no apologies.
- Dude explaims to agent that correct course of Action is ship the stupid chip again to me to my correct Address and restock or do whatever they want with the one Dell sent erroneously to a different location.
- Of course Dell would NEVER do something like that; they are in the business for the Egg, the chicken (ie good cust. service,) can wait.
- Dude hopes that those eggs will someday give Dell a double indigestion with diarreah to boot!
EPILOGUE: One full week later, DHL informed to me (the Dude,) that the goods are still sitting a their station in MI, waiting for instructions from... Dell of course!

Toni Anderson

August 7, 2006 01:08 PM

I am having a horrible time with Dell and I can't even find the corporate office numbers. They were not noted on any of the material my computer came with nor on the web (from what I can find so far).

My Dell Inspiron 1000 was purchased in 2004 with a 3 year warranty. I must say the first problem I had was resolved easily so I know that things CAN go right. But my second problem is causing me sleepless nights. Here is the scenario...

Storm hits transormer and fries modem
Modem is connected to motherboard so both must be replaced. Not covered under warranty since cause was electrical. Was using a surge protector. Cost to repair, I was told would be about $397 (max). Would have it back in 7-10 days max, as good as new. Person at call center in India said I would get an e-mail. I repeated I don't have computer access so email won't help.

Am at library now as this is only way I can check for e-mails!!

10 days later, no word from Dell and no computer. I call Dell and get a person to talk to after going through all sorts of stupid menu options. It is so hard to get a person to speak with. Call center person says part is out of stock and my computer is not fixed and is on "hold." I say I must have a working computer, and go through all the steps as with the first call. Talk with one person after another in call center. Finally an offer for a $50 coupon. I don't want it! I want a computer ASAP. Asked for her mgr. and spoke with him. I was under impression he was with corporate offices in the US when I asked him and he said yes.

After much haggling and time spent on hold (2 hours working just that day alone on this) he said they will send me a replacement in 7-10 days!! And I won't have to pay for the other.

Well it has been 7 days now and I sure hope I hear from Dell or get in in a few days. I had to come to the library to just get info today. He had also said he would send me an e-mail but when I checked my e-mail I don't have any from him and no additional case number.

I bought Dell because it is (was?) a great computer with great customer support. What happened? I want an American in corporate offices to talk with me. The call center people in India are polite but are not solving my problem. At this point I will never buy another Dell.

Tracey Sibble

August 8, 2006 04:04 PM

Here's the jist of my problem with Dell.

My name is Tracey Sibble. My husband and I purchased a laptop computer from Dell in December 2005. On May 04, 2006 I completed a balance transfer with Chase Disney. Chase Disney sent a check to Dell for $1,300.00. The check was cashed by Dell on 05/12/06. The check number was #48175706. In June I received my statement from Dell with no credit for the $1300.00. I immediately contacted Dell on 06/12/06 and spoke to Bianca (sounded Indian) who informed me that she will “research the balance transfer from Chase Disney and credit any late charges and finance charges”. We agreed that the remaining balance would be $49.12 and she instructed me to mail a copy of my Chase statement with the balance transfer info on it with the last payment. I completed this the same day and mailed both the payment and the statement to Dell. At the end of June I received a letter from Dell stating my payment was late. I called Dell’s Customer number once again and spoke to a Indian man named Andy. I explained what was going on. He gave me a reference number of 90180 and informed me that his supervisor Angela would call me back the next day. That never happened. I never received a call from Dell on June 30th. In July my husband received a call from Dell’s Collections Department. Upset, he called me to ask me what was going on!!! I told him it was suppose to have been taken care of. On July 28th I spoke to another Indian man named James. He was unable to help me to my satisfaction. I asked to speak to his supervisor. He connected me to Sophia. I explained what was going on. Long story short, she was unable to help me as well. I asked to be transferred to someone who could help me. She transferred me to Helda (another Indian person) who informed me there was nothing in the computer by Andy or Angela with the reference #90180 indicating any kind of research on this account. I ask to complete a 3-way call with Chase Disney in order to rectify this problem that same day. She said she couldn’t do that. I asked her to transfer me to someone who could. I was transferred to Amer. After a lengthy conversation and argument I was told no to the 3-way call and no to researching my account without “proper documentation”. Feeling exhausted and after several hours of getting nowhere I told Amer that I would contact Chase to get the info. I did and left a message for Amer to call me back. He did and I gave him the check number and date that it was cashed by Dell. I told him t hat Chase should be sending him a copy. I was promised by Amer that he would call me back on August 3rd regardless of receiving the check or not.

Today is August 8th and I have yet to receive that call from Amer. My husband on the other hand has received several calls from your collections department. I spoke to an Indian man named Sam again today who, surprise surprise…could not help me without documentation.

Why is it so hard for someone to pick up a phone, call the accounts receivable department, and ask what account check number 48175706 was applied to? Why is it that I, the customer, has to do all the leg work when it was Dell who made the mistake? I have given them all the info, sent the info they requested, and still nothing. I’ve asked to speak to someone in the administrative department and was told that they “do not answer calls”. I have wasted several hours not only today, but on July 28th, and June 12th with no resolution! Can someone at Dell help me please!!!!!!

Needless to say, I sent the email and it was returned undeliverable. I have been unable to reach anyone that can help me!!! Any ideas from someone out there?


August 10, 2006 02:14 AM

After 10+ hours on the phone with some people that claim to be "customer care" for Dell I have determined that Dell has !!! NO !!! customer support and NO way to fix any problems that you might be having. After 6 Dell computers the next one will be ANY brand BUT a DELL.


August 10, 2006 11:04 PM

I purchased an Inspiron notebook for my daughter in 2005. In June of 2006 it started to power down for no reason at all. We called tech support and after several phone calls they decided we should mail to to them for service. We had purchased a three year warranty. Our previous laptop had a one year warranty (also a Dell) and the screen separated from the keyboard part of the computer and according to Dell was not worth fixing and the warranty had expired. For some reason, I purchased another Dell. SO - we mailed in this warranty with a label they sent us. They called the next stay stating they had sent the wrong label. Therefore, the laptop was "lost" for several weeks. We heard one story after another. It was the mother board, the part was on back order, the laptop was in "hold", it was in "accounts billable" waiting for me to pay for something -- I had never been notified. It is ludicrous to me that WHY a company that is in the computer business, asks for customer email, gives the run around on the phone -- fails to use email to keep customers abreast of their account. I talked to many supervisors, was put on the escalating problem list, promised phone calls within 24 hours -- received them two weeks later at numbers where I distinctly told them I would not be at certain times -- they don't seem to understand the "time zone" factor. Finally, I was told they would repair it to working perfectly or replace it. That was two weeks ago. My daughter got it back today. It still doesn't work, when powered on it says something like Dell DIAG does not exist. There are intructions to reboot with a CD that is included and followed the instruction booklet. No booklet. Forgot to return AC adaptor, and when CD is inserted nothing but the error screen comes up. On top of it all, it reeked of cigarette smoke............I called, was on hold for 39:45 spoke to two different supervisors, said they had emailed the higher supervisors to call me -- they couldn't help because it had been escalated. I had a million different numbers - order #, Reference #, Job # , etc. and no one knew what I was talking about. I was promised a call today - of course, nothing. Oh - halfway through the process they said it had been 'dropped" which was the first I had heard of that -- and after a month of having it, they were blaming that on us. My daugher is in Texas, with no computer, trying to enroll in classes and find a job. I am tempted to keep fighting and in the meantime buy her a new laptop - not that I can afford. But what brand?? Certainly not Dell #3............


August 14, 2006 05:42 PM

Ok.... battery was not charging---NCR tech came, replaced motherboard on Dell Lat D-810 and it did not boot... he left saying he did his repair...Machine was working before his dead. Dell pays NCR...for what? This is the second piss poor repair this month....


August 15, 2006 12:17 PM

Dell sucks GOAT NUTS!!!! I have it since 2003 and have called over 400 times problems
1 bad e drive
2 bad power supply
3 bad motherboard
4 printer band snapped
5 ink burst into the printer
6 constant locking up
7 put a disk in the d drive i heard a load noise and the cd exploaded in the drive now its busted
8 their customer care sucks told the hindu my warrenty expired he told me to hold 10 min later he says sorry cant help you your warrenty has expired WTF i already told him that.He also would not give me the corprate office # FUCK DELL


August 19, 2006 07:20 PM

Thanks for "Dell Hell," folks. Have been a secretary for over 20 years. My firm just bought over 1000 Dells, and their contract demands we use Dell products e.g., keyboards. Okay, okay, I know, dumb, but I didn't draw up or sign it.
My "new" keyboard ($22.19 on their site, and you know my folks got it for 1/2, buying bulk) is so narrow that I am full of wrist and knuckle pain using it after only 3 days. Literally crying at work yesterday, am so frustrated.
Serious: Can anyone recommend a DELL keyboard (that my firm will allow me to use) that DOES NOT HAVE THE STUPID WINDOWS KEY AND THAT NEW OTHER ONE THAT -- WHO THE HECK USES THESE?-- ARE IN BETWEEN alt AND ctrl on the R-hand side? And one that keeps "PrtScrn" where it should be, next to F12?
Sign me Desperately seeking...

D. Tym

August 20, 2006 02:38 AM

It's not just Dell HP is the same Hell.

Dwain Lorditch

August 28, 2006 08:52 PM

Another pain in my A-- tring to deal with Dell. They promise you the world to get you off the phone, and never resolve the issue. I have sent a number of e-mails, and been put on hold for hours on the phone. Where do you go to get your issues resolved. If anyone has had their issues resolved, please let me know how. I've tried everything, and cant get any results. HELPPPP


August 31, 2006 08:43 AM

Hey Travis!!! heres Micheal Dells home phone # if you still need (888) 560-8324 hope you get what you want out of all this

robert garfield

September 1, 2006 02:56 PM

Here is an example of DELL quality of service!

This is an automated email sent from Dell Chat. The following information is a log of your session. Please save the log for your records.

Your session ID for this incident is xxxxxxx.
Time Details

09/01/2006 09:39:11AM Session Started with Agent (RTS Lashando M)
09/01/2006 09:39:26AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "Thank you for contacting Dell Hardware Warranty Chat Support. Would you please verify the person or company name that owns the system, also may I have your phone number and e-mail address so I can better assist you?"

09/01/2006 09:39:50AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "No this is OK"

09/01/2006 09:41:08AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "I have two problems with two computers that I purchased about one year age. First and the one that is most aggravating. Is the fact That I reported about 7 months ago that my computer"

09/01/2006 09:42:03AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "I will be happy to assist you, xxxx. I need to verify your information first."

09/01/2006 09:42:11AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "Would you please verify the person or company name that owns the system, also may I have your phone number and e-mail address?"

09/01/2006 09:43:21AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "The first service tag is xxxxxx. The fan makes too much noise. I was told some time ago that a new fan was ordered for me and that someone would come to install it. It took three phone calls and about four hours to get this done. The fan and the installation"

09/01/2006 09:44:37AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "xxxx & xxxx It is my company. My e-mail is xxxx@xxxxx Mr. xxxx .com"

09/01/2006 09:44:55AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "My name is Mr. xxxx xxxxx"

09/01/2006 09:45:31AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "To continue I never received the fan no one came to install it."

09/01/2006 09:46:13AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "Yesterday I spent another two hours on the phone with someone at the end the person told me to cal another number."

09/01/2006 09:46:53AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "Today I call the number he gave me and it id not give me an option for service."

09/01/2006 09:47:03AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "That took another hour"

09/01/2006 09:47:58AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "I apologize that you are having this problem. I do not see anything stating you called about the noise. But I will get it taken care of for you now."

09/01/2006 09:48:14AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "May I also have your phone number please."

09/01/2006 09:48:19AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "Then I went on line found your web site and call a new number. I quickly spoke to a person. She told me that no order had been placed for the fan."

09/01/2006 09:48:48AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "I told her it had been placed a long time ago. The call was disconnected."

09/01/2006 09:49:29AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "When do you think if EVER will someone come to my home and replace the fan?"

09/01/2006 09:51:56AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "It should be Tuesday or Wednesday."

09/01/2006 09:51:57AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "What troubleshooting have you done on the noise issue?"

09/01/2006 09:56:52AM Agent (RTS Lashando
M): "Are you still there?"

09/01/2006 09:58:44AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "My phone number is XXXXXX"

09/01/2006 09:59:23AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "I could not send? I don't know why?"

09/01/2006 09:59:45AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "Okay."

09/01/2006 09:59:55AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "What troubleshooting have you done on the noise issue?"

09/01/2006 10:00:22AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "I did not open your computer to see I did not want to do something I am not capable to do"

09/01/2006 10:01:35AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "Should I go on to the next of my home computers?"

09/01/2006 10:01:57AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "No. Not yet."

09/01/2006 10:02:07AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "Service tag xxxxxx”

09/01/2006 10:02:18AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "Can you tell which of the fans is making the noise?"

09/01/2006 10:02:21AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "call me on my cell"

09/01/2006 10:02:51AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "I do apologize but I can only communicate through chat."

09/01/2006 10:03:50AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "I don't remember. It occurs in the middle of the night and wakes me and my wife up. It only occurs if the computer is on for long periods. As a result since it takes some time to turn on that computer it tends not to be used."

09/01/2006 10:05:08AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "Do you have the system with you now?"

09/01/2006 10:05:27AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "yes i am at home."

09/01/2006 10:06:18AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "It will not make any noise since it is off. And the fan will take hour to make noise. I have heard fans before and that is what it is."

09/01/2006 10:07:52AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "Can we get this done quickly I can't stay on much longer? The problem with the second computer is that the cord from the key board broke"

09/01/2006 10:08:05AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "Open the tower to see if you have dust inside."

09/01/2006 10:08:14AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "And clean it out."

09/01/2006 10:09:05AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "I will give me a minute. This has been a problem since I received the computer so it can't be dust But I will look"

09/01/2006 10:09:18AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "Okay."

09/01/2006 10:12:26AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "It has no way to open it. It looks to be pop riveted shut! I took the computer in its box home from my office. I am the one that turned it on! It seems to have no way to open?"

09/01/2006 10:13:20AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "Please, please send someone out!"

09/01/2006 10:14:13AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "I must have spent over 6 hours with someone form your company on this already. Can’t you just send someone out?"

09/01/2006 10:14:49AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "Unfortunately, I cannot send anyone out until we have determined what is causing the noise and if it is a fan, which fan is causing the noise."

09/01/2006 10:15:34AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "My other computer has a bottom to push on top not the one ."

09/01/2006 10:15:54AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "What am I to do?"

09/01/2006 10:15:57AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "To open the cover, press the L shaped lever on the back and slide the side cover to the back."

09/01/2006 10:16:24AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "I know it's the fan. I know it's not dust."
09/01/2006 10:16:39AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "I will look again"

09/01/2006 10:18:04AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "Okay."

09/01/2006 10:18:09AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "clean enough to eat off of! This computer has had most likely less then 8 hours use."

09/01/2006 10:18:59AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "This problem has been since I received the computer."
09/01/2006 10:19:08AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "Your system has more than one fan. When the system makes the noise again, you will need to determine which fan is causing the noise."

09/01/2006 10:20:40AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "I think it's the one attached to the power supply"
09/01/2006 10:21:43AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "I could feel the vibration when it last happened and it is where that fan is"

09/01/2006 10:22:51AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "Next computer?"

09/01/2006 10:23:46AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "Yes. Because I cannot replace the fan until we have determined which fan is causing the noise and we cannot do that until it makes the noise."

09/01/2006 10:28:18AM Session Ended
If you require further assistance, please visit us at



September 5, 2006 06:48 PM

I am also another victim of Dell's poor customer service and clear division between their corporate HQ and Dell Financial Services. We were going to buy a Plasma TV with our Credit card but were convince to open a Preferred Account.

What a joke. We make our final lump payment on January 1 but Dell did not post it till the 9th. They charged us a years worth of interest. We have been disputing it since then and they have still been charging us late fees and more interest.

Add insult to injury, our tv blew up the first month we had it. It was finally replaced a month later. We never stopped paying them for being out a tv, yet they are charging us a year's worth of interest for receiving payment 7 days after the promotion expired. We get the runaround from the Indians, Executive Services promises to do the right thing but do not execute and then don't give us a number to pursue except the same DFS number.

Nobody has a directory or phone number for anybody in executive services and of course, they do not have any numbers available for senior management.

I am ready to take them to small claims court but I live in Florida. Does anyone out there have a contact at Dell that can hold themselves accountable and empowered to deal with this.

Any help would be appreciated.



September 25, 2006 10:29 PM

To anyone who cares,

I purchased a Dell laptop computer around 2 years ago and have had multiple problems. I have spoke to so many so called, "CUSTOMER CARE AND TECHNICAL HELP" personnel that I know longer want to even HEAR or SPEAK the name DELL.

First and foremost, my problems entail the outside components breaking and now the whole computer just went blank. For no reason the computer tells me "no disk drive found". So obviously I need HELP from DELL. What a joke! Not only do I speak with people who cannot help me because of their level within the company, the supervisor's, who should be able to help can not either.

Now I am a disabled person who relies on my laptop for all my business. Relying on the functional capacity of this DELL computer is essential in my life. Now there maybe people who don't care about that, however, be it my situation or someone else's personal need for reliability of their computer, I believe that DELL SHOULD CARE!!!

Now guess what they DON'T!!! WOW is that a shock. Truthfully, originally I really liked the company. In fact, over the course of three years I have purchased 3 computers. The sales department is real HELPFUL. Hmmmm, I realized the reason I liked Dell was because I onoly spoke with the sales department. But if you need help once you have bought a computer from them, there is no such word as HELP. All the niceness and helpfulness I received from sales was sure not the case when I needed them from "CUSTOMER CARE".

Today I spent almost 7 hours speaking to about 14 different people. Hear recorded voice, prompted to choose, now you answer questions, explain your problem, only to be told can't HELP. So you then supervisor here we come...OH! wait they can't HELP either. I am told that is a different departmrent so then I am transferred or disconnected and down the road we go to over 7 hours later to the same spot I started. No HELP, just now after being spoken to rudely, not understood, or hung up on, I am left with a computer still not working and me irrate. This process must change. Companies must first start to care and find a way for CONIINUITY OF CARE!!!!

When I purchased my computers I get always buy the "complete warranty". Well to my surprise when it was time use THIS WARRANTY it was not what the sales person told me I purchased. Funny, bought this policy which was "COMPLETE CARE", so I thought, because that was what I was told, but NO!!!! I did not buy the COMPLETE CARE--I HAVE THE LIMITED. I spent over 500 dollars on my warranty purchase. Hell for that amount I could buy a new laptop, right????? I told my story about the failures of this $2200.00 computer to all those people and not one person HELPED. In fact, I not only got transferred or had to call a different department but my last call was the best. I was spoked to rudely and told that they could not help me and would not transfer me to any other supervisor. So I called back again hoping to find someone "WHO CARES" Joke's on me! My last call I was put on hold and listened to their music for "ONE HOUR AND THIRTY-FIVE MINUTES". I wanted to know just how long it would take them and guess what they never came back. The line disconnected. Ha Ha.!!!!!

They are not the fools, we are!!! To believe that anyone nowadays gives a damn about anyone else is the fool. Gone are those days of PRIDE AND VALUES AND ETHICS. This country is so worried about everything, but not the most important thing, the people. Seriously, does anyone stop long enough to see if the person on your right or left needs something or hell, do you even know there is someone there???

If anyone has a suggestion as to how to get a company to care about their patrons please help or at least a way to contact the corprate management. I would be grateful.

Thank you to anyone who does care out their, because I know there are alot, but sadly we are all so busy that we need to stop and look around.

Suggestions, thank you,




October 3, 2006 02:00 PM

I only have one this to say. Whichever computer you choose, dont choose a Dell. Have u ever wondered which word it rhymes with?


October 9, 2006 09:53 AM



October 27, 2006 11:45 AM

DELL is like dating a guy, they sweet talk you, fuck you, and then don't call you back!!! LOL..I love Dell. Rock on bitches!!!


November 30, 2006 12:40 PM

I too had problems with Dell's financial services that ended with mountains of interest charges that I was not aware of. I spent literally hours on the phone trying to correct the problems and never did.

Just last week I ordered two multifunction color laser printers, and was promised $100.00 rebate for each. Guess what? I found out today that the rebate expired in August! Nice point of sale tactic don't you think? So here begins the hours of phone calls, run around, and hopeless customer care!

Olufemi Anthony

December 12, 2006 02:49 PM

I bought a Dell Latitude X1 laptop last year along with a 3 year extended warranty.I love this machine. Sometime in early Nov. I noticed that the port that the power cord plugs into at the back started to act flakily - it would randomly lose power, and I'd have to toggle it to keep it in place. So I called Dell up and arranged for a specialist to come to my house and take a look at it the next day. We had determined that the power cord wasn't the issue.

The specialist came in and attempted to replace the motherboard, but that seemed to make things worse as now the machine refused to turn on at all. So he called Dell and advised me to send in my machine for repairs, promising me that it would take only 5-8 days for the repair.

This was 7 weeks ago and my laptop is still at the Dell depot waiting for a part that may never come. I totally regret ever buying Dell, and as a former Toshiba customer I have experienced much better service and I will NEVER buy a Dell laptop again. It seems as if they've just outsourced their Indvidual customer care offshore, and all they really care about are their large corporate clients.

They should honor the terms of the contract they promised me when I bought the extended warranty - send me a replacement machine.

Robert P

December 15, 2006 05:16 PM

Dell deceived me, and it pisses me off to the point that I probably wouldn't buy another one! I bought a new XPS M1210. Seems like a decent machine.
HOWEVER, I was NOT told that I would not be able to use standard PCMCIA cards on this machine.
Dell's explaination is that "New Technology" required them to alter the size of the PC card, so that ONLY DELL can provide me with an (expensive) PC card to fit this machine. It's not just an Express Card. It's one that has a unique shape, that prevents me from using 3rd part hardware. So, not only can I only buy a PC card from Dell, but am limited as to what types of PC cards I CAN buy. Clearly, they did this to further line their pockets, and I think it stinks, and thus, would probably NOT BUY ANOTHER DELL.

Fredrick W. Boling

December 24, 2006 07:21 PM

Hey, folks. Welcome to the corporate outsourcing programs. Support personel can promise you the world but they have no power to provide those promises. Dell is a corporate conglomerate that is not customer friendly. It's all profit and to H*** with the customer. The day will come when they will reap the wind. Nuff said.


December 27, 2006 12:21 PM

In April of this year I bought a DELL laptop (INSPIRON). It was working fine until the power cord stopped working around September. I had to order another one. After that, I noticed that the lcd (screen) started to look funny. The bottom right side of the screen started looking brighter than the other parts. Then this bright pitch started to move to this left side. This started around September. Also, it would not hibernate and the cursor would move while typing. Dell was very helpful in resolving these two problems. However, I had to send them my laptop in order to have the LCD replaced.

They picked it up and my husband put a return address in the package. After a little while, we were very curious as to the whereabouts of it, so we tracked it online. Only to find out it had been sent elsewhere (my husband works at this place part time, but we had not authorized that it be sent there). We went to this place to find out it was not there and the person who had signed for it is not even on the employee list. R U KIDDING ME ????!!!!!!!!!!!! They sent my computer somewhere we had not authorized them to, and now it is in the hands of a stranger !!!!!

I called dell around 6:45 yesterday evening and was still on the phone trying to get some answers after 10 pm. I had been transferred, cut off and put on hold so many times, and given phone number after phone number that, of course I eventually got frustrated. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I started to feel like a victim. They told me to file a police report and they would send me a replacement. I filed the report but needed to call them with the case number. I called back at the number I was told to but it was so difficult to speak with the relevant person/department. I was eventually told that customer service was closed.

I called customer service in the morning and requested to speak with a manager. I expressed my disgust, annoyance and frustration. He offered to compensate me. He eventually called back and confirmed that they were sending me a replacement. I told him that a replacement is not compensation as they had to replace it (Did they expect me to buy another one). He then offered me a $25 voucher. Once again…R U KIDDING ME ?????!!!!!!!!!! That is an insult !!!!! I told him for all my troubles that was insufficient. He then offered me a $50 one and I still thought that was a joke. He then offered me an Mp3 player. (I already have one. My husband bought one from dell as a birthday gift for me…how ironic). He told me the final offer was a printer. I ALREADY HAVE ONE…. (thank God it was NOT from DELL). I asked for a carrying case and an express upgrade to vista. He refused. I asked him for another office 2003 student and teacher edition (which I had in the driver of the one they lost), and he refused. I also asked for an upgrade in the replacement computer. He then offered a $100 voucher, which I accepted reluctantly.

I am ANGRY, because of the disregard and negligence on all levels, and because of the ridiculous $25 voucher offer. That was like rubbing salt in my wounds. I am livid and will N E V E R do business with Dell again.

The worse part is my husband wanted an HP and I convinced him to get a dell because I had heard of the excellent customer service.

Darn it, it turns out that I probably should have listened to him !!!!


December 27, 2006 04:50 PM

Dell Hell, some of you are experiencing technical difficulty, here is my story of financial difficulty with Dell.

In 2005 I baught a Dell laptop thru my business. I got it and the monitor died in a matter of days. That was replaced without much issue. Then about 6 months passed, I fell behind on payments and got into collections, MY FAULT, then I paid off the account in full. I then get collections for a Dell account 2X what I had paid off. After hours of calls to MANY people I finally got to the Consumer Verification Dept (Fraud) who, after an hour or so found the account, it had my name but not my business name or my address. No payments had been made and the account was clearly not mine. They deamed it Fraud and closed the account. Great right??? Almost a year later, (last week) I get another collection notice for this account (the one not mine). I call and try to get the Fraud dept and talk with 7 different departments, finally to go to Dell Financial Recover. I talk with them (because I was told I needed to) and the supervisor is an A##, he calls me Kid and tells me that I clearly owe for the account and need to just pay it. I explain the above story to him and he tells me that if that was true he would know. I then ask for his supervisor and he tells me there are none, I then (A MISTAKE) tell him to get a supervisor because he is an A##, He hung up on me. (OK I should not have called him an A##).
So I call back and he refuses to talk to me and the next person refuses to get a Manager, (that is not policy).
So I start over and get to Fraud again, the lady tells me that she sees 2 accounts one is flagged closed for Fraud the other is closed with no balance. I ask her to tell the Recovery department, she can not do that. She tells me she will notify the investigators and have them call or write to me to tell me what she just said. She tells me this will take 2+ weeks. So now I have collection on an account not mine, still, that they have marked fraud but not told the recovery dept. AHHHH!!!

Linda Masterson

December 30, 2006 09:58 PM

Stephen Baker,

I found your article while looking for a way to contact the main Dell headquarters in order to get my issues resolved. After 2 and 1/2 years, it is still not resolved and I have now contacted all the news media I can think of as well as local news, and the Better Business Bureau. Dell has duped me so may times and this time it is the worst ever. Let me share a little with you:

In the past 2 and 1/2 years since I have had my computer I have had nothing but bad luck getting it to work and feel all I have been getting is the run-a-round from Dell Technical Support. I finally had to ask them if I needed to get a lawyer in order to help them make good on their part of the warranty and they finally helped me.

After reviewing my records of calls to them, they finally saw that I had indeed called so many times in order to get it all working and had so many dispatches (replacement for parts) on the original system that they were going to offer me a new system.

Well, it gets worse. After 2 and 1/2 years of getting parts replaced in the original system and it still not working, they sent me a replacement unit. However, before the replacement unit was sent I asked the technician if I would get what I had in my system. He assured me that I would have everything that I had originally ordered or get an upgrade. One thing in particular that I made sure to ask about was my video card. I said I had a TV Tuner card with both video in and video out and wanted to be sure that is what I would get as I do a lot of DVD authoring with family pictures, as that is what I had and had paid for originally. He assured me I would. I got the new system yesterday and it had the wrong video card in it, no place to connect my keyboard and then the unit would not even power on. After 6 hours of being on the phone with several people, there was one call in particular that refused to assist me, I was so angry that I yelled and told him that he would be hearing from my attorney, and then maybe they would assist me in troubleshooting. I asked to speak to a manager and was refused and told that my call had been escalated and that no one would help me at this point and that I had to wait several days to be called back. I had to go out and buy a whole new keyboard as I could no longer use the one that came with the original system. We were finally able to get the new computer to turn on. Only to find out 2 of the USB ports do not work, and I cannot use my (Internal) DVD burner A the new system they sent will now allow it. So now all that I was able to do, I can no longer do any of it! I was also doing DVD movies for Hospice here and can no longer offer them this service as Dell has sent me a useless unit!

They said they are sending me a new video card. However, I still cannot use the computer as I cannot burn my families DVDs or any for church of Hospice any longer as I cannot use the drive I bought for my original system in this new system. They have made it so that nothing else can be added or changed. And they have made it so I cannot do what I bought the computer to do in the first place. Everything that I could do with my original system I can no longer do. I am ready to go to court to get this resolved, but my family cannot afford a lawyer. All I want is to have the original fixed or replace the original unit so that I can do what I bought it to do in the first place.

Want more information or want to contact me directly? I would love to go on: just email me at

Julie Rederth

February 5, 2007 04:19 PM

I was reading all of the horror stories about Dell, I too, am in the same hell hole as most of you. What really burns me, is after a month working with tech support ect on my old tower (it went through 3 motherboards, 2 CPU units in a couple of days) I was finally transferred to a guy named Mark - who was spose to be in the "Main" office. He told me he was going to build me a new tower and replace my old one. It would be brand new with upgrades. Yea right - my DVD drive just works when it wants too - when I called tech support on that, they were telling my warranty was expired, I said that according to thier website, I had until 2009 - that is when I found out my tower was "refurbished" - in other words - someone elses crap! I have been contacting Dell by email and phone constantly for about 2 months now, do you think anyone calls me back? Email responses are "we are sorry you are unsatisifed with our service" and that is it. I am getting so disquisted - paid faithfully for about 3 years, still owe $1200.00 - machine is crap - what do you do? Who Cares? Our daughter and grandkids are in Cairo Egypt and this is basically our only means of communication with them - and I am waiting for it to take a total dump - and it will do that when my extended years warranty runs out - im sure. We all just need some answers and help - I hate these people that only think of their pockets while they put the rest of us in the poor house.

I did email Mike Dell - we will see if he responds - email I have is Everyone should flood him with phone calls and emails, maybe they will start helping. If not - Best Buy here I come.


February 13, 2007 08:54 PM

This is enough to put someone in the "NUTTY HOUSE".
It all started about 4 years ago when I bought an Insperation . The battery was hot and I told them you could cook eggs on it. I said why is it called a laptop when I can;t even put it on my leg, they said "that is why it is called a portable", I said where is that on you'r site, she said "it's logical." Two days later I recieved a blue screen with error codes, called dell and they said they would send out a new "Hard Drive" to me. Week later I put it in and two days later the same thing. Called dell and I told them I want a refund. After about 3 hours of fighting I had to give them $375.00 for usage from my account, what a joke.
they gave me a big discount and good deal to buy a "Dimension 9100 with 5 year warrenty. Worked for about 4 years and started having trouble. After consuming about 8 hours and 2 months (after going through the formatting, getting rid of drivers and reinstalling the system twice they left me with a system that if I didn't know computers it would never have even worket. I said that "I Did not Trust The System", important words to remember. They said they would send out a replacement and lo and behold, a new XPS 400 arrived on my porch. Duo core, 1 gig. of memory etc. I prayed alot during this time but it is not fare to go through so much stuff t get a situation resolved. My XPS is made in Canada and several times I called for customer support I have talked to Canadians twice, and one from New York, Yes you'r hearing me right, I almont fell off the floor and each time the siuation was resolve immediatly. I pray Dell gets their stuff together. the url is the pc that exploded and burned at a conference.

Peter Bernard

February 15, 2007 11:43 AM

My Dell Hell story is brief. I called in to buy an XPS 210. The customer service agent told me I could not get the "Complete Care" plan because I live in Florida. He said, he would "make up" an address so I could still get the plan, and he would later change it to my address. Of course, this never happened. Later, reading my documents, I found out, the Sales rep had slipped in a year's subscription to Cosmeo for $50. I complained and got that taken off. I am now awaiting delivery and hoping for the best.


February 23, 2007 01:47 AM

I agree with those DELL Nay-sayers. The only time you will speak with someone with understandable English is when you purchase one. After that, you're trying to communicate with some low rent rat lover in the slums of Bombay. I really wish I had purchased ANYTHING other than a DELL. I thought IBM sucked until DELL. To piss off the low-rent Indian help, ask them if they are Pakistani. These camel-jockeys will hang up on you, transfer you to every other rat-lover in India and eventually send you to a answering machine located in the twilight zone. And, to those who are buying a DELL, Well, Welcome to DELL HELL! I've just warned you!!!


February 27, 2007 01:42 PM

Hi, everyone! I am spending my day finding places to warn the world about Dell! When I get a new computer, I will smash this one to smithereens and mail it back to Michael Dell. That will feel SO good. But in the meantime, letting the world know how bad Dell is is helping me to feel a little bit better. I am writing on my Inspiron 600m. It may die any second now. It has been doing black screen shut down for two weeks now. They sent a tech to replace the motherboard without doing ANY diagnostics, though that's probably because I told them I'd tripped over the power cord and now it wasn't pulling juice through the cord, even though the green light was on. So fair enough - the power port is part of the motherboard and they have to replace the motherboard. The tech leaves, and we start the black screen shut down tango within a couple of hours. Back on the phone. Send the tech with another motherboard. Again, no diagnostics. Just send another motherboard (at this point, I am thinking, right "mother**board is just about the right name). Guy installs it last night at 6:30. Computer works fine for two hours then I shut it down. This a.m., with a huge critical deadline to meet, it works for 1/2 hour then BLUE screen of death (well, the variety of screw-ups is a nice touch). Won't re-start. Get a tech supervisor on the phone. He has us remove the memory chips and reinstall them. Huh? But OK, it works. Now I'm just holding my breath for the next disaster. Meanwhile, since my laptop has worked for a grand total of 18 months, he can't send me a new laptop. All I can have is a refurbished POS Dell. He escalated it to the escalation team to see if they will give me a new POS Dell. Like I really want one. The saddest part of this story is that I bought this POS after an earlier Dell POS died at the ripe old age of 20 months.

I plan to buy a new computer every two years just because at that point they are getting obsolete and I can get a whole lot more computer at a good price due to advances in speed etc. Plus at the two year mark I expect to start having problems and unlike my car, which I can live without for a few days, if my computer is down, I have no job. Lots of stress, but no job. I telecommute, so it isn't like I can just use someone else's work station.

There's lots of other little Dell horror stories I could share with you, but won't bore you. Suffice to say that when June rolls around, I will be in the market for a Mac (I'm convinced that all PCs are trash to some extent or another, and I fear Vista). I know the transition will be hard, but from what I've see of Mac and my Mac friends, who are all religious about their Macs, it will ultimately be worthwhile.

I am quite sure that Michael Dell doesn't use a Dell computer. No responsible business executive would use such faulty equipment.

Jeanette Gibson

March 2, 2007 12:28 PM

Here is a corporate number for DELL. They are located in Austin, Texas.

peggy schrabeeck

March 3, 2007 04:40 PM

Well....I guess I need to say dido to everyone of these comments. I have just spent the better part of 2 days on the phone with one Dell rep after another!! What a Labyrinth of maddness. Never again will I buy a Dell.


April 10, 2007 02:35 PM

I could not find a corporate email address or anyo ther email address to send my complaint to, besides the customer care and tech support emails of whom Im complaining about. Thanks for providing me with a place to vent here.

Hi there,

I was told to send my Customer Support Complaint to this email by one of your representitives. Please, forward this email to the appropriate authorities.

Why I hate Dell Customer Service with a passion:

1. They gave me the runaround:

24 On call support trouble shot for hours and told me they only deal with software and that my problem was hardware.

Hardware support trouble Shot the issue for a few days and finally told me it was a software problem and to contact 24 hour Customer Support.

On call assured me it was not a software issue and called hardware to tell them personally.

Hardware trouble shot a couple of more times than finally, after I screamed at him that I want a brand new computer replacement, told me I had to call Customer Care for that issue, but they are not open on the weekend.

On Monday I called Customer care and guess what they said?

They cannot replace any systems or parts, only hardware support can do that. I had to scream at the guy to get him to just authorize my system replacement and send it to me as soon as possible. He went through his manager and got that done, but did not verify that it was finalized. He said he would call me on friday to let me know if it was approved. I screamed at him some more and he said he would call me back the next day instead.

Here is his information Mikhail 01136556. Team MAB018

Well, he never called me back and he never submited the request for a replacement. I called back the next day and they told me there was no record of a request.

I had to talk to 3 more reps before I was finally sent a confirmation email with the authorization # and confirmation of the exchange.

2. The representatives are moslty in India and I can't really understand them when they are troubleshooting a complicated issue like this.

3. The support personal would tell me to call them back if the problem persisted and leave a message for them to call me back at the best time available. Or they would tell me they would call the next day to check. Then they would never call me back even if I left a message for them.

4. One Support dude was so demanding and commanded me to open my computer and mess around inside, even though I told him I was uncomfortable doing that. He was actually yelling at me! Here is his info: Harmeet_122187

5. they didn't have the common sense, proffesionalism, moral, decency (whatever you want to call it), to just tell me after the first few days of troubleshooting, that they apologize for the inconvenience and will send me a brand new replacement immediately.

6. I had to scream at them and argue with them for 8 full days just to get a brand new replacement for a defective item! even then I am still nervous that the request was never really made and i will call tomorrow and there will be no record of it. Also, they only agreed to ship the Tower, if any of the cables or monitor turns out to be the problem, then i will be red hot angry and request a full refund.

Shame on you Dell Support, the replacement better arrive quickly.

I understand some items are defective and you did agree to replace it at no extra cost with expedited shipping (granted after 8 days of bad service).

But please, look at it from an economists point of view.

Time is money, time is valuable and you wasted a lot of my time. I will never be reimbursed for the 8 days of phone calls and frustration. Those hours are hours that could have been spent doing homework for college or working at my job. Sending a replacement doesn't even come close to breaking even with me. I feel I deserve more than just a replacement.

Sincerely angry to the absolute degree,


Here are the names of all the bad reps I had to deal with that never called me back or followed up on the unresolved issue:

Team PHL028

Akhil_140546 (Dell Chat)

Major_145025 (Dell Chat)

Harminder_105616 (Dell Chat)

Team MNC001

Team MAB018

I have talked to way more reps than this. These are the only ones that sent me an email with their names. The ones at Dell On Call Support were completely useless.


Dan Carroll

April 15, 2007 08:54 AM

My situation is similar but has more to do with Dell Financial Services. Long story short. Never have received rebate on any Dell purchase. Have 2 laptops purchased 9 months apart. Have minor hardware issues that we just live with.

Dell Financial use their call centers in India to harass people in the US with people who are difficult to understand and are very rude. Ok, maybe they have to deal with a lot of irate Americans. If you are in the collections business you should be expecting to deal with irate, irrational people, at least part of the time.

My issue is that I attempted be polite and I understand that their are cultural issues that make it difficult at times to understand the meaning of each parties words. But when I state that I do not do financial business over the phone with anyone that I do not personally know or have at least personally initiated the contact with then I should not be harassed for being a careful consumer. When I also inform the caller that I do not wish to be contacted by phone but that they should restrict their conatact to the postal system they get very billigerent. Not to mention that all they seem to care about is getting me to use their pay by phone system even after I inform them that the payment was made online and I provide them with a tracking number.

I can not help it that their computer system does not show this information. I know it was paid and have the feedback to prove it. This is how I have made my payments in the past and will not do it oveer the phone. I do not know who I am dealing with when I receive a collections call. Anyway, having the caller drone bring his supervisor in on the call and having him threaten me with being reported to the credit bureau and with a listing of "refusing to pay" in their computer system, especially after I have informed them of having made a payment and providing them with a confirmation code, is nothing more than pure harassment as well as being just rude and unethical.

Well, I will get some satisfaction by spreading my own tale of woe about Dell Hell as well as not recommending their systems anymore. I am a 20 year IT veteran who works as a consultant with many businesses and government institutions and have been recommending Dell for years. But after much research and my own experience my conclusions are that even with a fairly decently engineered system their deceiving sales practices, unforgiveable customer support, and ripoff financial services are just unexcusable. I will be keeping my eye on their financial performance and business practices to see if they end up learning any lessons and they make any beneficial changes. If they don't, I expect eventually that their profits will decline and maybe somebody at Dell will initiate change to turn it around. We will see.

Enough ranting. Someone did post a phone number on March 2, 2007 for corporate Dell. Well that number is for the Dell corporate sales and service, not their corporate headquarters. I have found some information in their Annual Report. These are the only contact numbers and email listed but the numbers do seem to be direct lines to the individuals listed.

Bob Pearson, Dwayne Cox
(512) 728-3256, (512) 728-6236

Lynn A. Tyson, Robert Williams
(512) 723-1130, (512) 728-7570

Also in the annual report is a list of all senior officers and the board of directors. No contact information of course, but with some additional sleuthing it may be possible to discern contact info for some of these individuals. If I discover any of this I will post it. Maybe here or somewhere else where the Dell Hell is discussed. Anybody know of a Dell Hell website?

Dan Carroll
Florida, USA


April 16, 2007 04:48 PM

I guess I'd love to know how to get hold of someone at Dell that speaks fluent English that this point. Not that I'm prejudiced, but it would be nice not to have to repeat myself 4 or 5 times just to get someone to understand what exactly I'm trying to say. We purchased a Dell Inspiron E1705 in October of last year, and the nightmare began. Since we've purchased this laptop (which we did because we were told that they had excellent customer care - what a joke) we've had nothing but trouble. We paid for upgrades and warranties and along with the laptop the total was a whopping 2400.00. I work on my laptop, it's my SOLE source of income. My fiancé is on disability awaiting a kidney transplant, leaving my work as our main source of income. I'm a transcriber, the laptop was purchased as a business investment. First, the laptop arrives and there is no DVD RW in it, just a CD RW/DVD ROM, although a DVD RW was ordered. I called, and let it go because we were not charged for it and I did not want to wait for another laptop to be shipped to me or to have to go through the hassle of returning it and waiting for it to get back to me, I just wanted to work. In January, the sound goes out. I thought, Wow, I'm glad I purchased the extended warranty because I have overnight service, nights and weekends included. So, I call. They spend 3 hours on the phone with me really trying to help me get the problem straight. They can't. I allow them to connect to the computer and control it because they insist they might be able to find some problem that I'm not seeing (even though I went to college for computer science), but even so, I allow them to connect to my computer, and still.... nothing. So they call a tech in my area (not hard to do, I live in San Antonio). My "overnight" service guaranteed, nights and weekends included, turns into days, and then finally a WEEK later, they come to my home to replace the motherboard. Well, I watched, of course. Being that I know the layout of computers, I noticed that the sound card was a Sigmatel on board sound card. Well, I paid for an AUDIO CARD upgrade to a Sound Blaster Audigy sound card. Well, their idea of a sound card upgrade is piggybacking Sound Blaster's SOFTWARE on top of the Sigmatel Audio card (which by the way has compatibility issue and when Windows was updated is what actually caused the sound card to stop working). Finally, after a week and a half of not having a way to work, a very nice, WELL SPOKEN (English) gentleman called me from Dell's escalation team and discovered the problem was a conflict between the Sigmatel Audio and the Sound Blaster software and FINALLY! I had sound and could work! YAY! Well, it came time to get my upgrade to Vista (which I was told that would be included) and amazingly enough, it wasn't included. I would have to pay for the upgrade. *sighs* At this point, I was totally frustrated with the entire Dell experience. They gave me a 'refund/credit' for the audio card upgrade and my 'troubles.' Amazingly enough, it was the exact amount that I would need to purchase the Vista upgrade. Convenient, right? Well, there's still more. On the fifth of the month, our payments were being mailed. Due on the 13th. Being processed around the 15th or 16th, and accruing late fees. So, last month we called and set it up for the to do an ACH withdraw out of our checking. Great! No more late fees! This month rolls around. No withdraw from our checking (the money's there), and ANOTHER late fee. We call, we're transferred, and transferred back and told that it was never set up. Wait, I have a confirmation number, AND an email confirmation. Oh, well what's that number? Well, that was a 'one time' payment, not set up to be monthly. Yes, we argued, it was supposed to be monthly. Well, we can look into that for you. No, I'm sorry, it was only set up to be a one time payment, let me transfer you to someone that can help you straighten this out. Hello, this is our problem (rep number 7). Oh, well we don't handle those problems, you'll have to call this other number (the number that just transferred me over to them). So, one more time. I call back to Dell Financial Services hoping that MAYBE I might get someone that can help me. I ask if they can tell me the name of the person that set up the payment last month from looking up the confirmation number. Sure! Let me get that for you. Could you please hold? Okay, so I'm on hold again. He comes back and says there's no rep name in the file. He doesn't know WHO set it up, but he'll be happy to transfer me to his supervisor. She gets on the phone and tells me that it's impossible to set it up like that, because they don't make those kind of arrangements over the phone, so evidently there was a miscommunication between us and the rep. Well, tell me who would pay $14.50 for a ONE TIME ACH withdraw? I'm so fed up with Dell and their cat and mouse games. No one knows the answer. No one can fix it. We're currently waiting a call back from Dell's "escalation" team. Well, Dell, as much as I love my laptop, which I do, it's turned out to be a great product once the kinds were worked out, there's much improvement needed with your customer relations and people skills. I don't know what to do about these issues. I truly don't. I need to be able to depend on the warranty that we paid good money for. We have worked very hard to have a good credit rating so that when my fiancé goes in for his transplant we can get the loans necessary for me to be able to take time off work to travel WITH him. Dell's not only not coming through with their own promise of the warranty/customer service, they're lowering our credit rating every time they screw up our payment. So come on Dell, step up to the plate and get your act together!

The Judge

April 19, 2007 06:30 PM

well Mike is a pisces so he would ignore all comments and the law yes the law.

charles gill

April 21, 2007 01:25 AM

Sounds just like my experiences with Hewlett Packard.


May 30, 2007 10:40 PM

Came across this blog (which I've now bookmarked for further laughs)after searching the 'net for some info on a Dimension 1100. I was just looking to see if I could get some basic info on the system, as my relatives recently were given one as a gift and were having issues with it.
Now, just so ya know.. I'm in the biz. I'm actually a computer tech for a very large firm. Been doing this 10 years now.
Well, seems I can't find the info I was looking for on Dell's web site. Not surprised, really.
I recently tried to upgrade someone's Inspiron laptop, also an 1100 series. Couldn't seem to get the bios to upgrade. Couldn't find any info on why I kept getting errors on the bios upgrade, even though I downloaded and attempted to install several versions of the correct bios firmware. (different dates.. figured I'd try to start with an earlier version before upgrading to the latest).
Well, suffice to say that nothing worked. Now, I'm not really about to call Dell, as in my experience you don't really get anywhere with their tech support.
In fact, I feel compelled to tell you all about the time I called for the company I was working at on a display issue. Seems the Dell 19" flat panel on one of our systems just died, even though it was less than 6 months old. So of course I called it in to tech support to get it fixed or replaced.
I knew the thing was bad, as the issue replicated itself no matter what pc it was hooked up to.
When I first called the 'magic' number (there's a special Dell line for techs), I spoke to this person with a strong enough accent to realize I was talking with someone in India. After all, it's no secret Mike Dell's largest center of tech support is there, not here.
Well, this guy, who remarkably went by the name of Jet (I think it was), asks me for the serial number of the monitor. So I give it to him.
He proceeds to inform me that my 19" color LCD flat panel monitor is out of warranty because it's over 10 years old!
Right... dude, are you smoking crack over there in New Delhi?
I try to explain to him that the thing is less than 6 months old, that the serial number I'm giving him is correct, and that 19" flat panel monitors were not common 10 years ago, let alone probably available, and he refuses to go any further with the call, advising me there is nothing he can do.
Here I am, a tech, calling in about one of the several HUNDRED monitors/computers we have purchased regularly from Dell, and even I can't get help. Not to mention that this person can't comprehend the absurdity of his statement about the age of the monitor in question.
In the end, I call back, get a tech here in the States who tells me if I just give her an Express Code from an in-warranty pc unit, she'll send me out a replacement monitor.
Wake the f-up!
I will NEVER recommend your company's computers to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, EVER!
While the customer service of your competitors might not be that much better, it is at least ENOUGH to keep me from ever dealing with DELL again.
Listen up America! You heard it from a real LIVE computer technician!

Gary Stern

June 9, 2007 11:22 PM

Turned my laptop (Inspiron 9300) on today and noticed a light blue line that would appear, and then go away for a while. Unfortunately, it always came back. It is now a permanent and distracting fixture on my screen. I thought at first that it was some sort of virus, I've since learned differently. I feel a bit disheartened that the $1,600 I spent has gotten me a defective LCD and that Dell is disinclined to help to remedy the issue. I would of course be willing to pay for this expense if I was the cause but I've taken extraordinarily good care of my machine. I'm a student paying to put myself through college and I would like a little help from Dell in this matter.

Monday, I will call my local senator and see what can be done. $500 might not mean much to Michael Dell but it means a lot to me and family. I will seek justice.

William J Lockard

June 13, 2007 01:28 PM

I need serious help. I bought a Dell Inspiron 5150 back nearly 2 months ago now and have yet to get a working machine. From the very beginning I've had serious issues with it and have been making phone calls and sending emails and am getting absolutely nowhere and so frustrated that I just want to return this computer and buy one from HP. I can't take this aggrivation anymore and have lost around 20 customers and roughly $45,000 in annual business since these problems began. I can't take it anymore and have got to have resolution immediately or I might as well shut my doors for good. If I lose anymore customers I'm out of business.

The details:
William J Lockard

Order Date 4-2-2007
Customer Number - 81764374

Order Number - 598324609 & 598325952
Financed and ordered on a Dell Preferred Account


First Case number - 161196050
Second Case number - 161197106
Third Case number - 162380539
Chat Session Log - 11177307
Fourth Case Number - 164541727

Yet another email sent 5-30-07 - Was told the problem was escalated to the REC in Texas. Adam UID: 141169 Case: 164541727.

Activities with Tech Support:
Uninstalled McAfee
Reinstalled Vista (was not told I'd lose all installed programs btw)
Ran full diagnosis 7 times with both US and UK tech support

I have various other emails and contacts but the meat of the story is below:

Finally escalated to customer support after Tech Support gave up. Ms Vinishaa Parthipan promised to email me to get an address to which she'd be sending the new system. This was Thursday May 31. By noon the next day, I'd still not heard from her. Tried to call customer support and was told I was absolutely not allowed to speak to a customer support manager by some rude switchboard employee. Explained to him how upset I was and how his behavior was making the situation much worse. He replied, "I really don't care. You're not going to speak to a customer service manager. You can speak to Tech support." I explained to him that i'd already spoken to tech support a dozen times and they could no longer help me. Their words. Not mine. And they'd transferred me to customer service. I finally got Tony's supervisor on the phone who said he'd transfer me since I'd already spoken to them once. Then I got disconnected.

Finally contacted by Vinishaa Parthipan Customer Relations UKIRE late on the 1st and asked for an address for a new system to be sent to. I emailed back immediately asking for an estimated delivery date.

I was told that it'd be 10-15 working days before I could get a new system with XP instead of Vista. Informed her that I was losing business daily and really needed it sooner. She committed to 7-8 working days and would confirm a delivery date soon. On the following Monday, she'd still not put the order in and said she'd get to it on Tuesday. As of today (6-13-07) I've not received the PC or even a delivery date. Ms Parthipan has no business in customer service and in my opinion should be fired. She's ignored every email I've sent in days. Has NOT followed through on her promises. Has not delivered what she said she would and I'm convinced she didn't even put through the order like she said. I informed her that I approve the purchase orders for the World's 3rd largest engineering firm computers and up until this point all of them were purchased through Dell. I've now cancelled many of them and directed them to be purchased through HP. She apparently didn't care that her attitude and rudeness is losing business now for Dell like Dell has for me. I've lost over 20 customers for my photography/graphics business because I couldn't deliver on my contracts without a working machine. I can't take this anymore. All I wanted was a working machine. She promised to get me the same laptop with Windows XP instead of Vista. All I asked was to get it in a timely manner. I've done everything I was asked to do and am now being ignored and I don't understand. This was the 2nd machine I'd bought from dell and after this will probably be the last for me and for the corporation I work for.

I will also be posting this to several blogs and to my website along with the companies intranet and a global email throughout the companies 35,000 or so employees if this isn't resolved within the next 48 hours. I've been poorly treated, lied to, jerked around, hung up on and am thoroughly disgusted by this entire experience. I literally cannot take anymore. I was even getting late charges because I'd financed through Dell and hadn't made a payment yet because I didn't have a working machine. Fortunately they were the one group willing to work with me and understand. Please ya'll I need help. I just want this resolved one way or the other and it MUST be resolved immediately or I'm finished. This business was to be my retirement and if I lose the customers I have left...well I'll have no choice but to join the NY State Attorney General because it's all I have left. Don't let them ruin my business and DUDE DON'T GET A DELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


June 13, 2007 06:39 PM

I ordered a video card upgrade from Dell. I was informed that I needed a larger power supply to go with the card and was sold said power supply. It turned out that no power supply was needed.

Had to talk to 4 different technical support people to get a final answer about this. One technical support individual told me that if I didn't upgrade the power supply, my motherboard wwould be fried. But I didn't need to upgrade it right away - just eventually. Another inisisted that both power cords comong off of the video card needed to be plugged into the power supply. One was, in fact, and extra jack for another peripheral, I am not an engineer or an electrician, but even I knew that these gentlemen didn't know their ohm from a hole in the wall.)

I attempted to return the power supply. The first customer service representative put me on hold while he researched how to go about returning the item. While he was gone he arranged for a UPS pickup during the day while I was at work and told me to leave this $60 power supply on my doorstep. I don't live in the best of neighborhoods and refused to do so. (This gentleman had the audacity to tell me "It'll be alright. You live in a rural area..." Of course I don't. Where he gets off making that kind of assumption, I don't now.) Finally he tells me he doesn't now how to cancel the ups pickup.

Then I speak with his manager. She tells me she has cancelled the UPS pickup and sends me a "UPS shipping lable" via email which I am supposed to print out, stick on the box, and return the parcel to a ups pickup station. I print the lable and drive half an hour to the ups pickup station only to be told that the lable is not a valid ups lable. The gentleman at us accepts the package anyway. Upon returning home I find a UPS sticker on my door stating that they had tried to make a pickup. I call Dell and inform them that the lable is not standard and that UPS is still trying to pick up a package at my home while I am at work.

I am assured that a refund is on its way in 8 to 10 business days. The refund will be processed although the power supply has not yet arrived because I had used the Dell shipping lable and Dell is responsible for the part. No refund is issued. I have been calling for almost 2 months now/ 4 managers at the Indian custimer service site have each assured me that "yes yes mistakes were made but I assure you that the refund will now be processed. I promise you that I am taking care of this personally." Not a one of them has taken care of this.

Two days ago Dell called me to ask if I had recieved a replacement part. I did not order the part - they were calling me in reference to someone else's issue. That person once again assured me that THIS time the refund would be processed. He was seeing to it personally. He also assured me that somoene from corporate would call me in 24-48 hours.

No one called. So I called back, spoke with a rep. Same flurry of apologies and THIS time, she assured me, the refund would be processed. The person I spoke with 2 days ago (you know, the one who assured me again that it was taken care of) had failed to fill out all of the paperwork. I don't believe her somehow... I asked to speak with her manager. That manager again assured me that I would hear back from her in 2 days and "woudl it be alright if she sent an email conforming this?" I told her that I have a STACK of that same form-letter email from 6 of her predecesors and still no refund. I am thinking of walpapering the smallest room in the house with them.

These managers have also attempted to offer me credits to my account that I could use to make a purchase in the next 30 days. I find this beyond insulting. As if I would give them my business again - I don't even have the freaking refund for the part I didn't need yet. They will never get my business again.


June 25, 2007 05:44 PM

Hi William and fellow opponents of the odious Dell.

I noticed the name Venetia Partipan
Well aint that a coincidence ...!!

She is the rudest most obnoxious woman I have EVER met in a retail or even business environment.

Dell as a company , are beneath contempt.

They load their machines with all manner of spyware and other crap.
With my unit , the preinstalled 3 yrs worth of Mcafee wouldnt register and eventually expired.
I sent about 15 plus mails to Mcafee and Dell.
Mcafee were plain idiots and I never got to speak to them.

Dell eventually said I could have a new tower
( bearing in mind my new unit had been wide open to viruses for nearly 2 weeks) - prob a lot longer bearing in mind the Mcafee basically just doesnt work.

Parthipan then renaged on this agreement that was made by a tech manager ! And she started speaking to me like she was some Victorian schoolteacher , interrupting me , shouting "I dont care who you speak to " etc etc.

I am making it my personal mission to hit Dell hard and cause them a LOT in lost sales.
I see them going the way of Time and Tiny - Britains now dead big cowboy companies.

I spent 15 or 20 hrs messing round with Dell and deserve a new tower and compensation

Now Im cancelling payment and speaking to a National level PR company to go for my pound of flesh.

Dell , use a brain cell for once , sack Parthipan and her little friends.

I will support any steps you take to have that odious woman sacked from Dell.
Best wishes
PS ive never had a defective computer out of the box , til now .Dell - you are truly odious.

John Smith

July 25, 2007 04:28 PM

Here is a corporate number for DELL. They are located in Austin, Texas.

Here is a corporate number for DELL. They are located in Austin, Texas.

Here is a corporate number for DELL. They are located in Austin, Texas.


July 31, 2007 02:21 PM

I have made over 20 phone calls and have sent numerous emails to Dell in regards to an order that was never shipped to me, however I am still being charged for it. By the way this has been going on since May. After speaking to several managers and never being reconnected with the manager that I've spoken to prior, has left me with the belief that Dell really doesn't care much about their customers and has absolutely no customer care skills. It is ridiculous, frustrating and I am thinking that they are one big scam! Whatever happened to the phrase, "The customer is always right." Anyway, I will not let them get away with this and I am seriously thinking of taking my business to another competitive company as well as contacting my attorney in resolving this issue!!!!

stephen horn

August 7, 2007 12:46 PM

dell owes me 1135.oo dollars. i paid by check.
dell will only pay me back by check.
they only use the usps and they will not send a check to a po box.
i live where the usps will only deliver mail to my po box.
i have sent faxs with permission to send the check to my po box.
the person assighned to my care resolution case will not authorize the mailing my check to a po box.
the check is sitting in round rock texas. i live in colorado.
who can help resolve this.


August 9, 2007 08:30 PM

READ THIS BEFORE DECIDING ON DELL!!! I purchased a new computer from dell in July of 2007. I paid 1952.00 for the computer. I purchased the computer with the credit offered by dell that was advertising NO Interest for 12 months. Soon after I received the computer I realized that I had stepped into nothing but trouble. Within the first 3 weeks my computer had crashed 4 times. I was online over and over again while the Dell techs were trying to fix it. About the 5th time it crashed I thought that I might be better off to return the computer using the 21 day return policy. Little did I know that the 21 days is from the moment you click purchase on the internet. So by the time the computer was built and shipped and arrived at my door and was then plugged in and given time to crash and have dell try to fix it, my 21 days were up having had 10 of them wasted on the building and shipping of the computer before I even had it. Well my trouble didn't end there. I received my first bill for the computer so I try to make the payment. I call 4 days before the due date to pay over the phone. I then find out that to pay my bill over the phone they charge a 13.00 fee. UNBELIEVEABLE!!! So the guy I talked to told me I can pay it on the web site. I then go to the web site to pay it, and it will not let me pay it untill 1 day after the due date because you must allow 5 days for proccessing over the internet. However it does give another option. You can click a button to have it paid now for a fee of 9.95$ Once again, UNBELIEVEABLE. I will be paying off this debt. immediatly so as not to suffer from any more of these rediculous charges. I will never do buisness with DELL again, and I will never recommend DELL to anyone again. Terrible buisness!!!


August 14, 2007 12:59 PM

Here in Bangalore Dell customer care people go to picnic at business hours. Myself from Bangalore got to know that when I called them at business hours. You should thank them that at least you got to talk to them!!!


August 28, 2007 09:57 AM

DON'T BUY A DELL! EVER! Seriously. I thought hey, it can't be that bad, but you have NO idea how awful they are. The "tech support" doesn't know squat.

Their policy that you can return your system within 21 days is crap because you can't return a system without an authorization number. I asked them to authorize my return within the first 5 days and they wouldn't give me an authorization code, saying the computer just needed time to adjust or whatever.

After 21 days they started with "oh, yeah, by the way, the hard drive is defective." They sent me a refurbished replacement and the laptop still doesn't work so now they're telling me the motherboard is defective. DELL IS HELL!!!


August 28, 2007 03:39 PM

Promises, promises, promises. Michael Dell should be embarassed htat this company bearing his name can not deliver what people paid for. Brand new computers never work. No refund. No replacement. But don't miss payment!! They simply wear prople down until they give up. Every employee says, "I understand", but they don't. Nor do they care. Try getting the same employee twice. Even if they leave you their number. No one answers. Leave a message? They ignore that too. Keep impeccable documentation. Not that it will help, but maybe before you die you'll receive some satisfaction from this pitiful company. I doubt it.

E.Taylor Dell Hell Victom

August 28, 2007 10:01 PM

August 28, 2007

Dear B. Raghunath,

After following your instruction to call the Out of Warranty department, I was again told that I could not receive the proper help in which you told me that I would receive. They told me that there were no notes stating that I could receive help from their department with out paying. I was again referred back to Dell's Consumer Hardware Warranty Support. Which is the team that told me the first time that being that this was an ongoing technical issues that it would still be covered and that I needed to call customer care to have them approve it so that they could get into the system to work on my account. I have been dealing with technical issues on this computer since the second or third month of ownership. The technical errors and problems that took place from the very first time that I contacted the technical support department, was never resolved and it has been a reoccurring issue every since. I have spent countless of days and hours working with your departments. I was even told in January for case # 147338212 by Technician Albert 0115882, that when he reviewed the last several months of technical support that I had received for this computer was incorrect. His exact words “What in the world did they have you doing?” The offshore technicians had me doing all kinds of incorrect things on my computer to resolve the issue. He apologized for the inconvenience and trouble that I had experienced. Albert went ahead to try and resolve the problems. At this time I had to buy devices to store all of my files and documents so that they could reformat my hard drive. This process took some time being that I use my computer for Business and personal use. The problem seems to be resolved but once again this system started with the same exact system errors. Albert once again apologized and told me never to call that other technical support number again. He gave me his direct line and also his direct team line to call for further assistance. As I have stated several times with your different departments. I travel globally and my position is very demanding of my time. I do not have time to sit online with Dell support for days and hours at a time to resolve issues on a brand new computer that never worked correctly from the beginning. This computer Dell inspirion E1505(Service Tag: 9DPGT91 Service Code: 20419876117)has been nothing but a headache since the beginning. Along with your incompetent staff of technical support team that I’m sure that you have offshore, to save you money. Has made a mockery of your technical support team and Dell Inc., as a whole.

Since I have spoken to you, I have also spoken to the Dell Home and Home Office customer care with Anna 01148473, Dell's Consumer Hardware Warranty Support with Subhradip 01139123 and second level management with Steven 1-800-822-8965. When I spoke to Anna she told me that she noticed in the notes that you had left information to approve resolution of this problem on my computer, however when speaking with the out of warranty department and also consumer hardware warranty department, they had no clue of this. So I was given the run around again. Anna told me that she would add to the notes and then forward me directly to the technical warranty department to resolve and that I need to request second level upper management.

After speaking yet once again to Dell’s consumer Hardware Warranty Support, I was again apologized to for all of the inconvenience that I have experienced with my computer from the beginning. I was on the phone with Dell from 3:00PM – 7:00PM Eastern. I spoke with Steven (second level upper management) who again reviewed my history and apologized for all of the technical problems that I have had with this computer. He assured me that he would resolve my problem and asked if I would work with a technician. I told him that I was tired of working with technicians, and that I had been working with your technicians from the beginning and the problems have never been fixed. I told him that I was tired of this computer and also with dealing with Dell support and this company. After he asked me four times and assured me that this problem could be fixed and if not that I would have to send my computer in for servicing. I finally agreed to have them trouble shoot the computer once again and I was online with Subhradip. He had me do several diagnostic tests on the computer and also take off the rear cover and move the memory chip around and then perform more test. The system failed with several errors. The same errors that I have had written down since June of 2006. Now your technical team says that my hard drive, memory card and motherboard need to be replaced and that I have to send my computer in for 12-8 days. This is unacceptable. I told Steven(2nd level manager) that I use the computer for both personal and business use. I also told him that these are the exact same errors that I have been experiencing with this computer from the beginning and if this was the case to have all of these things replaced then why wasn’t this done from the beginning when the same errors have been reoccurring since the beginning. I told Steven that I was not upset with him, but that he needed to understand my frustration and all that I have been dealing with. I cannot express my frustration and disappointment with Dell Inc., and the experience that I have went through.

I told Steven that I did not want to deal with this computer any longer and that I was requesting a new computer immediately from Dell. He told me that I would have to wait until the Corporate office called me back in a couple of days to request a new computer. He assured me that he had forwarded my complaints and problems and my request to the top most corporate department to address and resolve my problems and concerns. He stated that I should receive a phone call within 48 hours. I should hear from the corporate office by Monday 8/27/07 or Tuesday 8/28/07.

To top it all off I was suppose to receive a call from the corporate office yesterday or today in the morning and it is now 3:30pm (east) and I have yet to receive a phone call. The work that your technical support team had me perform on my computer (08/25/07) has now left my computer useless. It is now coming up with several additional errors and I am only able to run one application at a time.

As I told Steven I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of dealing with this computer, customer service department and the technical support. I feel that I have been more then patient. All of my friends have told me to request my money back and they still cannot believe that I am still dealing with this same issue. Not to mention that I also had to have the DVD drive replaced. I have over 20 names of contacts that I can give you that are a witness to my experience with Dell. I also have ALL of the emails and notes that I have taken over the course of 1.5 years that I have dealt with this same issue. I thought because of the last company that I was with American Express, Verizon Wireless and my current company Mercedes-Benz USA uses your computers that I should be ok when I purchased a computer from your company. BOY was I terribly wrong. I have voiced my opinion to all of my friends, my email buddies and also all of the companies that I deal with in which my company is now affiliated with and the companies in the past. I plan to continue to send out email blast and to have my friends and co-workers do the same, in regards to my problems and any other problems that they have experienced with Dell Inc., From the response that I have already received I can tell that dealing with Dell Inc., and their Technical Support is nothing but a headache.

I am tired of the apologies and I am tired of the mistreatment that I have received from this company. I am requesting that you send for this computer and deliver me the newest and latest computer and NOT a refurbished computer with the exact specifications as the one that I have. (Minus the defaults and technical problems.)

I am also requesting that I receive a formal letter from your corporate division and some form of acknowledgement for all of the money, time and energy spent in dealing with the issue at hand.

I am also going to forward my complaint to the Michael Dell(CEO), Donald Carty (Vice Chair – CFO) and Steve Schuckenbrook (SVP).

I expect nothing less then a speedy response to this letter and to have my new Dell Laptop within the following week.

Thanking you in advance,

Dell Inc. Case #173067474 Team CSP029 Email #~50367551~# Confirmation
- US_CAG_Ownership_ambm@DELL.COM
Dell Inc. Case #173061874 Team MAB042 Email #~50361145
- My email blast list.

Tammy Steele

September 9, 2007 04:01 PM

To Whom It May Concern:

My home computer dies and I went shopping online at Wal-Mart for a new computer. I have learned that Wal-Mart now carries Dell. I have a Dell Laptop and would like to replace my old desktop with a new one. See (Example 1) screen shot below, this is the computer that I found and wanted to buy. Please place close attention to the Item Description. (Example 2)

The computer I found was a Dell E521, with 320 gig hard drive, 48X CDRW/DVD Combo Drive + 16X DVD+/-RW Drive Dual Drives, & a 13-in-1 digital media card reader. These are the features I liked about the product...

I clicked on Find in Store (Example 3) and at that time found our Eagle River, Alaska store listed the Dell E521 in stock. I went to the Eagle Rive Store after work and purchase the Dell E521 for $848.00, and took it home. See photo of box (Example 4).

I unpacked my computer and got to work setting it up. Shortly after installation was complete I noticed some items listed on the Product Description were missing. The Dell E521 I had purchased only had a 250 Gig hard drive, one CD/DVD player and no digital media card reader. I checked the internet to make sure the computer I wanted was the Dell E521 for $848.00. Then I noticed the outside of the box with the contents listed. How is it that they sell two computers with the same price and item number.

Here is my problem, this is not the computer advertised online, and no where does it say items in the store location will be different. I believe this is a bate and switch operation. I contacted the store and they said it was an online issue, I contact Wal-Mart on line and they say it is a store issue.

My purchase was August 29, 2007, I went online to Customer Service and listed my problem by email, I received a reply someone would get back with my in a couple of days. I have not received a call back from then. I did however get back on the phone and started calling. One week and a day later I heard back from the Wasilla Alaska Wal-Mart, they suggested I purchase the one online and return the one I purchase to the store.

Well, shot down again. I went online to purchase the one advertised and well they don’t ship to Alaska. Do you think I have a big enough consumer complaint? I would think this is false advertising, a bate and switch operation. I wonder if Dell is happy about this. It was not until I added the item to my shopping cart and entered my zip code did a see does not ship to Alaska. Don’t you think they would have listed this on the page where the item was listed. So I don’t waste my time.

At one point the District Manager of Alaska offered my some of my money back if I wanted to keep the computer I brought home. I did tell him my mission is to receive the product advertised. That the computer I brought home it much smaller in comparison to the one Advertised.

Still trying to get the computer I first wanted.

Tammy in Alaska

Example 1

Example 2
Item Description

Always Connected, this Dell Dimesion desktops make it easy to stay in touch whether you're connecting to the Internet or wirelessly networking within your home, or using a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Key Features & Benefits:
• 19 inch SE198WFP Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor
Presents 1440 x 900 WXGA+ resolution in over 16 million colors

• AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+ Processor
Delivers 64-bit processing power for true multitasking plus enhanced virus protection

• 2 GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz- 2DIMMs
Offers high performance for today's demanding applications along with the option of expanding up to 4 GB

• 320GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM)
Provides plenty of storage space for documents, games, music, photos and videos

• 48X CDRW/DVD Combo Drive + 16X DVD+/-RW Drive Dual Drives
Lets you burn and play DVDs and CDs for entertainment and data backup

• Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Helps get rid of the clutter of wires on yur dekstop!

• 10/100Base-T network interface and 56K modem
Connects to the Internet via DSL, cable or dial-up service

• 13-in-1 digital media card reader
Reads virtually all memory card formats so you can enjoy photos, music and other files

• Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition

Makes your total computing experience more efficient and more fun

Example 3

Example 4


September 13, 2007 04:49 PM

Dell Hell hits a New Low—Tech CALLS back multiple times to HARASS ME!

8-30 Bharat , Rep ID 01127405, calls me wrong name, corrected 5 times, after 3rd time correcting request another tech-- refuses to pass call—ignores request 5 times—finally give up and deal with him, finally offers replacement…
9-4 Bharat calls back—no additional information on order assures me will be in by Saturday, states that order is in place and replacement will be here within 15 days promised.
9-8 Bharat calls back—becomes argumentative with myself—give phone 2 husband—he argues with husband and tells him I am lying-- that the computer works correctly—they are just being nice by replacing it, still no information on order and is dismissive of our statements. Still no order in 4 second replacement…
9-12 Replacement order in—doesn’t have all features of original—at least $360 less than the cost of my original (talk about adding insult to injury)—When I request take over time and time again Bharat ignores request—keeps tells me to be silent, threatens me--- and then begins harassment by calling back continually after told not to on at least 3 occasions.

I once was a Die Hard Dell Fan---No longer.

This is not the first rude tech I have dealt with…but the problem with most of the tech’s is that they just don’t listen to what you say the problem is--- and wear you down till you just get frustrated and hang up…usually they don’t even make a case number—

So now, a year and five months later, 13 confirmed case numbers, defective 1st laptop, defective replacement unit, 2 defective AC adapters (one of them probably was ok, it was the motherboard that was defective,) 1 defective Bluetooth, repairs to replacement (replaced with a second defective motherboard) unit don’t repair the unit (Still getting the a/c message and display still won’t resume)… Countless hours on the phone, countless hours restoring computer (their favorite fix—seems that after the first few times they’d figure it isn’t going to help, but, they won’t do anything till you’ve suffered enough backing up everything and then reinstalling it again) And now, a replacement order that doesn’t match the original specs and from a model line I specifically stated I didn’t want I am trying to find any justice. Supposedly got a call from the Executive office—of course, they called while I was at the post office sending my second letter to their corporate offices and she didn’t bother to call my cell number given on the recording….she gives me an invalid extension and I am hopping mad.


September 14, 2007 12:03 PM

Regarding my previous post, I just got through talking to Dell Executive offices and I DID get an appropriate resolution. My fight is over and I now AM SATISIFED with the resolution! BTW,in addition, the Tech WILL be dealt with!


September 17, 2007 08:01 PM

I have had the worst time with dell customer care and will never purchase a dell again. All I have tried to do is order a $14 fan and now it is 3 weeks later and about 6 hours on the phone and there is no solution. I am joining the fight against dell and if we stick togather they WILL loose business. I had a manager at the care center laugh at me and think this whole deal is a joke. I have recorded the names and numbers of the employees and will report this information to anyone who needs it. GO TO HELL DELL!!!!

Jim Horgan

October 4, 2007 02:13 PM

HOUSTON we have a problem -- or is it Round Rock, New Dehli or Venus I've been purchasing Dell computer's from a time when they were named PC's Limited. As a matter of fact, my first order was for two systems (286's I believe) from a saleman named Michael Dell (assume he was in his dorm room or parents garage). Over 20 plus years, I've either purchased personally or caused to be purchased in my employment role, several dozen systems -- ALL for PC's Limited or Dell computers -- this in the same way that all printers for these systems are HP. What I'm saying is that loyalty means a good deal to me and I stay with things that continue to work for me and my colleagues. NO MORE! On principle, I'm through with DELL forevermore!! Let me tell you the tale. In September 2007, I purchased a Dell Inspirion 1720 laptop, pretty fully loaded with almost all the upgrades except the camera. It works well and I'm finally getting accustomed to VISTA and all its neat features. The PROBLEM is Dell's "after market" upselling program, being conducted by personnel from a country where they still lay their dead in the street right beside raw sewage. They haven't got a CLUE! One of those necrocephalics made an almost successful attempt to sell me an upgraded warrenty fo THREE YEARS @ $ 179 dollars -- and it sounded like a pretty good deal to me. However, what she didn't tell me was that as part of the 'deal' she was RESELLING me the 1st year I had already purchased. You know what, $179 for TWO years on top on my ONE year is not a bad deal at all -- as I said, it's the PRINCIPLE OF THE THING that really irks me. She represented (misrepresented) the offer as a THREE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY not mentioning that it was really a TWO YEAR WARRANTY when added to the one I already purchased would make it THREE YEARS. She must have thought I just fell off a turnip truck in her neighborhood or something. Misrepresentation of the 'Brand' affects every product or service that 'Brand' has to offer. No wonder Michael had to come out of retirement to sit in the CEO chair again so the entire enterprise doesn't go down the toilet (or the street if your working in customer service). Does Mike Dell really know the consequences of 'outsourcing' customer service without extreme quality control constraints? Perhaps those people have been trained in a used car lot or a 'junk bond' boiler-room. You know what, I'm an American; I try my best to buy American products, so is it really too much to ask that when I communicate with an American company that at the least, those people reside within our borders (legally or otherwise)? So, goodbye Dell -- it was good while it lasted but now it's over -- WHY? Because your agent lied to me - can't TRUST the 'Brand' anymore period. JS Horgan, Ph.D.

P.S. I'd have rather finished this as I started, through direct communicaton with Michael, however, no one appears to be able to communicate with him these days -- is he still alive??

Jan Kendall

October 6, 2007 03:37 PM

I have purchased over 8k worth of Dell equipment on their "preferred customer" plan. I paid my bill in advance of the due date. With a balance owing of 1200, I paid 1000 on 6/30. The next billing cycle started on 7/5....waiting 38 days, I paid the balance owing of 178.03 on 8/3. Those Bastards moved the deferred finance charges into the "owing" column at 24% interest. There is no person that speaks English or gives a darn whether they have bent you over and screwed you financially. This is the worst Company I have ever dealt with.


October 8, 2007 11:01 AM

I have never known any American company to totally and completely make it impossible to reach them through their corporate office. I cannot find a corporate number to speak to a live person for help with a major complaint. They expose themselves publicly to get your business then they go underground where they can't be found if you have a problem. I AM MAD AS HELL AT DELL!!!!! If anyone can give me a real corporate number to speak to a real AMERICAN to resolve my issue I would greatly appreciate it!

Gerry G

October 13, 2007 02:20 AM

Man o Man
I was just about to buy the new M4300 but after two nights of research and reading this page Dell can go to Hell,
Now I know why they don't sell in stores.
This is unacceptable for An American company and As for Customer Support What a joke

carl joseph

October 15, 2007 08:02 PM

let me share thois about Dell THEY STINK!!!!!!!!!! i BOUGHT A XPS 410 ON 08/30/2007 AND IT HAS TURNED OUT TO BE A NIGHTMARE I tried to return it the first week but needless to say I am still waiting for boxes and a RMA to arrive not going to happen ,,, every thing I got from them has been wronge nothing was right down to the color of my box on Friday 10/12/2007 I was called by dell CRC they expidited my order that was shipped to the wronge address some place in florida this is after they sold me the wronge hard ware three times in a row, you know the storry " I am sorry for the inconvience " well it just isnt that I now got my new drive after waiting for three weeks shipped three times overnight world book pro 2 I also got a email from the nutty people at CRC Dell and Ill let you see it here but the problem is that I have never gotten the coupon at all when I call about it the same over and over " same as above" but this time is diffrent they owe me and I refuse to take 50.00 for my account they should be giveing me a new computer free after all the mess I have left many messages on the phone and replied to the email three times over 3 days but no responce make your wish I guess you decide if I have a complaint I am going to the BBB and to the Attorney General of my state to file a complaint against Dell for not following through with a wrighten agreement .

so enough here is the email I got

***Regarding Dell Order # 869588551***‏
Sent: Fri 10/12/07 6:10 PM
To: cmj1718

Dear Joseph,

This is with reference to an escalation which I had handled for the order # 869588551. I have approved a Concession coupon worth $100 to be e-mailed to you. Please note that this coupon is valid for new U.S. online purchases through the Dell Home & Home Office site only. Your coupon must be redeemed within three months of being issued, and may be combined with other select offers or discounts. The order must be for the full value (or greater) of the coupon. You can combine credit card or Dell Preferred Account payment information with the coupon. This coupon code is valid for one order only.

If you have any concerns or questions please reply to this email or call me and I would be glad to assist you.

Gururaj Gangadharaiah (Mark)
Care Resolution Center
Dell International Services Private Ltd.
Phone # 1-800-624-9897 Ext: 53- 77959

I did have to redact some information didnt want to give some one a way to id theft me
but that never happens LOL

John Shamon

October 18, 2007 01:41 PM

This is the first and last Dell I shall ever buy, this company gives new meaning to the word "SUCKS"
I have never delt with such a scrwed up outfit, full of lies deciet and people who have no idea about how to deal with problem's effectly, If they can't solve the problem they lie or just hang up on you... WOW, Michel Dell get your stupid head out of your ass and wake up! You should not be allowed to sell anything. What a scam your running collecting hundered's of dollers for extended warrenties and giving the public Indian bullshit by the barrel!!! Your business sucks big time... John Shamon


October 19, 2007 01:00 PM

I called Tech support about my new XPS recently. When I first called in about the several problems I was having, the tech started demonstrating Vista to me, which I didn't need. I wanted to discuss some potential LED issues, startup whirring and a very soft high frequency hum (but I never got to ask about this issue), and a heat issue, in hopes of gaining more confidence in the system and resolving whether I was having Vista issues or XPS issues. Instead, I learned several other things:

(1) His father used to own his own business in San Francisco.
(2) His mother used to get upset that he didn't listen. (But I don't remember why this was brought up.)
(3) A story about how ecologists restored a quarry to its natural state. (Because I'm an ecologist.)
(4) How a woman put a laptop on her bed and blocked the heating vents and burned her leg. (I'm not clear on what this had to do with me because I never said this was what I was doing AT ALL. I told him that I use a laptop tray, but he provided his expertise...he said "They are called cooling pads that have fans." ...which really had nothing to do with my point).

I'm about to return my (SECOND) laptop!


In the end, while its nice to have friendly rep, I didn't have that much time to spare. Luckily I hadn't been on hold for very long!


I was really excited about this purchase, but was disappointed that I didn't love the XPS because if the noises and the heat and some of the Vista issues. I was really hoping that this phone call would convince me that spending $2000 was worthwhile. But I am ready to return the system and just get something cheaper.



November 11, 2007 01:35 AM

i have went threw dell hell for years now i got a dell perfered card i owe more now than i bought the pc if you want my openion never do business with dell or dell credit dept , i never make that mysteak again . grady


November 14, 2007 03:22 PM

Well like so many others I am beaten down by Dell from hell. I purchased and XPS M1710 Notebook from Dell in March 2007 as a gift for my son who was on his way to Europe. After he arrived there and got his laptop up and working he discovered he had not received the unit he ordered. The unit he ordered was to have a T7600 processor and the one he received had a T7200 processor plus the built in video cam was missing. He emailed Dell for three months and they finally agreed to send him an upgraded unit. The upgraded unit with a T7600 processor was sent in July. Of course they would not send the unit to Europe so I shipped it absorbing the cost. It was held in Customs for nearly two months because there was not an invoice on a replacement unit. After that was resolved the unit was delivered and found to be defective. Dell says ship it back and we will send another. It cost $258.00 to ship it back from Europe and now Dell refuses to send another repaired or replaced upgraded T7600 unit. I have been on the telephone for days, have talked with too many customer care (?) people to list, and have even had escalation department people yell and hang up on me. Dell's latest solution is to have me purchase the processor and have me son install it. Guess what happens to my warranty if my son does any work on the computer. That's right invalid! Dell keeps stating that a mistake was made in July when the upgraded unit was sent and that they can only replace the T7200 processor unit originally ordered. They are the worse company to deal with but I now have a telephone number for corporate offices and will try that route. I don't feel very optimistic, especially after reading all the comments submitted.


November 29, 2007 01:21 AM

The computers are all 100% electronically checked by a little chinese boy making $0.88 per hour who drinks contaminated water and unknowingly has lead poisoning. There is nothing wrong with them.

You wanted it cheap??? You got it cheap!

You customers complain too much!

You know what is going on, but you pretend to be naive and expect your computer to be perfect and just like to complain.

George Hickcox

December 11, 2007 01:57 PM

Well one of you must know a Attorney out their that knows how to go about doing a class action suite! if we as consumers, continue to take this kind of treatment ,were sending a message to dell -just keep up your shit well keep taking it - we need to send a message to dell, and all like them that we have had it with this kind of treatment, and some one is going to do something about it!!! So if any of you lawyers out their got any guts at all? how about helping us stop this kind of business pratice!!!


December 13, 2007 02:58 PM

How do you even get in contact with Dell Executive office-the number listed just goes into a call center and of course that can be any where in the world. Does someone have a direct number to the office?


December 17, 2007 10:43 AM

I think that Dell issued a high Business Credit Limit to lure my business into being married to Dell since supplies for Dell Business Machines have to be bought through Dell, and then after having the account open for over three months, and buying $2500 in additional machines and supplies, decided to decline the original credit request which originally issued my business a $10,000 creidt line.

If this isn't luring, I don't know what is... I don't think it's right and I am looking for case-law to support a legal complaint for their poor business practices.


December 17, 2007 09:55 PM

I'm Another "Dell Hell" Victim! I was Christmas shopping online on Black Friday for a gift for my Husband & being a long time customer of Dell of numerous high ticket items I was searching their site for the perfect gift 4 my Husband (TV) & came upon an ad for a Sony Bravia KDL 46inch LCD HD-TV...the page I found this on did not have an advertised price so I clicked on the "ON SALE NOW, click to see YOUR Price" which popped up "Your lowest price" $699.00. Instead of ordering online I decided to speak to a sales rep so I could confirm that this is a new product as opposed to refurbished & that the price on the ad is exactly matching the product without any hidden fees, besides shipping. I spoke to a sales rep named "Princess" I asked 4 her extension in case I had any further questions, which she gave me & after both of us making a verbal contract repeating exactly the item I was purchasing/price/addt. shipping cost/delivery time & my authorization to charge my Dell Preferred Account. Everything seemed fine until 2 weeks later when I was delivered a 26in TV...which I refused delivery stating wrong size & immediately attempted to contact the sales rep whom I made the contract with @ her "personal extension" but after speaking to Dozens of svcs reps from every continent its obvious another lie is being able to call your rep back if I have any further questions, they offered to credit my account & sell me the correct size TV with a 10% discount!!!! I demanded the TV for the advertised price immediately for delivery before Xmas & to honor the verbal contract made on Black Friday...which they refused although stating it was totally their fault due to a product ID error....I DON’T READ PRODUCT IDs!!!! I have spoken to Dozens of tiny cust svcs reps from all countries, wasted many hours of my cell phone minutes, missed an entire evening of work due to stress (I'm 8mo pregnant), I have all the paperwork (incld the fake ad which enticed me to make a purchase) and even recorded a couple stressful conversations with svcs reps Admitting Dell’s Fault!!!! I am a long standing customer of Dell with Many high ticket purchases, I make above the min monthly pmnt and this is the treatment I get....A SCAM!


December 20, 2007 01:09 AM

DELL has the worst customer service all because of outsourcing these people from east asia they dont understant nothing & now they hung up the phone on custmers & infact if you buy something from them they wil give you the run around so i suggest to boycott dell , & one other thing you cant even talk to custmer rep. in USA ol east asia so go understand there accent which you will never do & now they are so powerfull they even yell at you & hung up the phone on you

John Robert Cook

December 22, 2007 01:14 PM

I sent my defective Dell printer in (still under waranty) using the dell return label. Martin Bird signed for it. I never got it back. Since then I have mailed letters to both CORRUPT US SENATORS of Texas, The Governor of Texas, and baiting disaster I mailed a DEATH THREAT to Martin Bird personally-NO REPLY AT ALL. In short, until someone put a bullet in Michael Dells brain will any of this fraud come to light. Texas is bought and sold by Michael Dell. He is the 'Defacto' Governor and both US Senators. My name is John Cook and I stand by what I say.

Tim, Florida

January 25, 2008 03:27 PM

Our hell takes Dell to a new level of customer no service. October 31, 2007 was indeed a haunting night. We ordered ONE, I stress one, computer. We were very excited to get it, as we had been without a computer for 2 months. When the computer didn't arrive on time (we paid extra to have it sent next day) my wife called the company. They apologized and gave us a $50 credit for the inconvenience. Then, the bomb dropped. Customer Service mentioned they would check our other order to be sure it was being sent correctly. My wife's reply was "what other order". Now, is where it gets really ugly. Well, to our surprise, Clifford (and you know that's not really his name) ordered us 3. He must have needed to hit his bonus. We were charged for 2, the third charge was not approved by our credit card. Now, because of this inconvenience customer service said they would give us another $50 credit. How gracious. They would stop shipment on the 2nd computer and all would be right with the world. As you might guess, that is not what happened at all. The next customer care person called and said it was not possible to stop the shipment. We would have to receive both computers and they would send labels to have them returned. They would credit our card 15-25 days after they received the computers back. Okay, that doesn't work for me. First of all, they illegally used our card for the 2nd purchase. This is also my corporate card. I only have permission to charge $700 personally. We decided to contact the credit card company and file a dispute against the charges. The problem now is Dell won't come get the computers. Oh, I should add neither computer was built as ordered. They wanted to build us a new one and ship it out. Charging our card again. I don't think so. The credit card company told us not to worry about it, just to make sure the computers are returned. Two days later, after my wife spending 40 hours on the phone, UPS shows up to pick up our computers. Customer care promised they would have them shipped next day in order to expedite a credit quicker. Well, that wasn't the case. Apparently, they can't ship anything back overnight. Funny, it's just a box you check. Anyway, the monitor and computers went to different locations. They were received by Dell 3 days later. We got e-mails stating our refund would be processed and show up on our next bill. Which it was. Amazing. Okay, so we think everything is done, handled, closed. WRONG! We got our next months bill showing Dell RECHARGED our card for both computers. We don't have the computers. We received the credit. What is the problem? I should mention, we did receive credit for one monitor. We called the credit card company, but apparently you only have 45 days to finalize a dispute and that time is up. Now, we get to deal with Dell. My wife has talked to Dell again today. The latest is we have to send them copies of all our credit card statements showing the charges, credits, charges. She was told they don't show a "recharge" being processed. We live on a single income raising children, like many. We don't have an extra $1500 laying around to throw to Dell Corporation. I will be writing a letter to Corporate office. Knowing full well it won't get read. I will forward a copy to the media. Still I don't believe anything will come of it. I'm so tired of dealing with this. I'm tired of having to talk to India. When you talk to India they tell you they are sorry, but they really don't care. I don't think they even understand how serious this can be, at least in our situation. I have been talked to at work about misusing my card. They know what's going on, but it still is not a good situation to be in at work. There is our nightmare! It's time for me to get back to Dell hell. Pass the word - STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!

husband laidoff

January 30, 2008 10:43 PM

My husband got laid off this morning. For the last 2 months, Dell has been telling every single freaking worker that their job is "safe and not going anywhere" , they gave us their word! They said that opening at Wal-Mart and Best Buy would HELP not HURT the employees!!! They gave us NO notice or even hints about our jobs being taken away. This morning at 7 am, they got 600+ employees on the call and after waiting 45 minutes, got on and said: "As of today, all Kiosks are closed and you're terminated effect tomorrow morning. You will not have insurance after tomorrow. Thank you for your support and hard work. Have a good day." THAT IS ALL!!!! A 5 minute talk to FIRE the Dell people. WE HAVE FAMILIES, WE HAVE BILLS!!! What are people supposed to do when the economy is already messed up and you fire us with no warning! Dell just fired over 600 PEOPLE!!!! Do not support the scum! They should have respected their employees enough to at least give notice!! I am SHOCKED at their utter disregard for the employees who have worked so hard for them!!

Screw Dell

February 1, 2008 12:08 AM

To add to the comment above, dell also fired 300-400 people from the dell oklahoma site. From what I've checked out it sounds like they are sending all the sales jobs over to Manila in the Philippines, my guess is that they will be paying them less than half what they are paying us.

We have to get congressmen involved in this before the middle class disappears.

Outsourcing is becoming a huge problem.


February 13, 2008 03:46 PM

Dell ran a promotion on its Inspiron and XPS computers in December. The promotion promised rebates up tp $200 if the value of the computer exceeded $1500. Problem is Dell is not delivering on its rebate offer and you can't get an explanation from Dell Customer Care why there's no rebate as promised. Anyone else having this problem????????


February 20, 2008 03:52 PM

Customer Service is NON-EXISTENT at Dell..just try and call their main's not even one of the options on their menu. Their overseas tech help are often ill trained for anything but the easiest, most common problems. Never again will I buy another Dell product.


March 2, 2008 10:29 AM

I received an offer in the mail about 2 weeks after I purchased my Inspiron laptop from someone at Dell named Megan Moeller that if I buy an extended warranty by January 16,2008 I would receive 75 Dell Dollars. The info for the dollars was supposed to be e-mailed to me within 4-6 weeks. I'm still waiting! I've called every phone number they have given me. All I get is voice mail! I think it's time for a national class action lawsuit against Dell.


March 4, 2008 01:22 PM

I want to return this Dell Inspiron 1720 Laptop.

Yes I know I ordered on Jan 23, 2008 and yes, I know the 21 days are up.

The OS is dead.

Their technical support is horrible. It is impossible to go up the food chain to find an American or even talk to a real customer support human.

By going on line and searching the internet from work I was able to determine that even if I tried to use ”Set back to Dell Factory setting” I would not be able to recover. The only recovery is to do a complete reinstall of the software. Including the BIOS. THIS IS SOMETHING I DO NOT WANT TO DO!

DOA, can’t be repaired. I DON’T WANT THIS LAPTOP, it's not even 2 months old. I don’t have the time or patience for this. I want my money back and money back to buy replacement software that I had already installed.


March 12, 2008 12:28 PM

Geeez ... all I wanted was some ink cartridges for my Dell AIO 962. The trouble I've been through with Dell's customer service reps is crazy. I can't believe Dell allows this horrible service to continue. I had a lot of trouble ordering my system -- I never thought ordering ink could be worse than that. Never again will we be ordering a Dell product.


March 27, 2008 05:21 PM

PLEASE help!!!!! Its Aweful what Dell is doing to people! I have "the same story" in common with most all of the stories above! DOES ANYONE KNOW THE CORPORATE NUMBER YET??????


March 28, 2008 11:37 AM

I purchased a Dell system for my business in early January, the system was defective out of the box. Dell tech support opted to replace it rather than repait it, the second sytem arrived defective as well. Both system were sent back and I was notified I would receive credit in 7-14 days. It's been a couple of months now, several times a day I speak with someone from collections about my account status since I can't seem to get a credit...Every time they call I supply them with the tracking numbers, case numbers, return authorization numbers, even the credit confirmation number that was sent to me - they alway say the same thing "I see you have returned all of the computers, is that correct?, great. So, how would you like to pay your account today?" I have filed a complaint with the BBB, I'm number 12,487 in the last 3 years! I also filed a complaint with the state attorney general and have recently hired a lawyer to pursue legal action against Dell.


April 3, 2008 10:38 AM

I too can relate to all of these stories. Dell has put me through hell since September, 2007, I purchased an Inspirion notebook, a wireless router, wireless mouse, and a wireless printer, and have had had problems with them all. Even the Dell Data software I purchased is awful. After spending countless hours on the phone with their representatives whom I can barely understand, they replaced both the printer and hardrive; refurbished might I add. I’m still having trouble and when I ask for corporate phone number, "no one has that information" says Dell. After spending two hour this morning w/Dell, I was hung up on by the rep. to never have him call back. When I called them back they had no way to tell who I was speaking to, because I had no case ID#. Well, after requesting corporate number again, I was transferred to a customer service manager who reiterated what the rep. said "there is no number for corporate" and then he hung up on me. Dell is a rip off; I feel that I've been robbed of both my time and most of all my money. And for them to be so disrespectful, as if I have committed the crime is heinous. I too have contacted the BBB, only to find out that I had just lined up with many other victims of Dell. What I'm writing here is just a small fraction of my ongoing nightmare with Dell, but I am outraged, and I can literally feel my blood pressure rising, I'm so pissed! I just pray that something will be done about Dell, because they are ripping consumers off big time.


April 4, 2008 10:49 AM

I am a teacher and a Grad student and I needed an updated computer. My wife and I liked Dell's finance option and so I called on February 20, 2008, and proceeded to order what basically amounted to just under $3000 in computer and printer supplies. I was told that I was approved but would need to speak to their financial services, who then told me I needed to speak to their Verification Department. When transferred to them, we were then told we would be getting a letter in the mail so that we could finish our verification process. When we questioned what other info they would need, they refused to say, saying only that we would get the letter, and we should follow the directions in the letter to verify ourselves in order to get the computer. They said it would take 7-10 business days.

2 weeks later, after no letter, and discovering that our order had been canceled, we tried again. We got a new sales rep, who told us we would have to order all over again. When we ordered the same EXACT components, the order now came out to over $3000, but that shouldn't be a problem since, according to the rep, we were still approved for over $4000. Once again, the order went through, and once again we were told we would need to verify information. This time I asked for the Verification Department. When I couldn't get a straight answer I asked for a Supervisor. The sales rep blatantly refused and hung up.
I called back and spoke to another rep, who apologized for the first rep who hung up on us, and then again told us that he couldn't give us any information, but that we would get a letter. At this point, I'm pretty angry, but he assures me that we are not being led by the nose or lied to, there really is a letter, and we would get one. No answers on what happened to the first letter.
Now it's April 2, 2008, and still no letters, and now the second order has been canceled. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor, and was told that the Dell Dept, the Financial Dept, and the Verification Dept are all separate areas, and one has no idea what the other is doing. In addition, we are now being told a THIRD time that we will receive a letter, with no answers on what happened to the first two, where they were mailed, why we need the letter, and if this is just Dell's cowardly way of declining us.


April 11, 2008 04:21 PM

First, someone in Round Rock, Texas (a suburb of Austin) or anyone whose close enough ought to drive to the Corporate Office and get the phone number. Then all of us can begin to let our frustrations be known.

Second, all of us should begin complaining to the U.S. Attorney General's Office, our respective State's Attorney General, to the FCC for those who've ordered online and our Public Utilities Boards (those ordering by phone) and submit complaints.

That's how you make something happen!!!

Bye. Off to make my formal complaints.



April 16, 2008 06:34 PM

How bad does it have to get before a company actually tries to make improvements. I won't even go into the details of my painful story but I will say that a customer service rep told me that I was a waste of time, that he had more important people to talk to and hung up on me. My husband and I both work for very large companies and I can promise you that if my situation does not get resolved, I will try to make sure that Dell has B to B relationship problems, not just consumer.

Tried to contact the exec offices and ultimately got re-routed to standard customer service. If anyone has any better phone information then what was previously posted, would love to get it.

My sympathies to everyone!


April 29, 2008 05:11 PM

I spoke with the admin assistant of the aforementioned Bob Pearson today and she was great. She listened to my entire 3 month saga and offered to forward on my issues to their executive account services group. All this hassle and I am TRYING TO BUY A $2000 TV. Ridiculous.

Allied Computer Services

May 1, 2008 03:15 PM

Unless you go into a local Wal-Mart or Staples and buy a prepackaged Dell PC you're most likely going to need to be prepared to accept whatever dealing you have buying online. I purchase about $10k - $15k of Dell stuff a year but after my last dealing may need to rethink who I spend my money with. I had a residential customer wanting to replace a PC but not wanting to spend a whole lot and who also wanted to stick with XP. That didn't leave many choices so I went on the Dell outlet and bought one with a 15% off coupon that Dell had emailed me. I completed the sale with my CC and assumed it was on it's way. After a couple days and still no acknowledgement email from Dell I called and spoke with a girl who looked up the system ID I printed out and told me someone else's name was associated with the order. She could't give me a reason why that had happened. Not a big deal since there were several other PCs at the same price point. Only problem was that the coupon had now expired and I had already given my customer a price based on what I was being charged for it. Well, you would have thought I was asking customer service to give me the next 6 lotto numbers when I asked them to reorder a similar one and apply my discount. I could tell by their voices that they had that deer in the headlights look as one by one all 7 people I was transferred to over the next hour all told me I had the wrong dept even though I was forwared back to them. The whole savings amounted to about $50 but now it was the principal of the whole thing. Your online ordering system obviously had a glitch in it yet no one, and I mean no one at Dell could or would lift a finger to make it right. I received the same pre-scripted emails from Gagan and his buddy Tanu (obviously from a small town outside of Austin) telling me how much they were sorry for what happened and how Dell wants everyone to have a positive experience and this is not indicative of Dell's world class service. I think he meant Third World Classless Service and blah, blah, blah. But not once was there a reference to making things right...just "we'll forward this to the dept that handles FB so they use this to improve service". Hello???? I think that dept is circular and resides under his desk. Anyway, I am sure Michael Dell is probably wondering why he is and will continue to post quarterly losses?? I hope the money you saved by paying people in a 3rd world country to handle your customer service was worth it. I also hope the $50 you saved by bot handling this properly will offset the $10k you don't get from me this year.


May 12, 2008 08:51 PM

I just got off the phone with Kevin, who is supposed to be a manager, lol.


May 14, 2008 04:01 PM

I purchased a Dell Inspiron in May 2007, in December 2007 the power cord had to be replaced, in April 2008 we powered on the Laptop and watched a line go through the screen looked like it was cracking, I called Dell Customer service and explaine to the rep in India he said he would run a test from India I watched him do the test he came back on the phone and told me that I had physically damaged the LCD screen, I told that was impossible, I told him I watched the Line go through the screen he then hit me with the bomb shell, the warranty does not cover the LCD screen but the Laptop has Warranty (ok now I am really confused)
I have talked to countless Indians, even got through to Mexico with no help, I finally found a number in Austin Texas and was told I would be hearing from them tomorrow, i will let you know the results.

Annie Cholakian

May 30, 2008 04:13 PM

I am so glad to hear that it isn't only me who has had all of this trouble with Dell! My Dimension C521 keeps freezing about every 40 minutes or so, and I have to shut it down and re-start it from the power source. I have spoken to people in India four or five times to no avail! One of them last Sunday, May 18th 2008 kept me on the phone for over an hour and promised to send a tecnician. She said she would send me an E-mail when we had finished our conversation.
No E-mail. No technician! She also apparantly left no record of our conversation. I called back again and asked for a supervisor who "ESCALATED" it. I was supposed to get a call back within 24 hours. That hasn't happened.
Just as everyone says, there is no address or phone number to complain to here in the United States.
I too am going to switch to a MAC!
What a wste of money and time!
Annie Cholakian
Los Angeles, California


June 1, 2008 07:51 PM

I too have been made to feel like a fool by Dell.

I purchased a Dell Model 5160 a little over 3 years ago to the tune of $1100.00 . Since this was my first home PC I thought alot of the problems I was having were my fault. About 2 months ago my power cord went out. I called Dell and ordered a new one and they talked me into also purchasing more RAM for my computer. Within days after the power cord arrived the computer started to act "weird".. I took it to an authorized Dell repair shop and was told it was the mother board. I was also told by this repair place that my particular model was part of a class action suit against Dell. It seems this model along with other models have had the power cords and the mother boards go out prematurely. I called Dell to see if they would do anything to help me and after two hours on the phone and speaking to 9 different people I was told that unless I was willing to pay there was nothing they could do for me. Now in three years I have spent $1100.00 on a computer, $99.00 on a new power cord, $46.00 to increase the RAMS and $80.00 to have a company tell me it's too expensive to replace the mother board and not worth it.

If there anyone out there that can tell me how I go about participating in this class action lawsuit?

I to urge everyone I can NOT to buy a Dell. It is the computer from hell but also the worst customer service of any company I have ever had to deal with.

Shahid Saleem

June 6, 2008 03:45 PM

You are not a fool. Dell is making a fool of their customers. We all are fools.
We buy a Dell product and people in India and the Philliphines get jobs. They dont even care who Dell is.
I will give you two examples. I ordered a TV online and the next day I got a call from Dell in India saying that TV is out of stock and to get the other one, which was $200 more. I agreed thinking if the $200 more it might be better. I got my TV after 2 weeks, after been promised 2 days and when I saw the Credit card statement, I was charged for THREE TVs. They had charged me for TWO TVs on the Credit Card I used for the purchase and charged another one for my cards which I used more than 1 -year back. It took me 7 weeks to get the money back for the TWO TVs that I hadnt even ordered. WOW, speed of Dell.
Secondly, I brought a laptop resently and have a problem with it. When I call Tech Support they ask me to call Customer Care. I call them and they tell me to call Tech Support. Most of the times they just hang up. I ask for a manager, I am told one is not available. Its been going on for 3 weeks. I have decided to pack the system and send it MR DELL as a gift.
I can go on and on, but its not woarth wasting MY time.


June 8, 2008 09:29 PM

I have been reading the stories about the NY lawsuit and I am going wo ask out AG in Mass to file an "unfair and deceptive practice suit" in our state as well....others should do the same.

I called Dell yesterday because I was having problems with my keyboard and mouse was slow and jumpy when I tried to navigate.

I called Dell because I had purchased "Dell On Call ...Here to Help" after my latop's warranty had expired. When I called with my problem, they tried to tell me it was "hardware problem" and what I had purchased for "fit it" was only for software problems.

Needless to say, I was bounced from one department to the next and I was lead to believe that I was getting a management person on the phone....only to find out that it was a another foreign voice which I continued to have trouble understanding.

I have since fixed my computer "on my own" I went into "keyboard fuctions" and tweaked something that made it right....but a system problem and certainly not a hardware problem as they had claimed.

WATCHOUT consumers----this is their new tactic, they will bag you when you purchase "incident repairs" and try to send you to "hardware repair" for a fee their too of course.

I will post here about the response I get from Massachusett's Attorney General. If New York had this many problems and won, I can't imagine that we are alone to your state AG, Consumer Affairs etc.

JM from Mass

Rebekah Saccoccio

June 11, 2008 03:29 PM

I purchased a 3,000 dell laptop in aug of 2007. Customer service says there is nothing they can do but a dell salesman sold me 100% protection and now dell won't honor it. I purchase an XPS for 3K and the complete care for 3yrs - he said I was 100% covered - I said what if it is stolen - he said, no, you need lojack for that. So I purchased a 4 year lojack plan. Lojack states absolute guarantee on dell website and my invoice. So my laptop is unfortunately stolen (5 weeks before graduation!) and dell and lojack are singing a different tune. Neither will replace my system which is less than a year old and lojack can't find it. They said no we have 90% return - not what I was told or what is advertised! Why did I spend so much on protection to only get a fat goose egg in return?? I even agreed to put 1,000 toward a replacement and still got a no. That is more than I can afford. I am a single parent of three children who struggle to get through college while working full time. I spent 3,000 - had to return it once for defective hard drive and was sold 100% guaranteed protection only to find out it is a lie. I know there has got to be someone there who understands that you have to honor your promises and keep your customers happy. I have purchases 3 laptops, a desktop and two printers in the last five years alone. Please contact me about this if anyone has suggestions about getting recourse or compensation Thank You.

Carol Vrtis

June 17, 2008 06:22 PM

I am through with Dell! I should have learned my lesson last year with a nightmare order that took no less than 40 hours of my time on the phone trying to get resolution. But I tried it again... I placed an order that shows it has shipped 5/30 for delivery 6/4 - 6/6; it is now 6/17 and I have nothing. I have called at least 10 times over the last 5 days to try to get tracking information or help from Dell.. everyone is very sorry; but they can't help me. As far as they are concerned they are done, they shipped it.. even though they cannot tell me how it was shipped or provide any tracking information! ARGH!

Matt Woller

June 18, 2008 11:23 PM

This is a post I made on Dell's Community Forum.. hopefully you can spread the word, or tell me where I could. Or maybe you're bored and can read it anyway! [...]

I'm an advanced computer user, having built and serviced my own for going on ten years now. My family situation went downhill in 06, so I was on the move a lot, and found that I had to scrap my recently assembled $1000 gaming rig. A month later a friend had an Inspiron 6000 (basic system, 256MB RAM, 1.6 Celeron, DVD-ROM, 40GB HD, etc) that he sold me for $300. I loved the system, it had great battery life, has proven super durable, and not once have I had an issue with it.

As time went on, however, the tiny 15.4" Lappy-That-Could began to show it's age, and so I did some research, using the system's service tag number through Dell's website to see what would go in it. I even went a step further to confirm with not one, but two Dell sales employees over the phone that said parts would be compatible, not wanting to screw it up and buy the wrong stuff. After hearing their feedback on what would and would not work, I ordered the following:

1.73Ghz Pentium M
160GB 7200RPM 16MB Cache Western Digital SATA hard drive
A new keyboard to replace the old, fading keyboard
And an ATI x300 128MB Video Card

This all cost me around $400, with the videocard and keyboard being purchased from Dell, and the other parts being purchased from a lovely vendor I've been going to for years, NewEgg. Mind you, this was all after confirming that a) my hard drive was SATA and a SATA drive could replace it and b) the motherboard in my particular laptop did indeed have a PCI-E expansion slot, interally, for this videocard to fit. Again, this is confirming through my service tag number on the website, along with two employees over the phone, before ordering.

So I get the $400 in parts and they all install well and good. It's a huge improvement for the laptop. Then, the videocard arrives a few days later. To my chagrin, this part does not work. There is no PCI-Express slot on the laptop. After calling Dell, the same day I got the part, I was told that I was not able to return the part, because through the several weeks in ordering it, I had changed the type of checking account I had through my bank, and was thus issued a different check card. I figured alright, they can just mail me a check, right? It might be a few weeks longer in arriving, but they can at least do that. Wrong. Dell Corporation, a company who in 2007 had over $57 Billion in operating revenue, did not have the capability to mail me a check.

This was alright, surely they could at least give a gift card, store credit, something, right? Nope. Not that either. To make matters worse, I later found out that their main consumer call center was outsourced entirely to India for the first however many escalations of a call. This made things worse, as the dialect did not work out entirely for communication purposes. I don't mind people from India, but come on, when I ask for a superviser four times to get stuff figured out, and I still get call-backs from India, that's a tad ridiculous. I ended up escalating the issue to... eight or nine people, including I want to say three or four call-backs. This was over the course of probably a month and a half, as they did not call back "within 24 hours" like stated, sometimes taking a week and a half or more to call me.

The problem with this is two-fold: it takes forever to accomplish anything (and probably costs Dell a ton in the process), and also becomes so frustrating. I've been calling in on and off for the better part of ten monthes (going on eleven) now. I ordered my parts from Dell in August of last year.

So I call in today, get a supervisor, and am told that Dell doesn't accept returns on items over 21 days old. Excuse me? I called in the day I received the part and was told I couldn't do it, and this guy has the audacity to tell me I'm SOL? On a $150 videocard? To make matters worse, he then tells me that he's the end of the line, and that I am not going to be allowed to speak to anybody higher up in the company regarding the issue. He also mentioned flagging my account (?) so that nobody else in the company will talk to me about it at all. What kind of customer service is that? That's aweful.

Now not only am I stuck with a $150 videocard that I can't use, but $250 in other parts I would never have purchased if I had known about it, as gaming is something done often on the laptop, not to mention the graphics card's assistance in other day-to-day activities. So that's $400 more I'd have in my pocket, to spend on a new laptop, had Dell not messed things up with my service tag number in the first place.

What's funny is I asked when I called today if I could get store credit or a gift card or something instead of cash, because I was actually planning to purchase a Dell Vostro laptop in about a month, because I do traveling sales and marketing, and this Inspiron is now 3 1/2 years old.

I have no idea what to do. I can't get a supervisor to escalate a call for me, to try and hope to get an American, I can't get a corporate office phone number, and I'm just stuck, shafted out of $400 in parts, $150 of which was directly from Dell.

I read a story about a gentleman who had a newsletter with a publication of over 100,000 people, and he had posted a horror story about Dell, and conveniently had two Dell executives read his blog daily, and so he was assisted. What do those of us who don't have that luxury do? You know the funny part in all this... I actually work for a competing computer manufacturer, and often times deal with customers at a retail level (along with retail employees) who will ask me about Dell. Not liking to be biased, I am often times the first line of communication these people have when it comes to Dell knowledge. You know what I do? I tell them the story I just typed out to you, about how I can never get an American, and am stuck with a bunch of stuff I don't need or want. That comes off horribly, and hopefully somebody can care enough to fix this, so I can change my story to these folks, and explain to them how I had an issue with Dell, but in the end they came through for me, and I could stand by them once again.

Please, somebody help me. Anybody.

Dell Hater

June 27, 2008 07:59 PM

I have been fighting Dell because they wouldn't honor a warranty, so my credit card company forced a refund. I told the BBB I wanted either a replacement computer or Dell to refund the computer and all my additional expenses (because when they wouldn't honor the warranty, I spent a bunch of money trying to fix it, then I ended up buying a new computer).

Someone is going to be out money on this, and it should be Dell. They screw everyone. Here are some addresses and emails I gathered:

Phone numbers and emails I have learned from Dell:

Aubrey Mae L. Aldana
Work Hours: 6:30am to 3:30am CST
1 800 284-3355 Ext: 6127619

Randy Miranda
Work Hours: 9:00AM- 6:00PM CST
1 800 695 8133 - Extension: 6125170

Elaine Tuprio, at
Christian Matundan @
Manager Matt Mateo at

Just Another Outsourced Dude

June 29, 2008 12:13 AM

Wow. You guys have been through a LOT.
For those who have valid know, with refunds, false advertising, mistakes REALLY made by DELL, I know what you're going through. I'm an outsourced technician who works for Dell and believe me, WE CAN'T DO SHIT about these issues. Personally, I don't care about my work-metrics since I earn more designing webpages, writing articles and selling computer parts than my day job, so generally I just replace as much parts as possible and escalate when the caller demands for it. I mean, just a few minutes ago, I sent a pre-loaded HDD for an OS-Related software issue because the caller is a 65-year-old lady who is really trying her damnest to follow instructions but ultimately fails.
Point is, I'm a tech who's (i wouldn't go as far as "caring" for the customer)generally concerned about what consumers are going through because I'm a consumer as well.

But then you guys tend to just "shout it out" with anyone you're speaking with. Fact is, guys like us from 3rd world countries are intimidated by Americans. We fear you, and sad as it is, some actually look up to Americans as the paragon of freedom and great living. Parents send off daughters to pair up with Americans in hopes of better lives and easy cash-flow. I get racist callers who exclaim, "Finally! An american!" then start to rant about Indians having thick accents when THEY can't speak english, understandably much less, correctly! I'm not trying to be a racist here but most african-americans tend to assume we understand their subculture too much and speak in something i dub as "ghetto-speak". And I ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS receive calls from fucktards. They are demanding, ignorant and stupid people with the emotional maturity of a 12-year-old who rant about their problems and blame it to Dell. I mean come on, how hard can it be to actually listen to what WE have to say? Point is, we outsourced technicians ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS have to face the full force of your wrath without you guys EVER considering that:
1.) WE CAN'T DO SHIT about your issues
2.) WE ALWAYS TRY OUR BEST TO HELP because that is also part of our metrics.

Dell haters....These are really terrible experiences with shipment delays,long wait time, language barriers etc.
But lemme ask you this: Is HP any different?

Look, I'm not gonna defend DELL because I have a lot of beef against this shitty company. Especially the inhumane schedules and impossible work-metrics. But I would just like to point out ONE BIG THING: Sometimes, it's not DELL. It's the customer.

and try to be nice.

5 facts about me:
1.)I'm a call center agent from the Philippines
2.)I have NEVER been to the United States
3.)I make about 2.5 dollars an hour working for Dell
4.)I consistently get 90% cust sat
5.)I'm barely a 3rd-year college student.

Scott Syke

July 22, 2008 08:55 AM

I too have had an on going issue with dell over the past month...My vostro 1500 2.0 ghz 4mb cache, 8600m gt geforce, wsxga lcd, 2gb ram, 160gb h.d....started acting up in june. That's o.k I thought. I purchased the complete care, yeah right...After 3 visits from their technician, by the way, it was not next business day, but next business week, they were unable to repair the system. I was told I would be sent a new system, but alas they don't make the vostro 1500 with the options I purchased only last november of 2007. As their warranty states, If we cannot repair your system, we will send an equivalent or better system to replace it...Unfortunately this was not the case...they tried to send a vostro 1510 with a wxga, a processor with a 2mb cache, and a geforce 8400...after my refusal to accept this system, I was told we would have to meet half way...Unacceptable I said, and was met by about 20 sec of silence on the phone. they obviously aren't used to hearing that...I was then contacted 3 days later by a representative located in the states, who tried to upgrade me to a latitude, again with inferior hardware compared to my vostro...unacceptable again I stated...finally after many phone calls and research on my end, I found that the only comparable system they make was an xps 1530...great, we configured a system together over the phone, to be shipped out the following week, 6/15/08...after not receiving my system on the 16th as stated I checked on it again..."now we are having a problem getting the battery, and will update you next week". On mon the 21st, I checked on the system again, to find that the order had been canceled, without me being informed...thus the phone call process started again, another order was placed for an xps, again with inferior hardware, which I again refused...NOw they have placed an order for a system that is acceptable, it is due to be delivered on july 28th. Mind you this process started with a call on june 6th...we will see if the system shows up next week...Oh and no I haven't been compensated for the $350 I spent on the next business day complete care plan. nor has the issue that this is a business computer and I have wasted countless hours dealing with this drama been addressed. also not to mention the vostro is still under the 1 year manufactures warranty which obviously they have a problem honoring....By the way the latitutde they wanted to send had a price of $1700, while the xps I wanted them to send had a price of $1400...I was saving them money by requesting an acceptable system that was $300 cheaper....way to jump over a dollar to save a dime dell........

Kelly Land

July 28, 2008 02:58 PM

I have been in Dell Hell for over a year. I've blogged about it.



July 30, 2008 05:53 PM

I wont bore you with details of my fiasco. I have been through this call center hell before with other companies. Many do not have any information so you can escalate the issue. I have found that most companies do have and email address for the board of directors listed on their website or elsewhere online.

I found this on Dell's webpage

And that is where I am lodging my complaint.

Also you can always look at the format of email address like this and try others, like for the CEO. IE:

Good Luck, Hopes this helps someone else.

Sharon Farmer

September 27, 2008 10:23 AM


I'm just trying to get off of Dell's e-mails to me ( I should not be required to give Dell more information about me that they can share it with whomever they want). My purchase of ink cartridges from them for a friend should never have made me a subscriber to Dell'spam. Every earlier attempt I have made to unsubscribe resulted in Dell's unsubscribe page Never loading. Having read the horror encounters with Dell's products and technical support to their customers insures that I will never be a fan of Dell. How can I stop Dell's spam to me?


Sharon Farmer


October 15, 2008 11:59 AM

I bought a dell about 5 years ago. they told me "I" would have American Tec support. Guess what, they are full of shit. All my calls WENT over seas. I then bought an "MAC". this worked great. the draw back are the games and pregrams are few. But I get American TEC. I had to get another PC because of some of the school for my boy so I bought a HP. Now I am getting the shit Tec support, 90% of it goes OVER SEA. This is such crap. Americans OUT of a JOB so the American CO can get more money by paying people from India and other forgen people less,and no unions.Its TIME AMERICAN COMPANIES HIRED AMERICANS. ITS TIME AMERICAN COMPANIES STARTED PAYING "TAXES" ITS FOR AMERICAN PEOPLE TO "STOP" BUYING FROM THESE COMPANIES. IF PEOPLE QUIT BUYING THERE GOODS AND BUILT THERE PCs AT HOME,OR HAVE AMERICANS TEC HERE. THANKS TO THAT JERK IN THE W/H WHO SAID "OUTSOURCING IS GOOD FOR AMERICANS" MY WAY OF THINKING IS "YOU TAKE CARE OF AMERICANS FIRST"

a fellow american

November 6, 2008 07:13 PM

I recently decided to upgrade the memory of my dell dimension c521 and the parts were shipped in three different package's and i had to wait on installing them .when i finally installed them they were not compatible with my system,therefore unuseable,and i have called dell repeatedly to return the part's and each time the rep.refuse's to issue a refund for the payment that i have allready paid and informed me that i was stuck with the useless part's. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND A DELL PRODUCT TO ANYONE due to poor customer support,and silly technical support.---- Another Ripped Off Customer.

Fraudulent Order

November 16, 2008 03:15 PM

I came home on 11/12,11/13,11/14,11/15 & 11/16 to have a message that I could barely understand on my answering machine from Dell confirming my order-the thing is I have not ordered anything in over 1 year. I spent most of 11/16 attempting to get imformation about where the order was to ship to-They would not tell me anything except that someone phoned in an order using my account number and spent over 1,000.00. The order of course was not approved and they have sent it to the fraud division (if such a department exists). I am filing a police report and when I told them I needed the imformation they said to give the fraud division 24-48 hrs., to respond. When I asked for a phone # in the US I was told there isn't one.It is ridiculous that I cannot get this imformation NOW!!!!!

Poor Customer Relations

November 18, 2008 09:57 PM

I have purchased three Dells and have had a little trouble with them but for the most part they have been ok. This last one I have had a few months. A tragic event happened and when I received my XPS 210 it stayed in the box for several months. I just opened it up last night and to my suprise it did not have what I wanted.

I had ordered DVD/CD RW combo. I was suppose to be able to burn DVD's as Well as CD's. When I tried to call Dell last night I encountered a service technican that was very rude and they told me to shut up not just once but twice, their name NEVEL. As a result I lost my cool and told them to shut up and hung up and called back and while I was talking to a new person the person that told me to shut up called to harrass me again.

A case number (626455465) was submitted by the second person I talked to which was very nice Emp. #160938. This was taking place around three in the morning so I was told to call back the next morning. I did and the night mare just got worse.

None of my calls went to anyone that would help me instead they kept passing me around or hanging up on me. Here is a list of just a few of the people I talked to this morning 11-17-08: Vinia Emp.#77150, Kathy Emp.# 148032, Deebak Emp.#85708, Monica Emp.# 140716, Rabnika #185708, Cynthia Emp.#129710, Birnum Emp.# 01166858. There were a few others but they did not give me their names or hung up on me. I also asked for a number in the US and was told their was not one. What are we doing buying from a company that does not honor its products and one that gives such a run around that we cant get anything done. Perhaps we all need to get together on line and file a class action lawsuit against Dell.

I strongly urge everyone to keep your written efforts in trying to get your issues resolved. This will go a long way when Dell is sued.

Please urge your friends and family not to buy Dell. They do not stand behind their product and now have all their calls going out of the country so we cant talk with anyone. I am so tired to companies like this getting away with their fraudulent ways. Any help with greatly be appreciated. Do anyone know the Main Address for Dell to write to the CEO?


November 20, 2008 01:03 PM

Dell customer service is the WORST I have ever experienced. I spoke with several representatives, everyone sounded like a robot. They were not empathetic, professional, or helpful. Some representatives were RUDE. I was told I was going to be transferred to a manager when I requested to speak to one, and several times I was disconnected. I had to keep calling back customer service at least 10 times and spoke to 11 representatives before I was helped with my issue. I was never transferred to a manager. My first contact with them last week in the past 2 years since I purchased my computer was so terrible I will not purchase from Dell EVER again. I purchased anti-software from the rep because he told me Dell offered the lowest price anywhere on the market. I found it $20 less at, and 5 minutes after I made the order with Dell for the software, I called back and told them I want the order cancelled. Now I received the product and want to return it for a full refund and I am told that I will not receive a refund on the shipment charges!! With all the complaints there should be a class action law suit. Now I just spoke to a manager that states he will NOT refund my shipping charges even though I cancelled the order 5 minutes after it was placed, and I never agreed to any terms and conditions that the shipping would not be refunded.


November 27, 2008 05:40 AM

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Traci Sampson

December 2, 2008 08:27 PM

I don't want to even spend the time recounting the 8 months of Dell Hell we have been through - the wrong initial order twice, 3 on-site rebuilds since getting the laptop, countless re-installs over the phone, hundreds spent on our own technicians and hard-drive back-ups, and thousands in lost billings for our company. I don't understand how a company can get away with this. Is there a lawyer on this blog that would be willing to spearhead a class action lawsuit? I don't even know how to start but this is really unbelievable.


December 3, 2008 02:06 AM

I will never buy Dell again.


December 4, 2008 05:43 PM

I will not go through my last year of Dell hell with my purchases, but you can guarantee, I am not treated as a valued customer. So with all that being said, why would I want to give my hard earned money to someone that does not give a rat's ass about me??
May 2008, ordered laptop, sent retarded laptop that looked up constantly, Paid hell getting it returned after only having it a few days.
Ordered a printer in November 2008 for the laptop, had to pick it up at UPS as somehow they screwed up my zip code.
Ordered another laptop November 2008, for this great deal price, only to have Dell to tell me I could not have it at the price, and then they did some programming to take off the percent(someone must of programmed it wrong on dell's end), but they were to make up for my time spent..YEA right, sales rep..promised me all kinds of upgrades (which were nothing), then he put the wrong zip on my order. Well hell, told him, he said he could not fix it, gave me another number to call, called and they said they had to cancel the order to fix the zip code, and would reorder it for me...
Really, I am 3 weeks later wondering where my laptop was never reordered. Called Dell, okay, we can do you another one close to the deal you had!!! Your screw up, and you might can get me a deal like I had, another 3 weeks wait...and by the way it took me 1 1/2 hours to order the first time, and get screwed.
I emailed the guy that took my order the first time, and gave him my number, he said he can't call me, as they are too busy with calls, but he would try to look into it.
Anyway, got a $100 gift card about to expire....guess I need to put it on ebay, and take that money and buy me a REAL COMPUTER!!!! Tired of DELL screwing me over!


December 6, 2008 05:35 PM

Dell is screwing everybody, they sell the same computers for a different price in different regions. Can anyone see if class action law suits can be filed. @#%$#@DELL!!!!

CWG RE: DELL comment

December 18, 2008 05:13 PM

The comment by DELL on June 23, 2006 saying that we should "think twice" before complaining is a perfect example of the biggest problem with DELL. TOO MANY CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES. I was tired of hearing explanations that were not satisfactory to me and did not address my complaints directly but simply reiterate the same thing over and over. The first thing you should learn in customer service is how to listen and show that you are listening to the customer. I told the woman that I did not want to talk to her anymore and that I wanted to speak with a supervisor. I didn't want to be rude, but I didn't want to waste minutes either. She said "just one minute." 3 minutes later she picked up again and said "one minute I am transferring you right now." 30 minutes later I was connected with a supervisor who I told right away that I was upset that she said "right now" and it took 30 minutes. I told him that I did not think it takes that long to transfer a call and proceeded to explain what the problem was. The first response I got from this supervisor was "First of all ma'am, you need to calm your attitude" There was no "I'm sorry for the long hold" or "I understand why that would upset you." I said, "Excuse me!?! What is your name?" He refused to tell me his name and told me that I could ask as many times as I wanted but he did not want to and wouldn't tell me. HE WAS SOOOOOO RUDE! ! !

Here's the problem as I see it. I am not at all a foreigner basher, but there is a culture clash and a language issue involved. Many Indians speak English as their first language, but it is NOT the same as the English spoken in the United States and the tones and what they imply are different. Also, they are not paid well enough or treated well enough (by our standards for sure) to provide the service that we expect. I am so tired of talking to people who struggle to understand half the words that I say and who just read off a script. I am also tired of holding for AT LEAST an hour even for simple problems. You would think that Dell could afford to hire more representatives since they are all in India, Latin America, etc. and are not paid nearly what someone would be paid here. I will NEVER EVER EVER buy from Dell again. I am so frustrated that I am at the point where I would rather let them take me to collections than to pay them directly (at least that way they would lose the fee charged by the collection agency).

Jim Roth

December 30, 2008 10:47 AM

I do not know what happened internally at DELL to my order.
I ordered a Sony TV on 12/16/2008 (in the p.m.) over the phone with DELL. The listed price of the TV was $1099. At that time I gave the person the number on the coupon that I was sent by DELL for being a valued customer and was valid through 12/17/2008 for 20% off most monitors, TVs, and desktop & laptop accessories.
The person confirmed the coupon was valid and then quoted a price with the coupon and tax of $949 (+-) and said I would be receiving an e-mail with confirmation.
On 12/19/2008, I received the confirmation and it showed the price charged to my American Express was $1186.
I believe DELL should honor both their coupons and quotes.

Harold L. Jones

January 28, 2009 09:02 PM

I am really discussed with Dell and it's customer service. I spent over 6 hrs literally on the phone with Dell trying to resolve an issue. It seems that their tactics is to have you wait around so long until finally you give up. I have waited for hours just to be disconnected. I was passed around to several departments and no one resolved my issue. They sent me a wrong item three times and after I finally compromised with them the third time, they promised me a discount which I never got and they also promised me a $50 coupon which they sent $25 instead. There is some real issues going on with them and I will never shop with them again. I don't understand how they can mess a order up three times and still don't fix the problem. The last time I called they tried to blow me off by stating it was after the 21 day period for returns even though it was there fault that the mistakes and delays took it pass the 21 day mark. I have never been so disappointed or dissatisfied with service and I say again that I will never buy their product again.

Mark Horton

February 23, 2009 04:02 PM

I had to put my two cents in. I needed a wireless USB card for my newly purchased Dell computer. The technical support representative said that I HAD to buy this from Dell and after 45 minutes on the phone with them, I gave in. I found out from my internet provider that I could get the card from Wal Mart at almost half their price. When I called back to cancel the order, of course it had already shipped. I was instructed to call when I received the card (what they sent me in the mail was not a recognizable USB wireless card)and I would be given instructions on how to return it. When I did call them, after several minutes and multiple transfers to different extensions, I was told to take it to Wal Mart since my computer was under warranty with them. The Wal Mart assistant manager did all he could not to laugh at my ignorance. Ultimately after multiple additional calls to Dell, I was told I would be sent return authorization by email. I have yet to receive this and I pray that once this arrives, my troubles will be over. I am sorely tempted to pack this computer up and return it to Wal Mart and buy from someone who actually believes in customer service.

Jessica A.

March 13, 2009 10:38 PM

I wish I would have seen this site before buying a Dell over the phone. It looks like I'm not the first to flush $500 down the toilet. My laptop does not work and can't seem to get transferred to the person who is authorized to do something about it before I get disconnected. I've probably spent close to a work week dealing with these people. Unacceptable. Has anyone contacted a lawyer and had any results?


March 19, 2009 04:52 PM

Choice between a sony and a dell.....paid dell over 2000 and there are lines on the laptop screen and they want me to pay their "tech" to "discuss" my problem.....
Stay away from dell in store or over the phone ..they sell overpriced junk and then ignore you ..
It is time for a class action lawsuit against thses huksters.


April 2, 2009 10:25 AM

September 2008 My wife bought new dell{inspiron530 with Vista home Premium}at Sam's Club Store. When I opened box found no program CD's called Sam's Club told not to worry the program was preloaded in computer. While setting up called for tech support and requested the program disk also was told no disk were included because it was preloaded and theres was a retore/repair partition. ADDITIONALLY I was informed that I / my wife did not own the computer it was owned by Sam's Club and the warranty had started on July 2008 whaen it was sent to the store. I complained about that & the first tech just stated I had to go through Dell to get the matter resolved and hung up on me. This first call was in September 2008 and now as of 31 March 2009 I have called 8 times each time the same response that I wanted help I got hasseled that I did not own the computer it was property of the Sam's Club store and I complained each time resulting in the tech asking me all sorts of info/questions then telling me that the problem was taken care of there would be no more problem of ownership. The last three times I not only asked for a suppervisor which was no different than the tech. When I asked for a phone number for corporate headquarters I was either ignored or told they did not have a number for corporate headquaters. Note every time I get a tech and suppervisor it seems to be in India due to their accents and thing I would hear in background {this is not based on just meeting Indian's or Pakistanies in the USA but I lived in India and my brother was born in New Deli.} Note There have been statements made by the different tech that were contradictory. This customer service is so bad especially their claime that the store owns the computer and not changing ownership and starting the warranty on the date they sold/shipped it to the sore and not on the date the customer actually purchased the computer.
If anyone gets through to Dell please forward this blog to them: "that as a result of this ownership nonsense and no program disk with the computer and absolutely miserable customer support they have now lost my business as I will not allow another Dell product in my home but additionally 8 other {related}} households will not purchase a Dell product and all are advising their aquainteces not to purchase Dell."

Shane Bernard

May 12, 2009 12:50 PM

I purchase a new dell Studio XPS in January because my workstation crashed. I told them I needed it right away and they stated the best they could do was the standard 15 day arrival because they were waiting on parts. I said fine. two weeks later I receive and email stating it wouldn’t be ready for 2 months so I immediately called customer care to have them HOLD the order so I could purchase something else as it was an emergency (As I am a developer who NEEDS his workstation to WORK!). I was told NO. They could not help me out. I would literally have to wait until it arrived and then send it back. I was so losing my mind but eventually bit the bullet. so two months roll bye and I receive a Studio "Mini" with a power supply that couldn't even handle the video card that they put in it (Which by the way was a knock off version of the Radeon HD series) and the box kept crashing. So I call them back and try and hold my temper. They schedule pick up of the computer and 4 days later I take of work because it could arrive ANYTIME that day. No one shows up. I spend another half a day on the phone with day for one of their reps to tell me he noticed that two days ago it wasn’t actually scheduled but he was told by a coworker it was????? WHO CARES! I just burned vacation time sitting here all day!!! So they rescheduled the pick up again NO show! So I drove the stupid box to the UPS store and sent it back. It was ordered in January, I am writing this on May 12th and they STILL have not refunded my 3k. I called to find out what is going on and was told that it was processed back to me on April 17. I told them I just got off the phone with my credit card company and they stated it was in fact NOT refunded. So the rep tells me. I just send a confirmation off and "I promise it will be there between 24 and 48 hours." WHAT ARE YOU DOING DELL!!! I have purchase my last 7 PCs from dell 2 dimensions, 2 XPS boxes and 3 latitudes. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER. While it was the first bad experience I have EVER had with Dell, I have noticed a downward trend in both their integrity and support. I think it is sad that the reason I have ALWAYS been committed to Dell is the very reason I am leaving them today…
Home this helps someone. I am still waiting for my money so I can buy a workstation…

Dr B

June 3, 2009 04:30 PM

Dell Hell can actually start before you ever receive a computer! I know, I'm there. I just ordered a desktop online. Dell doesn't give you an estimated delivery date until AFTER the order is complete. That's the point at which I discovered I will be out of town during the delivery date and the subsequent 3 days they will attempt to deliver. The delivery MUST be signed for but nobody will be here. Not having ANY information notifying me that A) you can only make changes the same day you order the computer, and B) the system is so automated that a person cannot change either a delivery date or a delivery address under any circumstances, I thought I could call in a couple days and simply fix this. Shouldn't be a problem right? I didn't want an earlier delivery date, I wanted a later one.

I called and discovered several very disconcerting things. 1)IT DOES NOT MATTER that a problem is imminent and could realistically be resolved quite easily if only someone had less than one ounce of common sense. 2) From the day after an order has been placed, there is nothing anyone can do to change either the delivery date or delivery address....even if for some reason the delivery address will no longer be valid or even if there was a mistake made in inputting the address, 3) Even when you know there will be a problem and Dell won't fix the date or address to avoid the problem, the computer WILL GO BACK to Dell at which point I will have to pay a restocking fee of $151 because Dell has created a situation where it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to prevent the return of the computer.

I also learned that there simply are NO customer service agents in the United States for anyone buying a home use or home business use computer. All customer support and return team specialists are in a foreign country that does not speak English (E.g., India, Central America). You simply cannot under ANY circumstances speak to someone from the US about the problem.

To make matters worse, I learned from my credit card company that a dispute after the return won't even produce any good results simply b/c Dell posts a notice that there will be a restocking fee for returned equipment, even though there is no advance information that sometimes Dell creates the need for that restocking issue.

Dell is evil. Perhaps I should be relieved it will only cost me $151 to bypass the hell I'd likely have from actually owning a Dell computer. Certainly it's clear that Dell has no concept of anything called Customer Service nor do they care.


June 4, 2009 10:01 AM

Please help..Do someone have any numbers to upper management? Dealing with dell can put you in a nut house


July 9, 2009 02:22 PM

I am too going through Dell Hell and have yet to receive a product. I ordered a Dell Inspiron on June 19th and received a message that it shipped on June 26th with an expected arrival date of July 1st. After a few days of seeing no updates in the tracking information, I contacted Dell and they assured me that the product was shipped. I then contacted Fedex, who stated that they never received the product.

I contacted Dell again and they said they would research it and call me beck in 24hrs. 24 hours passed and I had to call them back. Rach time I talked to a diiferent incompetent customer sercive agent which kept telling me, "Well the order states that it shipped already. So you haven't received it yet?" Everytime, I would have to explain the same story over and over and over again, until I finally asked for a full refund on July 6th. I was told that I could not be issued a refund until they were done with the investigation. SO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT I CANNOT HAVE MY MONEY BACK UNTIL YOU FIGURE OUT HOW YOU SCREWED UP???!!!! So after countless hours of arguing I was finally issued a credit number, with no expected date that I should have it. SO I called today to try to find out when I should see the credit and was told I should see it in the next 30 days. WTF???!!!!

What kind of credit takes 30 days to be issued. I am so angry right now that I am fuming. I was then told that they don't have a number to the corporate headquarters, which is also a bunch of bull. I am so angry that I am willing to take a trip to Texas and go to the Headquarters to speak to someone. This is ridiculous and I can't believe that lack of consideration on the part of Dell. I know better next time, but now I have to sit here a twiddle my thumbs until I get my money back so I can get the computer I need for class.

Cheap Used Dell Computer

July 14, 2009 04:13 AM

These are the guys at Dell to call if you need to expedite your warranty repair if regular customer service fails you. Note that you need to already have a case number in the system.


July 15, 2009 11:44 AM

HELP!!!! Bought my daughter a XPS M1330 last year-spent a LOT of money on it and also got the extended warrenty. Worked fine for a little bit and then started turning black after she had it on. After multiple phone calls-hours at a time with them going through their remote fixing, and everything being removed and reinstalled 2 times Dell finally agreed that her college could ship it to be fixed. They sent it back with a new mother board and her LCD was fixed but her sound was crackling when she turned it on and played music. Called again-spent 4 more hours on the phone troubleshooting. He said her sound had failed many tests so sent someone to the house. He replaced the motherboard AGAIN and the speakers. Turned it on and it still had sound problem. He called DELL technical support. Talked to them for 30 more minutes and they said it was probably the software and we need to ship it to DELL for service. Packed it and shipped it again. Came back worse than we sent it with scratches on the back. They replaced the bottom chassis and hinge cover(how does that relate to sound)? Called again-spent another hour on the phone. Finally he agreed it needed to be replaced but needed to get approval. After waiting 30 minutes told him to call me back with dispatch number. Never heard-called today and person I talked to said it was NOT approved for replacement. Couldn't believe it!!!! System just one year old-has had 3 motherboards and still does not work. Am soooooo frustrated. Said he does not have number for me to call directly to talk to someone. Said we have to ship system back AGAIN for a thorough check up and they said it was working when it left the depot and maybe it hit a "bump" during shipment. Are you kidding???? Does anyone have a number to call or know how I can resolve this??


August 17, 2009 06:25 PM

Get it right, it is not Dell it's New Delhi, call support and try to understand. and don't use DFS to purchase a PC. they don't answer phones are emails. Dell sucks

Gordon Getz

August 17, 2009 07:51 PM

dell's(they don't deserve capitalization) customer service department and the cowardice of their corporate officers(they hide from their customers)has convinced me to move to Apple. For the past three days I have been forced to speak with with 16, that'right 16!! dell Indian customer service reps (what a misnomer that is)having each one change my old email address to my new one. I could call 16 more and I could guarantee that the new email address would appear nowhere. this tells me that their computer system is not centralized. That also explains why no one has a record of previous conversations and why anyone who buys from dell will eventually go to bed each night wondering how the corporate officers sleep at night and particularly where they sleep! May they all go to hell!

mike bettasso

August 21, 2009 06:06 PM


Michael Richardson

September 14, 2009 11:57 PM

I hate dell! They ripped me off with a defective video card three time in a row. I've had a long history of problems with my computer and they are totally incompetent! I'm too pissed to talk. If anyone is aware of a pending class action law suit or any one wants to start one please let me know. There must be some way to get back at these bastards. I depend on my computer to make a living and I've lost plenty of jobs because of defective dell hardware and incompetent Dell support.

Noel Bass

September 21, 2009 08:27 PM

I have attached a letter that I am sending to the CEO of Dell. Anyone who is extended credit from this company should take it to heart and beware. I doubt I will see any response since from what I can tell of recent movements and actions by this company, they are no longer concerned about taking care of those who have taken care of them.

TO: Michael S. Dell, CEO
Dell, Incorporated
One Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682

Dear Sir,
I am writing to you on behalf of myself and many other loyal customers who have made purchases of differing degrees over the past decade. On this date, I contacted customer service to find out why there was a hold on my Dell Preferred Account. I was surprised to find out that after 9 years of purchasing computer hardware I was no longer considered “credit worthy” by your company. I have been informed that on midnight of June 23rd, 2009, a decision was made that is described as “final” that my account would be closed. I was never notified of this action nor given a reason why. On the same date, June 23, 2009, I made a purchase of a Dell laptop computer along with a wireless mouse. This was the fourth major purchase I have made from Dell in the last nine years. Curiously, I was allowed to purchase this laptop but then deemed unworthy of credit on the same day. I have made regular payments throughout the time my account has been open. In overall total, I have made purchases of over $6000.00 with your company and have maintained a reasonable balance on the account throughout the life of the account, either meeting or exceeding the minimum amount due. The reason that I have chosen to write you personally is because Dell’s customer service department(s) is unwilling to explain why I would be treated this way. The closest to any reason was that my account was reviewed (immediately following an approved purchase) due to the “volatile economic environment.” Granted there are companies, investors and credit providers who caused the upset in the “economic environment” but I represent none of these forms of business. What I represent is a large number of consumers who, even during “volatile” times have managed to continue to pay their creditors, support their families and press on to make a better future for their children. I would think that during times such as these, having a customer who has been loyal and forthright in payment would be considered an asset that is not worth losing. I would also be concerned that perhaps a customer such as that might choose to use a competitor’s product, essentially driving the competitor’s sales and diminishing the company’s ability to produce profits.
So, as a truly caring company representative you might ask, “What can I do to make you happy?” Like most people, I really do not have a straight answer for that. My best guess would be to at least offer an explanation that makes sense as to why this would happen. Perhaps offering to reinstate the account would resolve the issue. But I am still concerned that action taken by your company may be a simple case of a non-caring approach to customer service, a surprising result from a company that over the years I have found to be helpful and reliable. Many blogs online and even blogs on Dell’s own website would disagree with this. However, I stand by my statement as true experience. I guess the best thing that would make me happy would be your personal attention to this and other matters like it. I appreciate your time in reading this letter and look forward to your response.

Noel Bass


September 26, 2009 10:51 PM

I am done forever with Dell. Our house was robbed two weeks after I received my brand new Dell Studio laptop. I called Dell on September 1st of this month to report it stolen. I was directed by the customer service rep to the Dell website to report the computer stolen and file the Police case number. I naively thought I would hear back from Dell. After a couple weeks of no response, I called Dell tonight only to be told that if I had asked the night of September 1st for a warranty refund I would have received $300 back. I was not told that information by "Sam" on September 1st and now calling today I am too late. I feel like I have been robbed twice. After reading all of these comments I have little hope in actually calling or writing Dell HQ in Austin. Lets just say I am buying a Mac.

tom Quallick

October 8, 2009 11:18 PM

use Latitude D520 laptop at work and the battery died after 5 years. OK, ordered new one after listening to the song "Lollypop" once too often due to disconnections by Dell CSR. Call again and hear "Lollypop". The battery arrives and is 3" longer and 2 inches wider than the original battery yet Dell CSR are adamant that the battery is the correct battery, I just do not know how to install it. I contacted AmEx to stop the billing since Dell is soooo ill equipped to handle customer relations. So why do you ask why I use Dell? My company supports it but at home, it's all iMac which work seamlessly and when a question arises, I call Apple and speak to an English speaking person belonging to the same planet as the one I reside on.

Bad CSR experience will prevent me from spending my money on a product with a and rude poor service platform.


October 22, 2009 06:15 PM

Initial Order / 1st order:
Wednesday 9/16/09: Received system; from the box, the computer did not work.
Issue #1: at 5:30 pm, I made a phone call to Dell. Along with being shuffled from one department to the next, I waited on hold for over 45 minutes before speaking to a Hardware Tech. We spent a better part of 3.5 to 4 hrs, trying to troubleshoot computer. At one point, the Tech was having me take apart the computer (remove the panel) and test the memory cards. For a brand new computer!
I was insistent that the Tech send a verification, via email, that Dell would take full responsibility for any further damage that may be caused relative to the customer having to troubleshoot the inner components of the computer; and I also made it quite clear that I was not happy being put into a position to start taking apart a new computer.
Especially for a new computer, as a customer, the Dell Tech should have made the decision for a return label/system exchange when it was confirmed that the OS was not firing up.
Issue #2: the Tech suggested a system exchange - I was fine with that. Unfortunately, the “tools” to initiate the exchange were not working. The Tech told me he would resolve the issue the following day. I gave him my cell phone number so he could contact me anytime. The phone call ended at approx. 9:30 pm.

Thursday 9/17/09: between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm, I received a phone call at work from the same Hardware Tech. The tools for the system exchange were still not running. Instead, he suggested that we do a complete re-order for a new computer and he would email return labels for the system that didn’t work. At this time, I was referred to a Sales Team Rep and this Rep proposed a better computer for a better price. We scheduled a 7:00 a.m. appointment for the next day.

replacement Order / 2nd order:
Friday 9/18/09: at 7:00 am the Sales Team Rep contacted me. We discussed the computer. We spent approx. 70 to 80 minutes on the phone to complete the transaction.
Issue #3: at 9:00 a.m. I arrived at work, checked my email for the confirmation and discovered that the replacement computer was actually a downgrade! Although the computer did have 2 additional GBs (= a total of 8GBs), the processor was smaller and the hard drive was smaller. Cumulatively, this system/package was inferior to my original purchase.
Issue #4: at approx. 9:30 am-10:00 a.m. I tried to contact my Sales Team Rep (in El Salvador). Upon calling Dell, the automated operator does not recognize the Sales Team Rep’s extension because the extension is only 5 digits, not 7 digits. The operator only recognizes a 7 digit extension number. I then eventually speak to a Customer Care Rep.
Issue #5: I speak to the Customer Care Rep and explain the situation. I request to cancel the order and she then tells me that the order cannot be cancelled, the Rep does not have the “tools” to override the order. *She instructs me to refuse the order upon receipt of shipment. At this point, the whole situation became a farce and I made the decision to ask for a complete refund.
To not be able to cancel an order only after two hours of ordering? Especially when the Sales Rep misrepresents the product? From my observation, this demonstrated an inefficient use of energy, resources and time.
At approx. 10:30 am, after speaking to Customer Care, I contacted DFS (I charged the computer on a Dell Preferred Account) and cancelled the Dell credit card.
Issue #6: *I call again and speak to another Customer Care Rep and he gives me different instructions: I am to accept the order and then contact Dell for return labels.
Issue #7: The Sales Rep assured me that computer #2 would not be charged on my account until Dell received computer #1 and issued a credit my account. That didn’t happen. Even after my account was closed, Dell still charged my account for the 2nd computer. My account was billed the same day - 9/18/09. As a result, my charge card had a balance of nearly $3,000 and when I access the account it still shows as active.
Atleast I was a lucky one - i got a full refund. WooHoo!


December 1, 2009 11:57 AM

DELL from HELL 4 hours on the phone and they still cannot do anything about the defective cartridges for my printer. Having to repeat myself 8 times is pretty bad and the constant switching back and forth from one department to another apparently these IDIOTS are clueless and cannot do anything on their own. This is what you get from having your customer service in another counrty other than The USA. No wonder they get paid so cheaply, I can see why they are stupid.
When is DELL going to get their act together. Something needs to be done and fast.

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