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Jeff Bezos' New New Thing

Posted by: Rob Hof on November 02 has been rolling out a number of very unretail-like services over the past year, from the Amazon Mechanical Turk to the Elastic Compute Cloud. I recently met with...

Amazon's Virtual Computer

Posted by: Rob Hof on August 24

What will Jeff Bezos think of next? On the heels of its data storage service announced last March, this morning introduced a limited test version of an online computing...

Virtualization Gets Even Hotter

Posted by: Steve Hamm on July 18

When VMware introduced virtualization software for the PC in the late 1990s, it occupied a small, arcane corner of the computing world. Now, a lot of people/companies are getting into...

VMware's new hybrid strategy

Posted by: Steve Hamm on June 08

VMware is still on a tear, and right now, the competition looks pretty weak. But company President Diane Greene isn’t getting complacent. She’s turning VMware, an independent subsidiary of EMC...

VMware goes mainstream

Posted by: Steve Hamm on December 16

VMware is a true tech-industry phenomenon. With revenues doubling year over year, it's on the same growth trajectory as Oracle was in its salad days--and Oracle was the fastest-growing software...

Virtualization meets blades

Posted by: Steve Hamm on October 18

Call me boring, but two of my favorite corporate technologies are virtualization software and blade computers. Thanks to virtualization and blades, business people get a lot more computing for their...

Get Yer CPUs on the Net, Retail

Posted by: Rob Hof on October 06

Sun Microsystems President Jonathan Schwartz let slip at Web 2.0 this morning (no doubt on purpose) that soon, Sun plans to start selling computing power at "retail," over the Web...

Girding for grids

Posted by: Steve Hamm on October 03

With Red Hat, the leading Linux distributor, hitting balls out of the park left and right, it's no wonder that its business model holds attraction for other startups. The latest...


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