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Could Windows 7 Create More "Switchers" For Apple?

Posted by: Peter Burrows on October 12

Strange question, you ask. But there are those (many of them in Cupertino) who believe that once the PC owners that are still using Windows XP (which is around 70%...

How Will Windows 7 Impact Your Company's IT Spending Plans?

Posted by: Peter Burrows on September 01

I'm starting work on a story on whether or not we're in the early stages of a sustainable turnaround in tech spending, and in particular at the impact of Windows...

What Is Tech's Top Rivalry?

Posted by: Peter Burrows on August 10

Once upon a time, rivalries really mattered in the tech industry--far more than they do now. Maybe the industry's behavior has simply matured along with the underlying economics. Growth...

Now's Your Chance To Nominate A Tech Czar

Posted by: Peter Burrows on December 16

With almost every major Team Obama appointment announced or rumored, the technology minded among us are wondering about the so-called Tech Czar position. The White House CTO, if you will....


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